New Zeno Clash Fisticuffs

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Zeno Clash looks strange. Good strange, possibly the best kind, but so very weird. Built using Source, it’s an extremely hands-on FPS, with plenty of gruesome melee punching. There’s a new trailer showing this off, below, along with some interesting character art developers ACE sent our way.

Make sure you watch to the very end of this.

Click on these for the full size pages of the character descriptions, and indeed the one at the top.

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  1. Del Boy says:

    That looks great.

  2. Kua says:

    Hooray for something different \o/

  3. Gap Gen says:

    That’s utterly fantastic.

  4. AndrewC says:

    It’ll be worth playing even if it’s rubbish.

  5. SuperNashwan says:

    That looks amazing in a way I can’t quite articulate. I hope it’s as coherently mad as the trailer seems to suggest.

  6. teo says:

    Very 1995 PC game-ish

  7. Jochen Scheisse says:

    The music is shit. Other than that, I feel strangely reminded of eXistenZ.

  8. Schmung says:

    How utterly, utterly bonkers. Not sure about FPS melee gameplay, especially on the source engine. Still, it’s certainly interesting.

  9. phil says:

    I’ll pass, the thing at the start looks like Big Bird crossed with the child catcher, individually those two things caused 73% of my childhood nightmares, combined it’ll give me cardiac failure.

  10. Optimaximal says:

    Looks great, although it’s gonna succeed or fail on the strength of its collision detection – early game or not, fighting seemed a little haphazard at times.

  11. GibletHead2000 says:

    Anyone else reminded of PS:Torment by the visuals?

  12. SuperNashwan says:

    Dev interview on the game here: link to
    Bonus geek points in their favour: “The first inspiration was a set of game books of the 1980’s; the Sorcery series from Steve Jackson, mainly because of John Blanche’s art.”

  13. Down Rodeo says:

    I believe the phrase is “what the shit?”

    I think it could be rather good though. I like the look of this.

  14. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Oh my.

    I hope an RPS interview with whoever, or rather whatever, was responsible for the Father-Mother is on the cards.

  15. Turin Turambar says:

    I love it. So surreal and different. And i am one who don’t play games for their “visual art”! Ass Creed, Far Cry 2 and Prince of Persia have great art, but they are mediocre games.

    Still, I am hoping for a good game here.

  16. Turin Turambar says:

    Quoting that Q&A:

    “- The story is an intriguing part. The name of your hero is Ghat. What can you say about his character?

    – The story of the game revolves around the conflict between Ghat and Father-Mother who is Ghat’s father and mother at the same time. Father-Mother is the hermaphrodite parent of many different children who live in the chaotic city of Halstedom where his family is a powerful clan. Ghat’s brothers and sisters are not all human-like and the story goes through several locations and even timelines where the player will meet and face very strange and unconventional characters.

    The reason of conflict between Ghat and his family is something players will see when they play the game. We don’t want to spoil it now. ”


  17. phuzz says:

    Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

  18. Senethro says:

    Even if this is good, consumers will punish the innovation.

  19. Fazer says:

    Firstly I thought “Who the f is this game for?!”, but now I’m actually more interested in a story set in an alternative world. Hope they’ll make a decent one!

  20. Ian says:

    I’ve no idea what to make of it, but I applaud what they’re trying to do none the less.

  21. Okami says:

    Hooray for PC Gaming!

  22. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    That. Looks. Awesome.

  23. Fazer says:

    Senethro, just like they punished Portal, right? It all depends if developers explain the rules step by step and if they don’t include some completely illogical stuff.

  24. Super Bladesman says:

    If it’s different, which I hope it is, let’s hope people buy it for a change…

  25. Naurgul says:

    I think I like it.

  26. Rook says:

    Gameplay looks…. bad.

  27. Gurrah says:

    Don’t know, the first trailer was way better. The gameplay looks a bit off, but the environment and characters are fantastic.

