Born To Run: QWOP

The sax solo in born to run is just awesome

We haven’t posted about QWOP yet, have we? It’s the webgame that’s turned up in most of my game related conversations for the last few week or so, so it’s probably best we give it at least a nod. Its a running game, with direct control of thighs and calves, and is the most ill-conceived attempt to directly simulate human experience since Trespasser’s sinister floating limb. Brrr. In a real way, it’s this year’s Sumotori Dreams. And a couple of videos beneath the cut…

How it’s done:

How you’ll be doing it:

So – how far have you got, people?


  1. Kast says:

    All I can think is this a fine Ministry of Silly Walks simulator

  2. clovus says:

    I really can’t understand the kind of person who is willing to shuffle along all the way to the end. I quickly realised I could do this, but kinda’ considered it cheating, and it would be super boring. And did you really expect something amazing to happen at the end??

    I did play the game a lot though. My best was just a bit of 20 meters. I found that I could occasionally correct tiny mistakes, but through muscle memory only. If I made a wrong move and tried to think about what button to hit to fix it I would fail every time. I really have no idea which button does what. But if I’m not thinking about it too much I can manage to correct mistakes and even pop right back up after doing the splits.

  3. Mika says:

    About 30 metres. I got the guy kneeling and could’ve crawled to 100m, but progress was so slow it would have taken me too long.

  4. Muzman says:

    It’s great if you play the audio from the first video while watching the second.

  5. Matt says:

    Your linking reminds me to enquire about an Advent Game-O-Calendar this year, as it was so fantastic last year. Om nom nom etc.

  6. noom says:

    It tells me that I press Q and W to control my thighs, but my thighs do not seem to be under my control…

  7. Pags says:

    Playing this kinda makes me glad I’m not a calf muscle.

  8. sinister agent says:

    But a bag of chips in his hand and you’ve got next year’s big thing. Binge Drink: the Aftermath

  9. mister slim says:

    I’ll wait for the sequel, where they finally put in ankle control.

  10. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    20 Meters

  11. Hypocee says:

    All three games on are worthwhile, but I’ve spent waaaayyy too much time over the last few days with Too Many Ninjas! Despite being just a reaction-matcher in theory, it’s actually a subtly assembled and near-perfectly balanced videogame. The analogue variety in enemy and projectile tracks and per-pixel collision on the sword are its soul, demanding that you extrapolate, catalogue and prioritise multiple vectors with both speed and precision. The NES ambience and slight animation delay of the moves also helps keep it interesting, as does the vital inclusion of a ‘death-cam’ freezeframe to let you know exactly where you got hit.

    NB: Diagonals are happily accepted, though I’ve established that down-diagonals are completely unnecessary for survival (score-boosting only) and upper-diagonals are useful only at the highest levels of play, if at all. I’m not there yet, my high score is somewhere around 30 with a mean of 15-20. If there is no strategy involved in the gameplay, there is at least strategy in changing yourself to be better at the gameplay, ala Geometry Wars et al.

    With the sword’s resting position moved in a few pixels to keep it from 100% impaling rear melee and blocking rear leg shuriken, and some lower shuriken launches for shallower tracks to incentivise diagonal strikes, it would be a perfect game.

  12. Ron says:

    link to

  13. Ron says:


  14. ?????????????? says:

    i got 88 meters and would be more i just closed it because i was bored

  15. matt says:

    I got 100 meters at college, knocked over the fence and carried on to the sand pit at the end…. never played it since.

  16. malyx says:


    Are you using windows 98? Are you living in some kind of hut in the third world or something?
    Maybe if you spent a bit less time running like a retard you could afford a computer from this century.

  17. Bocom says:

    “Are you using windows 98? Are you living in some kind of hut in the third world or something?
    Maybe if you spent a bit less time running like a retard you could afford a computer from this century.”

    Uuuuh, that’s Windows XP.

  18. Jonathan says:

    I got 100.8! very, very slowly.

  19. QWOPWINNER says:

    i reached 105.5m on my first try! :) just hold down w and p and tap q, although it takes like 5 mintues -_-

  20. this machine pwns n00bz says:

    i got 100m!! i just lightly kept tapping p,o,w, then q.

  21. badbrad says:

    got 100.8, theres a long jump at the end

  22. kinaco says:

    i made it to 13.4 on my 3rd try…….i fail at life -____-

  23. Ghussan says:

    100.6m mhm… i have publicly just declared i have no life

  24. Besherek says:

    Finished it. 50 meters is a hurdle and at the end 100 meters is a jump. but you don’t need to jump them, i pretty much dragged the hurdle from the 50 meter line all the way to the end. It calls you a National Hero when you finish.

  25. Chakaron says:

    Got to 83…. FML

  26. ElectikRainbowz says:

    took me a few tries but i got to 43

  27. Mason says:

    I got 38 meters :D

  28. Mason says:


  29. Brin says:

    It was actually quite simple. :3
    I didn’t jump though, I wasn’t sure how.
    All I really did was help down W and P and kept hitting Q and O at first fast, then slower, then fast again. Taking some short breaks. It’s really easy once you get the hang of it. :)

  30. YPO says:

    i got 53.1 meters just crawling with Q & W

  31. Powq says:

    I got to 60.1m. I lost because of hurdle. My guy was almost crawling.. :I
    This game is damn hard. After that, I couldn’t get near that again. Kept getting 20’s and stuff.

  32. Travis says:

    this dude needs better shoes =/

  33. Matt QWOPr says:


  34. Track Prodigy says:

    CAPTCHA I made it 100.3 meters using WP strategy! :D

  35. OMG! says:

    Omg 8.9 meters! thanks for the tips!

  36. Lesley says:

    I finished all 100m on my second try , just drag your self over there! XD Took me over 15min though.

  37. travis says:

    I got 100.2 meters.. took a lil over 30 minutes.. i used the knee – hop method all the way down. even got it on video i was so excited. barely any practice as well. 50m mark took at least 5 minutes to hop over it. eventually got over it and i was home free

  38. brock says:

    anyone else notice the random brestfeeding video?

  39. bro says:

    I got 100.1 on the second try. No joke.

  40. Caz says:

    49.2 meters on my first try, but knocked over hurdle :S

  41. Nickiie says:

    my best=100.3 :) i cant fig out how to do the jump tho

  42. Uzman says:

    49.2m. A hot chick smiled at me and i lost my focus.

  43. Maggie says:

    i got to 100.5 but i was like humping the air it was wierd

  44. justinng says:

    i gotsa 100.1m

  45. Skeezy says:

    OMG i got to 96.8 and i fell back wards, i limped my way there, took 30 mins

  46. blahblahblah says:

    6.8m with actually runnign not tbag walking

  47. sawyers says:

    i took the damn hurdle bar with me to the finish line and got a score of 101.7

  48. karita says:

    my tip is :
    just go to finish on your knee . it’s simple :D i did it and i made it :D

  49. Anonymous says:

    i got 9.3m on my forth try but i have figured out how to run at the biggining i just cant keep doing it on time