Dawn Of War II Multiplayer Footage

Reader Sub Edii pointed out that we’d not linked to this most recent Dawn Of War II footage from THQ. It’s a bunch of clips of the multiplayer mode in action – the place where the base-building skirmish battles of the original game are still in evidence. Ever wanted to know what a tyranid building looks like as it coughs up phlegm-like troops? Here’s your chance. (And, hmm, this really is starting to look special…)


  1. Larington says:


  2. qrter says:

    Looks great. Hope my PC can actually run it.

  3. MisterBritish says:

    I did I just hear the classic Force Commander speaking at the very end? (As opposed to one of the expansion ones). Hope so.

  4. Oasx says:

    I just wish the single player part of the game didnt sound so bad, i really want to play Tyranids but all the changes i have heard of seem to make the game worse

  5. Jacques says:

    Not too sure about the ‘nid buildings, but everything else looks cool.

  6. Skurmedel says:

    Almost pre-order for me after seeing this. The CoH:esque effects was an erotic experience.

  7. Xercies says:

    Yay, this is the game I’m definitly getting next year. i will probably also start collecting the actual models again. Damn you relic, I’m going to prove that your pobably putting things in my brain to get me to buy the minatures. Brainwashing I say!

  8. PleasingFungus says:

    That was impressive!

  9. Seniath says:

    <Oblig NCTSC2 comment>

  10. TwistyMcNoggins says:

    It…looks like a sequel to Dawn Of War, I suppose.

    Nothing great or bad about that. Was hoping to see something a bit more interesting than units walking forward and shooting. Units still blatantly popping into existence at the barracks is a bit poo.

    Seems like a graphics demo if anything, and it does look purty.

  11. SuperNashwan says:

    I predict yet more over-use of the word ‘visceral’ in reviews. Find another way to say what you mean, lazy hacks!

  12. Fumarole says:

    Looking good so far. This should pacify some of the loudest AIMs regarding the multiplayer base building.

  13. Alex says:

    Are those Imperial Fists in the last quarter of the movie? Actually it really looks nice… something like Dawn of War with neat GFX. ;)

  14. Leeks! says:

    Starcraft 2 is nothing compared to this!!!

  15. Lunaran says:

    What happened to the not-about-base-building-and-manufacturing-units angle? I see both base building and the manufacturing of units.

  16. Pags says:

    Lunaran: I imagine the multiplayer element is more traditional than the singleplayer, hence base-building and unit-manufacturing.

  17. Ging says:

    They’ve confirmed before that the MP would still have base building and what not, while the SP would avoid it.

  18. Kast says:

    Lunaran – It looked to me that the buildings and units were appearing automatically after capturing key locations. So really you’re getting reinforcements and/or upgrades for territory acquisition. Maybe; I’ve not followed the development of DoW2.

  19. Xercies says:

    I don’t understand why relic are doing this, World in Conflict did a pretty good job at non base building multiplayer, and actually it was probably more fun since you didn’t have the first hour taken up building your base and defences so you could actually go off and kill the bugger.

  20. Subject 706 says:

    I don’t get why some people are so worried that Relic mostly removed the base building from the SP. Hell, some of the best RTS games ever didn’t have base building. Myth for example. Aaaah good old Myth. I wish Bungie would stop faffing about with that Halo crap and make us a Myth IV!!!

  21. Hmm-hmm. says:

    I’m so getting this now. The single-player campaign left me semi-interested, but this, this is the good stuff.

    I’ll just have to see if my machine will be able to run it.

  22. subedii says:

    Xercies, no offense meant, but if you were building up your army for an hour, heck if you left the enemy off without a skirmish for ten minutes in DoW, you were doing it wrong, and would probably be outright slaughtered by most competent players. Heck, the absolute LONGEST games I’ve seen between decent players usually run into around the 40 minute mark max.

    Having base building in the multiplayer was a design decision for them, they already tried the alternatives and felt some form of base building mechanic was good for the pacing and strategy aspects, moving up the intensity of the game. Yes, WiC just had units, but it really was a different style of game to what they’re aiming for with this one.

    On the singleplayer front, things have been changed and made with a greater focus on immediate action, strategy, and results. It’s a means to expand the audience of the game to those that WANT to try RTS’s, but can’t get into the overly complicated mechanics. As it currently stands, the RTS genre is a shrinking niche, or at least one that’s not keeping pace of growth with the other genres. It’s Relic’s stated aim to try and fix that and try to break those barriers to entry and bring more people into playing RTS’s without “dumbing down” the game itself.

    I’d trust Relic to know the best decisions to make with this franchise. They’ve tried the alternatives, and they know the direction they want to take the series in order to evolve it whilst bringing more people to it.

  23. BabelFish says:

    So apparently most of the actual “building” is done around the capture points, to reinforce or improve them.

    Your “base” is a single upgradeable structure which produces your initial units and has upgrades to unlock stronger units higher up the tech tree.

    Honestly, the less time I spend looking at buildings and the more spent blowing things up in the spectacular fashion that is the trademark of the 40k universe, the better.

  24. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    That Carnifex was huge.

  25. ORYLY says:

    My problem with base-building is that it often detracts from the tactical action. The fact that you need to switch your view to build power generators, silos or the upgrade center of the damned always frustrates me. In DoW 1, I really loved the Necrons because a single barracks building simplified the whole thing. Another RTS that didn’t have this problem was Kohan 1/2, where you could easily do all your macro stuff from a sidebar.