  28. Tei says:

    @GibletHead2000: *raises hand*

  29. Malagate says:

    This game seems to feature a guy who lives on a platform on the back of a really ugly Brachiosaurus-thing where he spends his time throwing para-suicide-bomber-foxes at trespassers. That alone makes it a must have in my books.

  30. dhex says:

    ok, i’m in.

    dark messiah, for all of it’s failings – of which there are many – proved to me that fps melee could be done in an interesting and fluid way beyond TES style slashnanigans.

  31. Morph says:


    That’s all I have to say.

  32. Tek says:

    Am I really the only one who doesn’t dig the art style? I’ve got nothing against innovation or a fresh, distinct look, but this just isn’t for me, I guess.

  33. SLDeviant says:

    @GibletHead2000: Absolutely, i was wondering what it reminded me of , PST style written all over it.

  34. Carey says:

    I like melee in Source. I thought it was decent enough in Dark Messiah and had room to get even better. I don’t really care what it looks like. A big brown playdough head with twigs in that shoots a gun might as well be a space marine for all the difference it makes to me. It’s all about what’s new in the stuff you actually play. That’s why Portal worked for me. The underlying mecahincs sold it, and the sweet ass styling of the rest just ‘completes’ the game. Pushes it into legend. Same with the first TR. Badass underlying modular mechanics, slick style, character and sense of place on top = legend. If you can’t get the mecahnics right (in this case the fighting) the rest is just window dressing. Window dressing which reminds me of Sacifice though, which is nice. Here’s the thing: I’d rather play yet another WWII shooter but one with some undefined and exceptional mechanics rather than some undefined but amazingly styled game that plays like generic shooter 3. Where do you put the effort?

  35. Dr. Wily says:

    This looks almost exactly like what I envisioned in my head while reading “Imajica” by Clive Barker. It even has that same feeling of whimsical, brightly colored menace that I liked so much about that book.

    I assume, however, that this game will have fewer loving depictions of man-on-androgynous blue hermaphrodite sex.

    Oh, Clive Barker. If it weren’t for your random, weird, super graphic hardcore sex scenes you’d be my favorite fantasy author.

  36. Frans Coehoorn says:

    What’s wrong with random, weird, super graphic hardcore sex scenes?

  37. Xercies says:

    The fighting at first looked a bit rubbish since the collision wasn’t really doing anything. I liked the gun play a bit more. This looks like a good world/story i just hope they don’t let it down by the mechanics.

  38. Malagate says:

    @ Frans, the problem is the embarassment when you have friends over and they start flicking through your book. Also the fear of recommending it to anyone on the ground that no matter how good the rest of it is, the special scenes will make them question your real motives.

  39. jimmy says:

    looks nice, but why the hell do the enemys have to bend down to ….well they just show one time how the fiend is getting thrown away, but i hope its not all

  40. Frans Coehoorn says:

    True, true. However, it’s Clive Barker’s unique style. And for that, we should salute him. Same counts for the looks for this game!

  41. Alex says:

    That left me utterly puzzled…

  42. Pags says:

    It looks fantastic, especially for a Source game; for such an old engine, it’s really been proving it’s mettle as of recent. The one problem I do have with Source games though, and this applies to every one of them in recent memory, is how floaty your avatar is. DMoMM was really let down by it because you’d often end up sidling right past the orc you wanted to boot in the face, or end up backing yourself right off a cliff. Hopefully Zeno Clash tries to tweak that a little, because it could very easily ruin the punchy bits.

  43. Pags says:



  44. thefanciestofpants says:

    Wow. One to watch eh?

    also; LOLWUT

  45. PaulMorel says:

    Wow. That could be awful, but it could be that under-the-radar game that rocks – kind of like Mount & Blade was this year.

  46. Meat Circus says:

    That is nang, blood.

  47. Radiant says:

    There’s a rule:
    “unless you are in prison; never fight another man if either of you are naked.”
    It’s right below “Buy your round” and just above “Never try and duck out from buying your round”

  48. Radiant says:

    Loin clothes do NOT count.