For The Man With Two Brains: PongOut

A very silly, very Friday diversion that I’m mighty tempted to have another crack at when I return home blind-drunk from a chum’s stag do later tonight, solely for malcoordinated hilarity’s sake. It’s Pong. It’s Breakout. It’s Pong and Breakout, both controlled by one player – that’ll be you, then – at the same time. Yeeargh.

You control the horizontal and the vertical, to coin a phrase. Moving the mouse left moves your Breakout bat back and forward in the left-hand window, while moving it up and down plays Pong against a reliably efficient AI opponent over on the right. While initially terrifying, it’s not quite as laughably difficult as it sounds – but it’s certainly an endurance test for your wits. Drummers will, I supect, be rather good at it. Have a go here, PongOut heroes.


  1. Bas says:

    Needs keyboard controls.

  2. Magic Toast says:

    Well how can I possibly get any work done now for the rest of the day?? thanks a lot RPS sheeessh XD

  3. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Man, this is an utter bastard. Cheers, RPS!

  4. Pags says:

    I’m a drummer but not very good at this. But then, I’m not a very good drummer either.

  5. Ian says:

    This is vindictive. I love it.

  6. dcalogue says:

    top 90 in my first try!
    And I wasted a few lives at the beggining learning that the right paddle wasn’t controlled by me :P

  7. sbs says:

    Neat game, really.
    I, too, would like keyboard controls so I could set the paddle up on the Pong side when it’s predictable, and then have a free second to handle the Breakout side, and vice versa.

    That doesn’t work too well with the mouse because when you move it left to right, theres always a little bit of motion up or down, too. Especially when you control the mouse with your wrist, it’s more like a quarter-circled motion and not a straight line. But then again, maybe a lower sens would help.

    My record was something over 5000 on Normal, mild headaches ensued.

  8. fulis says:

    got boring
    never liked either game

  9. D says:

    I think the key to winning this game is being able to maintain control, so as to alter between fighting the right side while calming down the left and vice versa.

    Either way you try, it can have very zen-like moments (and then you die). Very interesting stuff :D

  10. rei says:

    Got to #56 on the second try! It’s a pretty fun game, but one thing I kept having problems with was moving my mouse cursor outside of the flash box so it stopped registering. It’s a bit distracting having to concentrate on that too along with everything else.

    Bigger play areas please!

    EDIT: Woah, editing is totally back.

  11. DBeaver says:

    Found a slight bug, in which I caught the ball in breakout between the paddle and the wall, and I could slowly but easily gain a high score at Pong. Cool game, tho!

  12. Saflo says:

    Stag do?

  13. tv says:

    My best go so far was the #68 spot in the scoreboard. I am a drummer by the way. For me, the biggest challenge in the game was moving the mouse in either the horizontal or the vertical direction, as it tends to move a bit in both axes. Also, keeping the cursor in the box was a struggle at times.

    A multiplayer version of this would be hilarious by the way.

  14. Hmm-hmm. says:

    @ Saflo: A bachelor party in AE, I presume.
    Oh, and AE would be American English.

  15. Sisyfos says:

    Interesting game. I got 11510 (#40) on my first try. But it’s late and im a little intoxicated.

  16. Saflo says:

    Hmm. I’ve heard of stag parties, but never a stag do.

  17. Nik Daum says:

    They should release a game like this that allows you to play Doom and Doom II simultaneously. That would rock.

  18. bio says:

    Fun game idea–I like this kind of do-two-things at once kind of game. This is unfortunately buggy though with the collision. And the game box is really too small for mouse control.

  19. rei says:

    Who’s the ‘GoReadRPS’ on the scoreboard? :p What dedication!

  20. Pace says:

    That was me :) A smidgen of advertising is the least I can do for RPS making me aware of this most awesome of games.

  21. drewski says:

    I had some trouble with the up down scrolling so it was near unplayable for me. Might be my mouse, though.