  26. Tei says:

    Thats the first video that reallly sell teh game to me.

  27. Ging says:

    Dorian, I bet you say that to all the alien beasties you meet!

  28. Spd from Russia says:

    CoH with Orks and heroes
    supress, command points (exp for killing), chosing development paths etc

  29. ShineDog says:

    I read somewhere that you start with all your core buildings in place and you just build things like generators and turrets, but theres no evidence of that here.

    Oh well. still looks amazing.

  30. Scotch Mist says:

    This looks good. I mean, I’m someone who believes the entire RTS genre is broken, and will remain so until you can pause gameplay to issue compound orders to your troops, but nevertheless, since such a thing is impossible to do in multiplayer, I’m looking forwards to this.

  31. Bjbrains says:

    I’m really getting excited for this. Deep unit customization both persistent (visual) and in-game (wargear) combined with addictive gameplay (see CoH) and a huge variety of tactics (12 commanders with their own abilities and unique units).

  32. DigitalSignalX says:

    space marine yum yums!

  33. MrMelons says:


    This is very true, my average games 1v1 usually lasted about 15mins, 2v2 was closer to 25-30mins. I think i played one game that felt like it took forever cause we were fairly even in our strategies and when i finally looked at the time past it was 45mins. DoW with base building is very very fast paced.

  34. Oasx says:

    @Subject 706 Because the Warhammer games are based around large armies, not running around with 5 people. Their bad excuse for not having Tyranids in the first game was that it couldnt handle the numbers, and now they expect us to run around with with just a couple of units? Sounds fishy

  35. Senethro says:

    Lots of misinformation in these comments. I suggest you go read the other press releases regarding bases, single player and multiplayer.

  36. Subject 706 says:

    Space marines are supposed to be small strike forces, not endlessly sacrificable cannon fodder as in the first DOWs. Who says you won’t face huge numbers of nids in the SP campaign? The screens I have seen indicate that you will.

  37. EyeMessiah says:

    @Oasx, yes but a single turn in a real Warhammer game also takes FOREVER. Necromunda was better! ;)

    I was sceptical about WC3’s attempt at scaling things down from starcraft’s large army sizes, but in the end it worked out well. I’m actually looking forward to the quick paced squad sized RTS model that it looks like DOW2 is going for.

    It will be nice if cap points do give you access to usable upgrade\production structures, it will make it a bit more like the excellent Z.

  38. jigglybean says:

    OMG OMG OMG! /breathe

    I cant wait for this one. DoW online as awesome. My friends and I would spend hundreds of hours playing. Multiplayer will have base building and resources where single player won’t. I agree with Senethro.


  39. Rei Onryou says:

    Until now I was “meh, RTS missions with no bases is ok, but not fussed. Wonder how multiplayer will work”. Now I’m all “If I wasn’t so skint, I’d pre-order this now!”.

    So many games, not enough time/money…

  40. Heliocentric says:

    I would subscribe to a necromunda mmo where you were leading an npc squad and they’d follow your orders better if you gave them orders that kept them safe or if you were nearby. Necro is soo good.

  41. Dan says:


  42. ChampionHyena says:

    Multiplayer mode looks more or less like a super-polished version of the original DoW.

    …which is every reason in the world to wring my wallet dry the second it comes out to buy it.

  43. Terr says:

    I have no idea what everything was I just saw, but it looked awesome.

    Even if I do lag ~3 years behind on great RTS games (my CoH + ‘free’ DoW arrives next week hopefully), I might make an effort to pick up DoW2 as soon as 2011!

    You’ll still be playing this online in 2011, will you?

  44. Frosty840 says:

    (A) One or two of the voices seem to be less utter toss than voices from earlier game footage. Please let this be a sign that Relic aren’t yet going to release a game with crappy voices.
    (B) Will someone please make a Necromunda game?

  45. Anthony Damiani says:

    Well, it’s a relief to see that base building is in this in the “real” gameplay mode.

    Relic has done some really solid games and pushed the genre forward more than anyone else in the last five years or so (probably more). I suppose if anyone’s earned the trust to go out on a limb with their next RTS, I guess it’s them.

  46. Rei Onryou says:

    Although I have never played table-top Warhammer games, I did read the Necromunda manual and thought it awesome enough to make my own imaginary army. I came this close *does the finger thing* to buying it. I didn’t, but my imaginary army rocked. ^.^

    If they do Necromunda, I’ll give it a go.

  47. Greyface says:

    I think I may need a moment after watching that.

    I’m fairly certain I would leave my boyfriend for that Avatar of Khaine.

  48. Erlam says:

    I say this with as little malice as possible, but didn’t DoW 1’s multiplayer essentially work exacly like Starcraft? Everyone followed a set path of playing – first two units are quick/cheap/fast to cap points, 3rd was a basic fighting unit, etc.

    I had an interview with Relic where I literally had to play RTS’ against their lead balance tester and, uh, lost badly. That was mostly an aside.

  49. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Erlam: Mostly not. Major differences IMO were the scaling of the units, which went very differently compared to Starcraft and led to very different unit strategies, the resource model, the squad based gameplay…well, this would be the perfect place for a long post from someone not as lazy as I am. But as DOW and Company of Heroes are quite similar, just try comparing those.