Puzzlegeddon Outta Here… Oh, That Doesn’t Work


Here’s something we missed from last week. We would have posted it, but we were distracted by a bee. In a top hat! It’s the demo for Puzzlegeddon, which is a bit spiffy.

It’s a reasonably traditional idea – match 5 in this case, by sliding tiles in either vertical or horizontal lines. A bit like in [the game it’s a bit like]. Except here you’re doing it competitively. As you clear tiles you gain powers, which let you do things like fire rockets at other players (either AI or real actual human people), or defend yourself, or open up wormholes – the usual. The demo lets you play one type of game in one mode, but it’s a goodun. And the full version is only $15.

Here’s what it looks like when you play it. You watch this one with your eyes.


  1. Nighthood says:

    Puzzle games? At 1 in the morning?! You must have a better brain than I, I can’t even think after 11…

  2. Heliocentric says:

    RPS hive minds combined age is so old that it gets up at 2 in the morning to listen to the radio drama on bbc radio 4.

  3. Confidence Interval says:

    Sadly, there is no BBC Radio 4 at two in the morning. They must be listening to World Service.
    An insomniac hive mind

  4. The Archetype says:

    This bee, was it gigantic, so as to be able to wear an ordinary sized top hat? Or was the top hat proportional to the regular sized bee?

  5. Tackphoton says:

    and btw, i got the full version but cant find a serial.

  6. Ben Abraham says:

    Uh… what games it a bit like then?

  7. BooleanBob says:

    I just want to point out that the joke made in the title of this post made me spit tea. I will be invoicing you for the price of a replacement keyboard forthwith, Mr. Walker.