Drakensang English Demo

None of us have had time to play this yet, but I wanted to post it up here for y’all to download and possibly discuss. The 500mb demo of the German RPG is here. I was stumped by the language barrier of playing the German demo a few weeks back, but I can nevertheless confirm that the game is very pretty, and very fantasy. Still, it does seem to be extremely well made, so it might just be worth a look. And it has reminded me to take a look at their previous game, which I have on my shelf here, the completely mad Project Nomads.

Kieron says he might look at the Drakensang in more detail later, but he quite often forgets what he’s doing and


  1. theleif says:

    … and starts to dance madly backwards on a sea of air?

  2. qrter says:

    .. one of the doings he does is write RPS posts under the name of Jim Rossignol?

  3. Pags says:

    .. joins a backwater folk band, doing a pub circuit tour of the Midlands before leaving the band citing “creative differences and a smaller beard”.

  4. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    ..and throws on some slap, drinks red wine and writes novels while listening to Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’?

  5. Mythrilfan says:

    … forgets to shave for a year?

  6. SteveTheBlack says:

    … and buys a van, a neckerchief, two inflatable women, a dog, and a local hobo, all with the intention of solving crimes and fighting ghosts. As if he doesn’t already have enough to do.

  7. Frans Coehoorn says:

    … and I like where this thread is going.

  8. qrter says:

    My auto-generated name is Pippo von Spogelsen.

    Which is extraordinary, because that’s also my real life name!

  9. Theory says:


  10. StalinsGhost says:

    … wonders where all the people come from. Why must they follow him so? Oh!

  11. Dinger says:

    shoots the horse and closes the gate.

  12. Conquests.of. says:

    I came here to read opinions on Drakensang, why would these gents here think I opened this page to know their refined internet humour and waste time laughing? There are many websites filled with Groucho’s jokes, those take care of the laughing business, this one is for videogaming.

    So talk about the F***ING game!

  13. Pags says:

    .. causes the RPS readership to anger Conquests.of. to the point of inconsolable rage.

  14. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    … brutally bludgeons to death two passers-by with a crowbar before saying “what a shame”.

  15. Hmm-hmm. says:

    @ Conquests: Temper, temper!

    If I were you I’d peruse one of the other posts and see for yourself how people here tend to post. And not finding what you wanted to find is no reason to berate the entire flock (caw!) of readers here.

  16. Dinger says:

    Don’t feed the trolls, folks. Nor, by the looks of that screenshot, the dwarves. Conkie has a point, though. Just because KG’s too busy playing the international playboy (No doubt capitalizing in singles bars and strip clubs on the positive review he received on the Bust blog), doesn’t mean someone can’t go out and see what this game is about, perhaps bringing back a non-pathetic screenshot, ideally of the English version. Throw in some complicated argument for it being the revolutionary title of 2008, second only to multiwinia in pure pc gaming essence.

  17. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    ..and avoids giving an objective review about anything.

  18. dartt says:

    …shoots billiards with a midget until the rain stops.

  19. Hoernchen says:

    …crap i pressed enter too soon.

  20. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    …proceeds to fight crime from a wheelchair.

  21. Ben Abraham says:

    …goes off on a tangent about whatever piece of indie music he is reviewing/listening to right now.

    Oh, sorry was it supposed to be a funny ending?

  22. ulix says:

    This is a really nice game.

    Don’t let the demo fool you into believing it will stay this slow-paced story-wise. The story doesn’t really kick in at all within the demo area. Only in the second area (the game’s hub-city) things start to get interesting.

    The demo is more suitable for trying out the mechanics which are essentially similar to Baldur’s Gate’s, though based on a different p&p-system.
    “Realtime with pause” is what its called, though a much more appropriate label (at least in this game’s case) would be “round-based with pseudo-realtime”.

    The demo is also okay for getting a general feel for the atmosphere of the game, which is maybe a tad brighter, less serious and more cheerful when compared to most other contemporary RPGs.

    I’ve tried out the English demo very briefly, and thought the translation was quite good (from what I can tell after maybe 5 minutes of playing).

  23. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Well, I didn’t like it. The rules set is pretty good, and the background world is high quality standard fantasy. The game machinations, however, regarding the freedom of action, and the consequence of action, throws CRRPGs back 10 years.

  24. Yes says:

    throws crpg back 10 years? That’s fucking good news.

    But maybe that’s not what you intended.

  25. ulix says:

    If by “The game machinations, however, regarding the freedom of action, and the consequence of action, throws CRRPGs back 10 years.” you mean the general linearity of the game and of its quest-lines, then I don’t agree.
    There are several quests (no main-quests though – and none in the demo I think) that have more than one possibility to solve.
    In one instance for example you can choose between helping the Praios-church (a kind of inquisition-like institution) or you could help the local witches against them.

  26. Jochen Scheisse says:

    What I’m talking about is that the game railroads you through the plot. There is absolutely no faction system in place, for example. The game tells you who you can and can’t hurt. Stealing has no consequences if you get caught.

    Maybe the story is ok, but when I came to the first city, I met some arrogant nobleman without manners on the bridge. I couldn’t attack that son of a bitch for insulting the honor of my Knight dude, and my only dialogue option was something along the lines of excuse me. That was when I decided I didn’t need to know whether the story was good, I’d know soon enough when Uwe Boll makes it into a film.

  27. Satsuz says:

    Fuggin’ Securom won’t let me play the demo. …the hell? I’m being DRM’ed out of a demo.

    This sort of thing has never happened to me before, but now I think I can understand all of that anti-DRM rage better.

  28. Al3xand3r says:

    People are judging an RPG’s story or freedom from a demo? Wow, that sure throws humanity 10000 years back IQ wise. I guess if your beloved Oblivions and Fallout 3s had demos you’d also dismiss them for making you go through the sewers/vault only to rise to the ouside world in pretend-spectacular fashion.

    If this game does bring RPGs back, then it does them good, because lately they’ve fucking sucked. No comment on linearity but at least in the combat system they’re doing better already. Hey, it’s party-based real-time with pause. Hurray.

    Good stories can be done with linearity too anyways. The Witcher might have had some choices to make but it was really pretty linear overall, side quests aside. And all of Bethesda’s games are stupidly linear in regards to the main quest, people are just dazzled by the generic randomness of the rest of the world and think they’re doing more than being led down a particular bath, or perhaps two as we see in recent Bioware games. If only Dragon Age redeems them. We shall see.

    Until then, efforts like The Witcher and this one should be welcomed by anyone claiming to be an RPG fan, or at least realise Bethesda fan doesn’t mean RPG fan. I’m not saying buy it if it’s not fun, but seriously, judging an RPG on 30 mins of gameplay? Not a very smart thing to do, no RPG out there would show you its quality in that time frame. Did you want a world-saving or world-dooming choice right as you jump in the game world? What if the game let you attack that dude and then the whole village came against you with no choice but to kill you? Is that all the consequence you care about, killing people and having their friends come to their aid? Sheesh, what has Bethesda done to this world.

    Rant over.

  29. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Nope, judged from the full game…you can’t reach the first city in the demo.