Far Cry 2 Best On PC Say EG

Take that, console fools!

Richard Leadbetter is a man with more patience in one day than I’ll ever have in a lifetime. Somehow he finds it within himself to run comprehensive investigations into which versions of videogames are best for Eurogamer. The latest is Far Cry 2, and I mention it here because the PC dun won it.

“Map-finding issues apart, Far Cry 2 is an excellent release on PC, and the fact that it can run in high definition with all features set to high levels while still providing a reasonably smooth, graphically superb experience is a first-rate achievement.”

We already knew, obv, but just saying.


  1. Jonas says:

    “it can run in high definition with all features set to high levels while still providing a reasonably smooth, graphically superb experience”

    …on whose PC!?

    Grumble grumble DX10 grumble.

  2. Lim-Dul says:

    You can read about the PC used in the EG article. Truth be told even I got a faster PC although it is two years old so that says something about the FC2 performance…

  3. DSX says:

    Tune in for the next issue, my guess is Fallout 3 will be found to work better on PC too. Mods mods mods!

  4. Pags says:

    Next up on Eurogamer: Pope is catholic. Also, bear talks to us exclusively about his experience shitting in the woods.

  5. Digit says:

    God I hated this game. I was so looking forward to it and then it was basically 90% driving between A and B, and killing respawning guards. Normally, a game would introduce a quick-travel method of moving about after you have done the tedious stuff for the first few missions. But noooooo… not Far Cry 2. :/ The last few missions were fun, but I had to force myself to play it because if I didn’t I never would have had the stamina to complete it.

  6. Chris R says:

    I loved my entire Far Cry 2 experience. The respawning guard posts were a bit annoying, but once I started to use the swamp boats to get around on the water highway, it was better. It could have been better of course, with more varied missions, stealth, etc, but I’m confident a few modders will come along and fix all the issues with the game. That’s why we game on PC’s, amirite? :)

  7. Pags says:

    Digit: evidently you never found the bus stations…

  8. Dolphan says:

    Yeah, with buses and creative driving (i.e going down the railway, which has no checkpoints) you can get to most of the missions pretty fast.

  9. Saflo says:

    I usually just call up PanAfrica Taxi Service. It should be number nine on your in-game speed dial. This joke is horrible, I’m so sorry.

  10. Rook says:

    I’m having trouble thinking of a game that isn’t best on PC when it’s multiformat. Same controls as a 360 or keyboard and mouse + higher framerates and resolution.

  11. Trousers says:

    Setting a field on fire still gives me a game boner.

    Therefore: FC2 = GOTY

  12. Trousers says:


    Resident Evil 4

  13. El Stevo says:

    Rich Leadbetter? Sega Saturn Magazine’s Rich Leadbetter?!

    Wrong crowd…

  14. Islandesque says:

    @Rook – the previous Eurogamer face-off said CoD5 was a crap port and better on consoles.

    It’s pretty funny that before they started putting PC in there the comments were always massive 360/PS3 fanboy flamewars despite the fact they’re so similar that you usually need specialised equipment to even tell the differencee in their outputs. PC: peace through superior framerates.

  15. maybenexttime says:

    I was amazed (and impressed) at how well FC2 ran on my system – hell, my CPU technically doesn’t even meet the minimum requirement on the back of the box, but it runs flawlessly. And, from what tiny differences I can glean from their console screenshots, it looks better even on my PC (although, like the article says, there’s not much in it).

    Noobish question: What’s screen tear?

  16. Tarski says:

    Far Cry 2 was quite the rip off. $50 drifting across the African desert, soiled with sand…


  17. Frools says:

    “To the casual viewer, there’s little to tell the console games apart from the PC version.”
    Yeah, it looks mediocre on all 3 :P
    FC2 was one of the most boring games I played all year
    I am absolutely flabbergasted at the scores it got in just about every review and I dont know anyone who actually thought it was good

  18. Erlam says:

    I think my vote goes to STALKER Clear Sky, or Left 4 Dead.

