Born To Run: QWOP

The sax solo in born to run is just awesome

We haven’t posted about QWOP yet, have we? It’s the webgame that’s turned up in most of my game related conversations for the last few week or so, so it’s probably best we give it at least a nod. Its a running game, with direct control of thighs and calves, and is the most ill-conceived attempt to directly simulate human experience since Trespasser’s sinister floating limb. Brrr. In a real way, it’s this year’s Sumotori Dreams. And a couple of videos beneath the cut…

How it’s done:

How you’ll be doing it:

So – how far have you got, people?


  1. devo says:

    i got all 100m, but i used the second method and it took me a solid 8 min :p now im just trying to actually learn how to run.

  2. Npazzol says:

    101.7 Meters. I feel like a god.

  3. ekuurh says:

    67.2 meters. didn’t spasm – actually found a way to run. worked like a charm for the first 50m, then had to carry the 50m barrier with me all the time.