Simply The GECK

Hip-hip-hooray. Fallout 3’s official mod tool is out, and I’m celebrating by badly quoting Tina Turner songs. I’m far too stupid to use the construction kit myself, but I’m dead excited to see what Fallout 3’s community (both those who love and those who want to see Bethesda strung up by the nipples for it) comes up with. Oblivion was massively enhanced by its mods, but Fallout 3’s wilder, weirder world means there’s room for all manner of madness.

Specifically, I want to see cities. Not small, vaguely irritating hamlets like Megaton or unpopulated ruins like DC, but proper (decaying) urban sprawl, filled with life and quests. I want a city I can get lost in, a city offering quests that don’t involve leaving, walking halfway across the world and shooting a couple of super-mutants, a city full of people and secrets and stuff to steal. A tall order for sure, but those infamously passionate Fallout 1 and 2 fans are bound to be thinking something similar. Someone’s bound to have a crack at it. The thing with Fallout 3 is it feels like it’s got the underlying structure it should, but not always the content: the GECK + a few dedicated fans means that’s almost certainly going to change.

Bets, then, on how long before we see Fallout 1 and 2 remade in Fallout 3? Oh, and grab the 8Mb of GECKy goodness from here. There’s also a nascent wiki if you’re thinking of building a mod yourself.


  1. Ian says:

    Step 1: Go “Ooooh look what that modder did.”
    Step 2: Formulate ideas for the MOD THAT WOULD BE THE BESTEST THING EVAR.
    Step 3: Download the GECK.
    Step 4: Look at interface for GECK.
    Step 5: Mutter “bugger that” and delete GECK from PC.

  2. shinygerbil says:

    *waits patiently for the mod which makes everything look shit so my PC can run it properly*

  3. Dr 1006 says:

    Yay!!! I can’t wait to get home now and tinker away.

    And in the GECK.

  4. Brother None says:

    I’m not sure if burgeoning urban landscapes are the best idea for a post-apocalyptic setting, Alec. Then again, Fallout 3’s PA feel was never that convincing…

    I also don’t really get the need to remake Fallout 1/2 into Fallout 3. If Fallout 3 had a superior p&p-emulating engine then sure, but Fallout 3 is an FPSRPG, and Fallout 1/2 are not.

    That said, let’s hope modding turns up some good stuff, both in redoing the existing game as in adding materials. There’s no doubt the spirit is there, the work that the Fallout 3 Nexus people did even before the GECK is insane.

  5. Meat Circus says:

    I wonder if the GECK is flexible enough to allow F3 to be modded into a top-down perspective turn-based RPG played with a mouse?

  6. Dan (WR) says:

    Mmm. A new New Reno would be very nice.

    It might not take that much to add a bit more life for starters. Add some more NPCs to places like Rivet City. Have more neutral NPCs wandering the world – perhaps have caravans escorting Brahmin or something.

    Of course, the first mod they need is a decent level balancing mod so that you haven’t hit level 20 before you’ve explored more than a third of the map.

    Actually there are a huge amount of fixes/content I think it needs, but I don’t know how much will be possible with the GECK.

  7. Senethro says:

    What you want is irrelevent. What you’re going to get is furries. Hordes and hordes of nude furry cities with anime hairs and swords from final fantasy.

  8. Gaming Guru says:

    Tamriel Rebuilt will be building the rest of Washington DC. Estimated release date Feb 30…

  9. matte_k says:

    Maybe using the Geck i can get my version of FO3 to stop crashing now…oh, wait, isn’t that what a PATCH is supposed to do? :D

    In other news, anyone want to take bets on how long before the nude skins appear? I’ll wager by the end of the day…

  10. Ben Abraham says:

    @Dan (WR)

    ModDB has had up for a few weeks already some pre-GECK mods that affect level balancing and stuff. My favorite is the increased run speed mod which turns your characters original top speed of “leisurely stroll” into “run like you’re being chased by a deathclaw OH WAIT”…

  11. theleif says:

    @ Dan
    I’ve just had a glance on the editor, but it seems like the one for Oblivion. And judging by the mods for that game, you won’t have to worry.

  12. Hermit says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what modders do with FO3. Still can’t really say why but the vanilla game failed to grab me at all. I played about 10 hours or so but I’ve not picked it up since. I’d particularly like to see a bigger world and some more interesting combat and enemy AI.

  13. Tei says:

    *sing* Crabpeople. crabpeople, …*sing*

    Where is the love for crabpeople? modders need to show love to this creatures, maybe make a entere faction, quest, etc,… for these people.

    Also a mod where you can get women pregnant, and after a few hours these womens will spawn a children that will follow you helping you with a laser.

