Legendary Demo: What’s In the Box?

Legendary guys like Bloom, to say the least.

We’ve followed Legendary before, generally in a, “We hope this is good, as it looks agreeably spectacular, but it’s by the guys made Turning Point so it probably won’t be” way. And if you don’t want to just throw down cash and buy to discover, there’s now a demo for you to experiment with. For a trifling 1.9 Gigs you get about fifteen minutes of linear shooting from what’s apparently the middle of the game. Werewolves, Minotaurs and soldiers. Get it from here, if you wilt. And if you need some opinions before burning bandwidth, you’ll find ’em beneath the cut.

Well, it’s not very good, either as a FPS or as a demo. It’s brought into sharp focus when the demo ends and a stupendous video of other sequences in the game plays – streets explode, enormous Kraken-esque things menace the world and griffins fill the sky. But in the fifteen minutes beforehand you walk down a city street, go into a sewer, climb out, find yourself in a city, and you fight some monsters. And men.

Mainly it’s Werewolves – who can only be taken down permanently by dissolving their heads with lead projectiles – but there’s some black-armoured normal humans to deal with too. The Werewolves are the most appealing, picking up your AI-team-mates and climbing walls and generally causing trouble, though the effect is undermined by the sense of the corridor in this corridor shooter being so narrow. They don’t seem like predators – just slightly more nimble creatures trapped in the same little area.

Oh noes!

Bar the monsters, the demo doesn’t really demonstrate anything which makes the game special. The weapons are pretty standard. You can drain some manner of mana (ah! ah! ah!) from the corpses of magical beasts, which you can use to do a short-range knockback attack or (more often) just re-charge your health bar. In other words, the only special thing is that you have to manually recharge your health rather than the de rigeur sitting behind a log and tapping your fingers. I suppose this could be used to generate tension and create a tactical decision of whether you want to stop and drain a fallen enemy before dealing with his fellows, but that didn’t really come into play.

There were bigger problems than just being a tad average too. Firstly, seemingly in a hold-over from Turning Point, the collision isn’t all too great. I regularly found myself crouching over a wall, looking down my gunsight at an enemy and not hitting them – because my gun was presumably firing into the brickwork. When you’ve your enemies in the sights, jigging around to try and find a position which works is more than a little lacklustre. Worse, when fighting the Minotaur, he eventually got stuck running into a wall so allowing me to unload shotgun blasts into the back of his head until he fell over.

In short: rubbish.


  1. houseinrlyeh says:

    After Minotaur China Shop, there’s just no excuse for killing those poor minotaurs anymore!

  2. Malagate says:

    Well, after reading the original preview article when it was fresh ages ago, then hearing nothing until recently when I heard that it had been released, I just assumed from the monumental lack of any discussion about this game that it was pants.

    And lo, it does seem that way, however I wouldn’t necessarily fault it on minotaurs getting stuck in walls, after all in Fallout 3 I’ve seen entire robots walk into boulders and Rad Roaches crawling into concrete blocks never to be seen again but still heard and detected. Similarly with the guns, I’ve had times where I’ve had a clear shot in Fallout 3 but apparantly invisible rocks right infront of my face are stopping my bullets.

    Of course it really depends on what was promised and what was delivered rather than on the niggling defects which some games seem to get away with whilst others are condemned by them. Did Legendary promise a big open world but delivered a corridor shooter? If so, then that’s failure enough.

  3. NuZZ says:

    This game was terrible. I had to delete my pirated installation within hours of play. These developers are quite trash to be harsh. Turning point was like vomit on a monitor, I just wish I vomited on my monitor before i began playing this game. Oh, my yes.

  4. -F. says:

    I must say I had quite a lot of fun with the game. Sure, it’s no Half-life, but running through the city while it’s being torn to pieces around delivers quite a kick. Besides, the section with the werewolves in the warehouse really does portray them as efficient predators.

  5. Kieron Gillen says:

    -F: I was going to be a little more optimistic at the end of the preview, saying the rest may actually be a B-movie ride or something but I figured that I’m allowed to be unvarnishedly cruel after playing a demo. As a demo, it’s a total failure.


  6. Larington says:

    Nice idea, average or below average implementation. Umm, which sounds exactly like the problem Turning Point had.

    That said for budget price I more or less enjoyed Turning Point, maybe I’ll pick this one up on budget in a couple of months too.