    Not impressed with FC2 at all. Looks like the game that sells the most copies determines ‘best’ game.

  19. James T says:

    (They meant ‘Far Cry 2 is best when played on PC’, Erlam. Which is a given for any game, so it’s a bit of a redundant sentiment, buuuut we have to pretend for the console people…)

  20. RichPowers says:

    Are there examples of the PC version of a game being inferior to the consle version?

    AFAIK, TF2 for the 360 hasn’t received any class updates. ET: Quake Wars received higher scores on the PC than on the PS3 or 360. (I played both games earlier today, which is why I mention them.)

  21. malkav11 says:

    Sure. Resident Evil 4 is one of the more egregious examples of a PC version that’s worse than the console one, but there are others. Like Capcom’s pre-DMC4 output. Many of the Spiderman games were a completely different, inferior game than the console one. Certain games, like Iron Man, were ports of the PS2 version rather than the 360 one for reasons totally unknowable. Etc.

  22. Real Horrorshow says:

    “…on whose PC!?”

    On mine, for one. DX10 even runs a few frames faster than DX9. 2.8 ghz dual core, 8800GTX, 3 gigs of RAM. Dunia is a well engineered engine, my friend.

  23. Heliocentric says:

    If the game is lo fi enough it may well be best on ds. Being mobile is a killer app. I suppose a micro pc with touch screen could full that role, but they never seem to have either the grunt or the support.

  24. Masterdog says:

    Anyone venture an opinion as to why the game performs better on Xbox than PS3? I was under the impression the hardware on the PS3 was significantly more powerful than that on the 360.
    (Note – I’ve no wish to start a flamewar here, we can all agree the PC is better than either :) )

  25. Mogs says:

    Any multiformat game should always be best on the PC. If it isn’t, it’s due to the developer/publisher not allocating the proper resources to it (i.e. shoddy ports).

    Far Cry 2 was so nearly a truly superb game – the engine is sublime, the combat is meaty, varied & satisfying…

    …but the storyline, phoned in voice acting, uninspired missions and of course the overpopulation of guard outposts and endless travelling made this a 7/10 for me when it should have been 9 or 10.


  26. Heliocentric says:

    PS3 ports multiplatform titles can suffer. The 360 is a pc, so crossing there is fine. But the sony fun box has a very strange structure. 7 cores for one point (8 with one turned off for a higher yield), 7 independently quite slow cores. the blue ray drive is still young tech and can slow down the data transfer. And apparently a whole world of hurt with its other issues, enough for valve to abandon development on the box certainly.

  27. SuperNashwan says:

    I wonder how many people read these articles on EG because they actually need to make a buying decision between formats? This one wasn’t too bad but some of them are just terrible, playground level journalism for people who like to shout at other people about how Typical FPS IV: Return Of The Shotgun is upscaled slightly more on the PS3, making 360 owners gods amongst men. No wonder my browser finds its way to RPS and kotaku instead these days.

  28. Digit says:

    *sigh* Of course I found the stupid bus stations.

    They were fine as long as the mission was nearby, but the southern map has no station on the far left of the region, so any mission there is a long boring trek. I seriously don’t mind the initial “ooh” factor of exploring the big open terrain but after the first northern map, I had pretty much had my fill. The southern map is more clostraphobic and lacks the vital western bus station too. I have no idea what they were thinking when they decided to force this on the player.

    The issue I have is that not only does it make you travel everywhere manually, it punishes you for using roads and the ‘well trodden’ path by having guard posts that repopulate the moment you turn a corner. Then we realise that none of this, is worth ANYTHING. Travelling gets you nothing for your character, I was overflowing with diamonds and before the final missions the gun dealer just unlocks all the guns anyhow. Eliminating guard posts again, no progress for your character, for your buddies nothing. It’s just pointless. The missions and buddy-stories would have been enough game content in and of themselves. :/

  29. Mogs says:

    Kotaku is a good source of news but I can’t be dealing with the self-indulgence & delusions of granduer, especially from Asscraft & Crecente.