    Can you fly in FO?.

  14. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Checking out the Google, looks like I’m not the only one who would like to see a Fist of the North Star mod for FO3. But I’m too lazy and tech-clumsy to do it myself. Already played through the game “seriously” several times, so would much rather cut loose with the crazy at this point.

    Because, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t wanna play as Kenshiro? The man could take down a Super Mutant Behemoth with his bare hands. (Skip ahead to 3:15) And for a lot of nerd-folk, he’s the definitive post-apocalyptic hero. Because, as it turns out, our kind happen to be pretty darn fond of head-sploding in our media.

    VATS is basically FotNS-style over-the-top violence, except taken kind of seriously. And the Fallout universe in general is at least as ludicrous as Fist of the North Star. Just with a different kind of retro feel and gauss rifles to go along with the Bloody Mess punches.

    (Come to think of it, just modding the funky fight music in to play during VATS would be enough. Or in the old Fallouts, too.)

  15. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Edit: Also the clip, naturally, is Not Exactly Safe For Work. Though the phrase “head-sploding” should’ve made that apparent.

  16. Rei Onryou says:

    I’m excited by all prospects given by the GECK (except furries/nudes/etc). Just like Oblivion, given enough time, there’ll be enough variation/selection of mods to make anyone enjoy this game a lot more.

    Just a matter of seeing what the patches/DLC will end up like. Speaking of, are we (by we, I mean the PC) expected to pay for the DLC as with Oblivion?

  17. Morte says:

    So far all the quests I’ve done (mostly sidequests, saving the main for later) have had a clear good and bad path. I’d like to see some that leave players scratching their heads and wondering what the person they are pretending to be should do. You know, roleplaying.

    Give me quests that are shades of grey, not black or white, where players will be arguing about what was right on forums for years to come. Give me dilemmas where you choose between saving the village or saving your girlfriend. If you can attach a numeric karma adjustment to a quest ending, it’s too simple.

    I like F3 a lot. The slick presentation is nice, and I can’t fault the quantity, and the writing/structure is a big advance on Oblivion’s dozens of inconsequential microquests. But a bit more hand wringing in the storyline decisions would not go amiss.

  18. Rei Onryou says:

    Morte be right. Not enough grey. I want to save my girlfriend at the cost of the village only for her to turn her back on me. Suddenly, the bad karma hit from saving my girlfriend because I love her, rather than the village comes back to haunt me! Curveball results FTW!

  19. Thirith says:

    Very few games create compelling moral dilemmas in games. Right now I can only think of Obsidian’s titles (especially KOTOR 2), Planescape Torment and Shadow of the Colossus (the latter doesn’t even give you a choice, yet it’s one of the best “moral dilemma” games I’ve played).

    Most companies just go for the “1) Help the old lady across the street, 2) Grind her bones into powder and then piss on the powder while laughing maniacally, 3) Ignore her and continue along the way” type of moral dilemmas.

  20. Larington says:

    What I think would be nice is if they could make the various critters actually territorial in the outside world. I mean, one gunshot at a random thing and often they come running or see you and come running for miles around.

    They really ought to only disturb you when you disturb them.

  21. Dan Harris says:

    Simply the G.E.C.K.? Tut.

    Return of the G.E.C.K., by Mark Morrison. Much better.

  22. Tom says:

    What you want Alec is exactly what F3 should have had in the first. Don’t know what it is about Bethesda games but they never “work” for me. I think it’s the Gamebyro engine. It’s like walking around in a cardboard cutout.

  23. Dizet Sma says:

    Well, if we’re taking umbrage at the title, how about G.E.C.K. in the U.S.A.?

  24. K says:

    Some sort of “I Am Legend” mod could be nice. With car.

  25. Doug F says:

    I’m guessing that the people who are complaining about “no shades of grey” haven’t done the Tenpenny/Ghouls quest chain, or if they have, haven’t returned to the tower after taking the “good” path?

    Because seriously goddamnit Roy.

  26. Paul Moloney says:

    , or if they have, haven’t returned to the tower after taking the “good” path?

    Spoiler dude!

    OK, guess I will now have to go back and check on ol’ Roy.


  27. matte_k says:

    “G.E.C.K. back, G.E.C.K. back, G.E.C.K. back to where you once belonged”…” (cheers, McCartney) or “Harder,, Faster, Stronger”, maybe? Terrible, I know :)

    A quick poke around in the contents of the main file reveals, as usual, a number of cool items that Bethesda decided not to equip anyone with in game, like some interesting Armour/clothing. Also, on the edit tab for items there’s tickboxes for whether the item is playable, power armour or if it modulates voices (like BoS helmets). so, presumably, you can modify Power Armour to be wearable before getting the ability to do so, and muck around with character voices by ticking the box on their gear.

