Das Uberleben

Update the website you say? Today? But why should I when I can spend the entire day drinking tea and playing Das Uberleben? This is actually a multiplayer hotseat game, for up to seven folks, but I play it all on my lonesome. In it you plunge, free-falling, down an icy chasm in which many obstacles may splat you. It is excellent. It is 5mb. It is via Indiegames.com.


  1. Stuk says:

    Their website appears to have been…shotgunned? Indiegamed?

    Sounds like it would be great fun to play with my housemates, but I can’t get it :'(

  2. Ellimister says:

    All I got was text, lol
    I’ll try again here in a week when the RPS traffic has died down

  3. alseT says:

    found a mirror here for those that can’t get it

  4. Petethegoat says:

    Same problem.
    Sounds fantastic though, I want to play it!

  5. Petethegoat says:

    Ah, sorry, slow poster. Just played it; it is very good fun, although the ability to add your own levels would be nice.

  6. hydra9 says:

    Thanks for the mirror link, alse. This sounds really good!

  7. Stuk says:

    Just tried this (thanks alseT) with 4 of us playing and it was fantastic. There could be a couple of improvements though:

    While each round was over in under 30 seconds or so, the levels never get really intense. It’s generally quite easy to avoid the stalactites, apart from…
    …the perspective. Of course to simulate the falling it is in 2.5D, but this means that when you get close to the edge it’s very difficult to tell if you’re going to hit or not.
    There are rings scattered around on the way down which are meant to increase strength and speed, but they appear to have negligible effect.

    It’s a great idea, fun and easy to understand, could just do with a bit of fleshing out.

  8. Keule says:

    Also thanks to alseT, it looks like another website crash caused by RPS.

    This game is so simple yet such great fun. Looks like it might be another boys night in.

  9. monchberter says:

    Anyone ever play an Amiga / CD32 game called Basejumpers? This is what this immediately brings back memories of, although that was in the proper 2d platform vein.

    You and 3 others 2d platfrom your way to the top of a building, finally jumping off when you reach the top, the winners being the one who doesn’t get splatted and can open their ‘chute the latest.

    Anyway, this is better than that so it doesn’t matter. :)

  10. hydra9 says:

    Just played it a few times and it’s brilliant! Very good in single player mode, but I’m gonna have to grab a couple of random people (off the street, if need be) to try out the hotseat version.

    However… For an added challenge, try controlling 2 (or more!) of the exxxtreme cavejumpers all by yourself. I like trying to control two of them while pretending they are best friends on a great adventure and… oh splat! Nooo! Whyyyy? (Answer: My poor motor skills)

  11. IvanHoeHo says:

    It’s fun and all, but it’ll never be as good as My First Skydiving Academy.

  12. alset says:

    My pleasure. The game is crazy fun in multiplayer.
    I love the simple gameplay and the fact that the only reward for finishing or just dying horribly is backtracking all the way to the start .

  13. Koldunas says:

    is the site down? where else can I get it from.

  14. hydra9 says:

    Version 2 of this is out now! It includes two more environments – ‘Death Star’ and ‘Molten.’ The last one is especially cool, as it has giant hellish centipede things roaming about.

    Anyway, this is a great game.

    Grab it from here: The Poppenkast