More Free Play On InstantAction

The InstantAction blog reports there’s a whole load of free gaming now available at their online gaming portal. If you’ve not had a go at Galcon yet (pictured) then it’s worth a look. People who purchased action passes “may” be eligible for a refund, and will get early access to the three new games currently in beta.

Anyway, if you haven’t yet been over to InstantAction and had a good look around, now is a good time to do so.


  1. Kismet says:

    For those who, like me, used to have trouble finding Legions player-hosted servers with decent ping and no packet losses, I noticed that there are now european dedicated servers too, based in London (along with US East/West Coast and Hong Kong servers). Planning to get back to my Tribes roots over the week-end.

  2. Haml3t says:

    It’s rather fun, actually. Galcon is especially great when you can play it in the same room as your friends. The amount of backstabbing that can happen in 2 minutes is astounding.

  3. Mathieu says:

    Instant action is definitely a good stop for hardcore players.
    You can easily spend 15 minutes playing Rokkitball or 2 hours on Legions.
    And as a big plus every games run perfectly on my 2 years old iMac.

  4. DragonSix says:

    I would have prefer Legion as a standalone game, and not through some strange browser plugin.

  5. TychoCelchuuu says:

    I was happy when I heard about this because I had wanted to play Galcon. Now I can!

  6. Al3xand3r says:

    The games are really stand alone DragonSix. Kinda. The 3D ones at least. They run as any Torque based game, the web-game feel is totally faked. Just think of it as stand alone (you can even run it full screen if you so choose) with a web page open in the background in order to track stats, updates, match-making, etc, like a web-based Steam application. For free. Tis good dude.