Cactus Leftovers

Prolific indie games madman Jonatan “Cactus” Söderström has posted a bunch of unfinished game projects on his blog, and they’re all worth a look, if just as ideas. Teknozombie is actually particularly disturbing, which is a theme I enjoy in all Cactus’ work. If you’re unfamiliar with his stuff then check out our tagged stories, or head over to his site. Alternatively keep an eye on his Lo-Fi minds joint project with Ville Krumlinde over here.


  1. Magic says:

    Teknozombie = Doom meets Spheres Of Chaos

    I like it. The concept that enemys can get so close that you can’t shoot them is something that may be cool in other shooters as well. (shooters with L4Ds melee feature)

  2. Badmitten Thompson says:

    Hey Jim, I’m loving the picture for this story.

  3. Pags says:

    Teknozombie is pretty much the most disturbing thing I’ve ever played in my life. The flashing walls and the way the zombies get so close and look so big, and then the pounding techno soundtrack… it’s really disconcerting without having to rely on standard shock tactics. It’s weird because it’s so colourful and the zombies look like they should be comical but they’re not.