  7. phil says:

    I’ve played this, very briefly, and it reminds me of a poor adaptation of a marginally successful film – a below par FPS were the only hooks are a vague familiarity with villians and a small number of whizz-bang set pieces that are buggy as hell.

  8. nihohit says:

    That minotaur fight was a case example of how not to do a boss fight.

  9. Tei says:

    Well.. It smell like a anti-classic, a game that is bad, but that some people will buy anyway, In a strange act of error-buying. The 50% of the buyers of the game will try to return it with the claim “Is not a movie”/”Is not candy”/”Is not a paperweight”. The other 50% will be too coward to even let the world know have this game on his collection.

    And maybe is not that bad!, maybe is the other games that have sould, spirit and are tryiing something new, and this one looks bad in comparation.

  10. Heliocentric says:

    I was hoping for kittens in the box.
    You’ve put me off tryin a free thing, I hope you are happy! The economy is in enough trouble as it is.

    I hope this sells okay, the devs seem like they are genuinely trying to ape halflife.

    This is no bad thing mind you. Stupid publishers give them more time.

  11. jonfitt says:

    When you say “What’s in the box?”, I just think of Adam and Joe’s recreation of the end of Se7en with Ken and Barbie.
    Good times.

  12. Morph says:

    I thought it was about greek mythology. Are werewolves part of that? Confused.

  13. PHeMoX says:

    Yeah, but werewolves in Greek mythology definitely are different from what people generally think of uhm werewolves though. :P

  14. DBeaver says:

    I remember being optimistic when I heard about it, but losing any hope for it after watching the “Making of” videos posted on Gamespot. They were badly made, and unintentionally pointed out a lot of really bad design choices. Plus, they edited the video so that the different people talking are shot out of fireballs, which might sound cool but looks incredibly lame!

  15. jonfitt says:

    I’ve not played the demo yet, and didn’t play Turning Point, but I do have an opinion :) :
    Isn’t there room for the equivalent of b-movie games as well as the top end Half-Lives and Fallout 3s?

    Sure it’s not going to rock the world, but they look nice, and have cool premises. So long as they aren’t bugged to death and the business model isn’t based on Gear of War type sales, all the best to them.
    I do think they should be priced lower though. I may pick up this and/or Turning Point when I see them sold for cheap on Steam.

  16. Legandir says:

    1.9GB? thats a lot of peggles….

  17. jonfitt says:

    New unit of measurement:
    1.9 GB = 129 PeggleDemos (PD)

  18. hydra9 says:

    I played through the first few levels of this game before giving up. It is uncomfortably, obviously linear and has plenty of crappy bits I could mention – but for me, the real killers were annoying jumping ‘puzzles’ (when your character struggles to jump more than six inches vertically) and some of the worst respawning ever. I gave up after spending 20 minutes trying to navigate a warehouse while killing werewolf after werewolf. They weren’t hard to kill – It’s just that, exactly 10 seconds after killing one, a fresh one would appear. One at a time. Forever. Which is just – lame.

    There is plenty of room for b-movie games in the industry. And there are plenty of decent ones out there. But sadly, this isn’t one of them.

  19. Derek K. says:

    This is the game that’s out on 360, right? I mean, it’s not like no one has played it.

    I played it.

    It was depressing – it should have been AWESOME, but it was just eh.

    “This game was terrible. I had to delete my pirated installation within hours of play. These developers are quite trash to be harsh.”

    Stupid developers. You should ask for every cent you paid to support them back!

  20. Charlie says:

    I really couldn’t recommend anyone paying anything for Turning Point. Let alone cheap. I would have to be given money to play any more of that game. It was truly awful.

  21. N says:

    This game was a huge disappointment sadly, I was really looking forward to it, didn’t even finish the damn thing… and I finished Daikatana… If you want some ancient mythos action rise of the argonauts should do you good, just completed the bastard and it pretty much hit the spot…

  22. thewrongvine says:

    It was weird. At first, the game seemed cool, but then once you played on, it got repetitive. AND THE DEMO IS BROKEN FOR ME!

    On the first mission, after you kill the werewolves and men, I went to the gate where the guy goes like “You know there’s a werewolf behind those gates… Huh, just don’t let it eat me.” or something like that. Then you have to open the gate, but the like key unlocker BREAKS apart and it drops around. Then I’m stuck. FAIL!