    It’s basically the TES construction kit with a few extra tweaks here and there, so it should be interesting to see what people start to come up with. Bigger bloody Vaults, for a start- Vault Tec didn’t have triple figure populations in mind when they built the damn things, that’s for sure…

  28. Frans Coehoorn says:

    I want clean water everywhere! :P

    And yeah, what happend with Tenpenny anyway? The game told me something disturbing… I’ll check as well.

  29. Thaine says:

    Pittsburgh. Give me Pittsburgh.

  30. JakeB says:

    What you want is irrelevent. What you’re going to get is furries. Hordes and hordes of nude furry cities with anime hairs and swords from final fantasy.

    Already on it.

  31. Gabanski83 says:

    Please, somebody create the race of sentient raccoons…

  32. Cooper42 says:

    I’m sure someone out there will work to meticulously replace the deaths with pre-animated versions, copied from FO1&2. When they do, I shall buy FO3.

  33. A-Scale says:

    Cities in a place that got nuked. I don’t get it. If you want cities, go to the Imperial one in Oblivion!

  34. Bobsy says:

    Don’t you bloody dare call the Imperial City a city, A-Scale. It is entirely, completely undeserving of the name.

  35. Leeks! says:

    As soon as I can figure out how to make a Kevin Kostner model, I’m making a Postman TC. Just wait.

  36. Morte says:

    Doug F said: “I’m guessing that the people who are complaining about “no shades of grey” haven’t done the Tenpenny/Ghouls quest chain, or if they have, haven’t returned to the tower after taking the “good” path?”

    Ah, thanks for the reminder Doug. Actually I have encountered that quest, and before it got going I decided that both sides were assholes and I was washing my hands of them. So I didn’t really “do” it, just started it and walked off. That was pretty good, so I guess I should take back a little of what I said. I’d like to see lots more quests like that.

  37. Bhlaab says: has been bustling with mods for months already just using hacked script editing tools.

  38. Noc says:

    It does make me smile a bit, thinking about when everyone was like “Bethesda’s not releasing a construction set for Fallout 3! They’re just trying to sell us more downloadable content at the expense of crippling the mod community. And appealing to those bastard console players.”

    Then Bethesda said “No, we’re totally releasing a construction set, but it takes a bit of work, so we’re making sure it’s ready.” At which point everyone else was all “Bee Ess! Specifically, Corporate BS! You’re just trying to stall us while you sell us downloadable content.”

    But, I guess they were planning to release it, after all, and were actually just getting it ready pre-release. Go figure.

    . . .

    In sort of related news, I installed Morrowind the other day, and I’ve been smiling since.

  39. Larington says:

    I did some reading up on the background for the Fallout world, apparently theres supposed to be a race of sentient racoons (I kid you not), never got implemented though I think they were being considered for Fallout 2.

    Problem is, if anyone, anyone tried to implement them, developer or otherwise, I doubt they’d be as awesome as they ought to be in principle and I mean that not just in terms of appearence but also characterisation, attention to detail in their cultural design and so on. I’m not going to try and claim I think I could pull it off either, by the way, I’m just saying I doubt it’ll be as good as it ought to be if someone tried to pull it off.

    Some ideas are only good on paper, and all that. I’d love to be proved wrong, but I doubt I would.

  40. Stromko says:

    Tinkering with the GECK now, seeing a lot of variables that may or may not have to do with what I’m trying to accomplish which is simply reducing the rate at which I gain levels. I don’t have enough interest in Fallout 3 to experiment right now.

    Still this is good news, hopefully someone is hard at work right now making the game worth replaying.

  41. Bhlaab says:

    @Larrington: “The Burrows” was an area full of sentient raccoons planned for Fallout 1. Then as they progressed in the design they realized that it didn’t particularly fit in at all and cut it.

    It was simply an idea from before they knew quite what “Fallout” was

  42. Bhlaab says:

    Sort of like crazy dwarf beard Gordon Freeman

  43. Larington says:

    @Bhlaab: That clarifies it a bit, thanks. I was sort of doubtful about it myself, so its a relief to hear that it was cut for good reason, rather than a case of just not having the time/resources to add it.

  44. Trithemius says:

    Re: New New Reno.
    Isn’t there some East Coast gambling den to rebuild from the post-apocalyptic ashes?

    I have to say the best mod idea I have heard so far is my chum’s “mentats addicted sentient radscorpion colony” idea…

    (patent pending)