Eve Fanfest 2008 Videos

A multifarious bunch of videos of the Eve fanfest 2008 have emerged, and a couple of them hold interest for a more general audience, and I’m going to post them up here. The first and foremost is the Walking In Stations, or ambulation, presentation. This discusses Eve’s continuing inward journey, with ever more detail being burned into the universe – in this case the creation of full-body avatars that can move around in the internal environments of space stations. Avatars will be able to interact, play games, get cosmetic surgery, or even run businesses. There’s some footage of the proposed engine at about thirty minutes in.

The second video I’ve posted covers graphics and the future of Eve. It’s fairly hard going, and full of tech-gibber that won’t be of interest to most people, but there are some interesting moments such as running and vast resolutions (8-9 megapixels) at about eighteen minutes in, and some clever particle magicks later on.

Walking In Stations:



  1. fulis says:

    loved the tech talk

  2. Dr. Wily says:

    Ambulation appeals to me not so much because of the concept itself (though it is pretty cool), but because I understand that it will give me a free chance to re-do my character portrait.

    My current one is pretty god-awful and I have regretted it since day one, but I refuse to pay to change it.

    (Felton Lobley is the character name if you want to see for yourself. He looks like a child molester.)

  3. Nan O'Patience says:

    Thanks for the links but I can’t listen to that wittering twit. I’ll wait for the ADD redux.

  4. TooNu says:

    Cheers Jim, I have shared this link with my FW corp so you are likely to see no extra traffic here :)

    I have watched the first one, and will watch the second tommorow. It’s going to be great to have extra EXTRA details to our great game, I can however see a flaw with the station pods. I don’t expect you to opinion on this but from one old player to a new player (myself, 7months now) it would be interesting. As we know allready most stations in high-sec and parts of low-sec have all the research and crafting stations qued up for months.
    I wonder if NPC corp players and alts will monopolize the PLayer pod businesses the way they do now, with no chance for newer players.
    ALSO how did you take the speed nerf/mssile nerf? :)

  5. Jim Rossignol says:

    Well I think it’s clear that the Tech 3 thing will mean that CCP have to work even harder to make things accessible to new players. There’s a real danger that they’ll screw it up and alienate people who want to get into things immediately and easily. It’s a fine line, but I think it’s tough to keep the NPC corp players out of dominating that stuff in Empire. They don’t get to exploit the 0.0 game, after all.

    (The speed nerf actually hasn’t changed the way I play particularly as I still use MWD/high damage setups in most gangs, and we never relied on speed tanking.)

  6. James Egan says:

    Same here. Never jumped on the nano train, so the fact that it derailed and crashed hasn’t affected me. I have very few skillpoints in missiles so that’s a non-issue for me as well.

    I’m very curious about Tech 3. It’s so… different. And the dizzying amount of potential combinations if the system goes through as they discussed at Fanfest — I picture these Frankenstein-like creations cranking out insane damage and a long string of nerfs to follow. Then again they did say ‘pre-nerfed’ somewhere in there, didn’t they?

    But interesting times, nonetheless.

  7. Meat Circus says:

    I think, one of the things I love about EVE is not merely what *is*, but what might be. Its potential for expansion seems almost unlimited.

    Ambulation, Tech 3, planetary atmospheric combat, diplomacy and maybe even a planet-surface planetsidesque MMOFPS could be some of the near-endless possibilities we see squirted into EVEspace over the next half a decade or so. And it has me seriously excited.

  8. Lukasz says:

    I would love to see betting in eve. Poker, s-f card games…

    that would be awesome.

  9. Adventurous Putty says:

    Mob-run casinos?

    Oh, dear, I can already see the Caesar’s Palace Station popping up.

  10. Scott says:

    The tech-3 ships look bloody amazing. I intend to resubscribe for what must be the 3rd or 4th time as soon as I get a new computer, my old laptop having fried itself not long ago.

    However, even though there are a ridiculous amount of possible combinations, you know you’re only going to see 5-10 with any regularity in even slightly serious situations. It’s always like that. That’s why I kind of wish part of the customization WAS just cosmetic; it’s nice to have variance in appearance without sacrificing stats to do so. Still, this system is way cooler than just having multiple preset ships.

    Also, SecWars? I can tell I’m going to spend a lot of time on that mingame…