  30. Gap Gen says:

    Yes, game engines are startlingly pretty now. I shed a tear when I turned Crysis up to full, before turning it down because my weak (Q6600 8800GTS) PC couldn’t handle it.

  31. Flint says:

    My boyfriend rented the PS3 version while I bought the PC version. The PS3 version runs well but is ridiculously full of glitches – so much that he just stopped playing at one point, fed up on the constant wonkiness. He couldn’t even take proper use of the helping buddy system without grand fear of his buddies glitching up and staying on the site forever, dying randomly when he’s moved past already.

    I kinda regret buying the game myself, as an off-shoot. Sure it’s damn fun but it gets its whole steam blown out halfway through when you’re practically forced to re-start the whole game in a new setting. Couldn’t find the energy to continue. Plus after a while it does get too damn repetetive.

  32. Rei Onryou says:

    Tiple-Format Face-Off scores so far…
    Fallout 3: PC
    CoD5: Not PC
    Far Cry 2: PC

    2-1 to the superior format! Besides, the PC version will get patched soon enough and his issues will be fixed.

    It’s worth noting that in his Fallout 3 review, he does say “Speaking as someone without day-to-day experience of PC gaming”. Its good to hear that a primarily console (or so I’m led to believe) player sees the good of the PC.

    I wonder what he’ll compare next…

  33. SuperNashwan says:

    I wonder what he’ll compare next…
    Satsumas v tangerines v 1L carton of Tropicana, The Ultimate ‘Which Is Juiciest?’ Showdown.

  34. Thiefsie says:

    This douche claimed the 360 pad doesn’t work on PC in CoD WaW, which is GFW certified. = Part of why it lost to consoles.

  35. Ian says:

    Stupid respawning guards. I hate it when FPS games want me to kill things.

  36. Rook says:

    I was pretty sure that Resi4 was actually best on PC simply because of the insane amount of modding work people have done for that game.

  37. n3utr0n says:

    I just got the grenade launcher that takes up the otherwise useless pistol slot.

    Game just went from mediocre to GOTY. :D

  38. Jesucristo says:

    FC2 is a poor game. nice in graphics, terrible in gameplay.

  39. Adjust Your Set says:

    I thought it was great. The open-world parts were obviously underdeveloped but once I realised that I stuck to the main missions and had a blast. The combat provided loads of great moments, the setting and story were different enough to be interesting (which is as good as it ever gets in an FPS), and I liked what they were doing by introducing lots of different mechanics. Not perfect but thoroughly enjoyable.

  40. Adjust Your Set says:

    Really, if you didn’t like assaulting that Dogon village on the hillside, running around that crazy architecture with mortars exploding around you, I don’t know what single player FPS you’ll ever enjoy… most fun I’ve had since exploring haunted labs in Stalker.

  41. Maximum Fish says:


    Why would you even want to play a pc shooter with a gamepad anyway? Also, CoD5 from my experience and everyone’s i know who’s got it (all of them on PC), the game has no issues, it runs better, looks better and plays better than the console counterparts. It is in absolutely no way a “crappy port”. Seriously, if this is a bad port, i guess this guy never played Splinter Cell Double Agent, Kane and Lynch, Halo, Lost Planet, the rainbow six vegas games, or countless more…

  42. UncleLou says:

    “Really, if you didn’t like assaulting that Dogon village on the hillside, running around that crazy architecture with mortars exploding around you, I don’t know what single player FPS you’ll ever enjoy”

    That was pretty much the only “level” in the game that was reasonably good, so I am not surprised it’s the one you mention – and it comes after about 20 hours. If anything, it only served to demonstrate how mediocre the rest of the game is, and what a waste of potential. And even this scene wasn’t a patch on pretty much any of the setpieces in, say, Crysis: Warhead.

    Sorry, but I really don’t think one’s opinion of Far Cry 2 says anthing at all about the general ability to enjoy single-player FPS games.

  43. Gap Gen says:

    Rather, I think it says something about your preference of set piece action over open-world fighting. And there are plenty of linear shooters out there (you mention Warhead, for one), so it’s no big deal.

    Warhead I enjoyed – it was big and dumb and the story wasn’t amazing, plus a whole bunch of the cool action was done in cutscenes for no reason, but it had explosions and guns and lots of people to shoot, so that’s fine. A bit faster-paced than Crysis, too, which was nice.

  44. UncleLou says:

    You might have misunderstood me. I for one love open-world shooters, I just don’t think Far Cry 2 is a good one. That one of the more setpiece-like moments of the game was mentioned as being a highlight (and not be my initially) speaks volumes.

    Although I’d even disagree that Warhead is much less of an openworld shooter than FC2. At least when it comes to how you play each situation, it’s at least as flexible as FC2, and FC2’s non-linearity is pretty much smoke and mirrors, anyhow.

    I also don’t think FC2 and Crysis: Warhead are very far apart on the dumbness scale, but that’s yet another discussion. :)

  45. Adjust Your Set says:

    If I’d mentioned a personal highlight that wasn’t a set piece (e.g. the time I took out an entire guard post without firing a shot) you wouldn’t have known was I was taking about or had the same associations. You misread the comment, by the way, I didn’t say that if you don’t like FC2 in its entirety you have no taste.
    Anyway, I’m happy you admit the game has some good parts. I admit there are bad parts. We aren’t fanboys! Hooray for us, we have won the internet.

  46. Deuteronomy says:

    Far Cry 2 is simply not an open world shooter. It merely imitates one. Great art and engine but either this game was cut down big time to fit console memory limits or the devs ran out of time. Or the devs are just nuts.

  47. mashakos says:

    On mine, for one. DX10 even runs a few frames faster than DX9. 2.8 ghz dual core, 8800GTX, 3 gigs of RAM. Dunia is a well engineered engine, my friend.

    ditto. From the 8800GTX onwards, DX10 is better. Memo for teh n00bs: ATI 2600-2900, 3850, Geforce 9400, 9600, 9800 are NOT gaming gfx cards.

    the geforce 9800 is not that bad, but it still sucks cause it should have been an improvement over the 8800GTX, not a downgrade. Best mid-range cards out there right now are an ATI 4870 or a used 8800 Ultra.

    BTW, I am getting a GTX280 next Saturday. The falling pound has made it quite affordable to import from the UK for 3rd world denizens like myself :D

  48. SwiftRanger says:

    “Its good to hear that a primarily console (or so I’m led to believe) player sees the good of the PC.”

    I don’t think it’s good that his wet dream about PC gaming is having a PC as a more high end Xbox360 with control pad and all that. Has it come this far that this is PC gaming now? Poor, poor world.

  49. Ben Abraham says:

    A bit late to the party and all that, but Far Cry 2 is still my game of the year. Yes, really. I know not everyone will like it, but if you can stomach it, it’ll blow you away.

  50. Kanakotka says:

    …Fallout 3? World of Warcraft?

    Far Cry 2 is good, don’t get me wrong, and the map editor IS nice (although i wished for custom building blocks and custom textures instead of premade everything, in addition to premade stuff, of course)
    But at the moment it’s littered with bugs and several issues, and the physics on the engine isn’t that good, and graphics… who cares about graphics any more, really? They all just look good, and that field hasn’t needed to be improved upon much since the original Far Cry.

    And we come to the defining moment of all games that be… gameplay. Which is appaling in single player of Far Cry 2. The multiplayer is really the only charm of the game… even if the voiceacting and such is all fine, but the travel is such a chore, and it doesn’t present any manner of challenge, really.