Prices Venting: Steam Sale On

I got a WALL-E robot for Christmas. Which is awesome, but a disappointment as I asked for peace on earth between all men. What did you get, readers?
And a quick one from me too. While we really will be digging into the whole UK/US/EU pricing thing in the new year, that can wait until after Steam’s new year sale. Basically, it’s up to 75% savings off a mass of games. It’s on until January 2nd, so I suspect I’ll go through picking out the best bargains before then, but the first thing which sprang to my eye was Trials 2 – one of our 12 Christmas games – available for a mere two dollars fifty – or a quid fifty in the UK.

Honestly, at that price it becomes worthwhile just for the comic possibilites of engineering bone-breaking collisions with your rider. Go get!

EDIT: And until we do it, Savygamer runs down their fave bargains.


  1. Nimic says:

    Bit off-topic, but the principal “what the hell is Steam doing with the prices?” thread (slight paraphrase) on the Steam forums is closing in on 160 pages and 230,000 views.

  2. A-Scale says:

    Also, WoG is now 15 dollars US. That’s my price. I’ll take it.

  3. Simon Jones says:

    The water in BGE broke a couple of years ago with an nvidia driver update, alas. Although I tried it a few months ago on my 8800gt and it seemed ok – maybe it’s raw muscle cut through the fps-killing glitch?

    Anyway stick with it – it gets good once the charm really kicks in.

  4. PaulMorel says:

    I have no idea how anyone can like this game. I like a lot of videogames, and I play games in nearly every genre, but there is no part of me that gets enjoyment from this game. To me, it’s pretty much like hitting your head against the wall over and over again.

    I loved the Mount & Blade tip that I got from this blog, but some times you guys like the strangest stuff (see Space Giraffe).

  5. PaulMorel says:

    Anyone who doesn’t buy Mount&Blade for $15 hates PC gaming, punches nuns and children for fun, and is an all-around rat bastard.

    (Or just doesn’t like medieval RPGs ;) )

    Agreed. Fallout 3 and M&B are the saviors of a season where I am (apparently) the only person who thinks that L4D is mediocre.

  6. Larington says:

    I must confess, BGE does kind of drop you in the water with the intention of watching you sink or swim, but as the first hour plugs on and the gaps in your knowledge of the story are filled in, your rating of the game will likely rise as you play it.
    I’m somewhat surprised that Nvidea have broken the water rendering if whats been mentioned above is accurate. Though, that said I do remember having problems with the water rendering when I first played the game a few years back but had presumed that was partly leading up to the card burning out prior to me replacing it with the same make & version but with an extra cooling component bolted on top of the card.

  7. Larington says:

    I can add my name to the list of folks who weren’t overwhelmed by L4D… Its enjoyable enough, but definately a game for groups of friends who are able to get together, because online play with randoms is often somewhat less succesful in my experience, such that I’ve drifted away from online play.
    Also I find that the director can not be merely difficult but occasionally relentless in trying to wear you down on higher difficulty levels, sometimes to excess (In my humble opinion).

  8. Krupo says:

    “Saflo says:

    I am absolutely silly with video games at the moment and this did not help things. Enjoy the new wing on your house, Mr. Newell.”


    Also, downloading the Trials II demo now… I can’t justify buying yet another game (Fallout 3 is also downloading now… thank you sale!) unless the demo rocks me. I have so many bloody titles to start/finish, including STALKER… thank you last sale.

  9. Krupo says:

    Oh, and here’s one for the RPS crowd:


  10. Krupo says:

    OMG, just played through the Trials 2 demo – SOLD!!!

    I heard someone downstairs call up, “hey, go and help that poor bastard stuck in the snow – he’s been revving his engine for half an hour now.”

    Um, did you see the car, I ask?


    Um, does it sounds like this?

    [Krupo revs motorbike engine]


    That’s my new game.


  11. mashakos says:

    I’ve been trying out Beyond Good and Evil, its mostly enjoyable so far but seems to break once i get outside with my hovercraft into the sea (break as in 1fps, no buttons do anything). A quick google shows that many people had this problem so I don’t know what to do really.

    If you have an old videocard (pre Geforce 8800GTX) or a low end card you’re out of luck. A card with lots of ram + lots of shaders (above 100) will render the water at a smooth 60fps.
    So if you don’t have a high end card set the water to low.

  12. Paul B says:

    Bought Civ IV Complete Pack then noticed it was £5 cheaper on Amazon – doh. Oh well, at least I can download it anywhere, anytime, on any computer I might own in the future :)

  13. Still annoyed says:

    The only thing I bought was Alien Shooter: Vengeance, at 2.49 Euro. Because I’m STILL ANGRY!

  14. Kua says:

    I know that the culture of gaming nowadays is instant gratification, but stick with it for a bit and you shall be rewarded. It’s a lovely game.

    That’s an interesting point. I must say I’ve noticed this rather nasty trait in myself of late. Probably doesn’t help that PC games are so cheap. So if one doesn’t satisfy I quickly jump to another one.

    Then again with EvE (to take an example) I was quite happy to persevere through the dull times because there was clearly a lot of wonderful depth and incredible experiences to be had (and there was) and I enjoyed the learning process as a result. In fact I would argue that EvE is pretty noob friendly because its those early experiences, as new things are revealed to you that provide the most lasting memories, I think. Sounds good anyway. Also the last couple of days I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get to grips with the Fall From Heaven II mod for Civ 4*, for similar reasons. And they help you on your way with wonderful artwork and a lot of good backstory and writing (imo).

    There’s quite a few games that have come highly recommended and I can see the appeal immediately but it hasn’t sucked me in. I mean how many hours do you give it before you realise this really isn’t a game your going to enjoy? Impossible to answer I know :p .

    Actually I’m all for instant appeal, for noob friendly experiences. I think its a sign of good design. That’s not to say BG&E isn’t noob friendly but after a couple hours it hadn’t really grabbed me. I just noticed the person you responded to only gave it five minutes. What the hammocks!?!

    I’m not sure how easy it is to follow the flow of this comment (probably because it doesn’t have one), but who knows, may be it’ll spark off some interesting debate!! Or may be it won’t…

    *And on the subject of FFH2, the creator, Kael, has been patching the mod like everyday since release (he’s on ‘i’ now which is nine [I had to count that out on my fingers] patches since release on the fifteenth), responding to bugs players pick up. He’s truly a god amongst modders. And its clear that an awful lot of love has gone into this creation. That is to say go play it :p .

  15. Paul Moloney says:

    I’m on holiday in Malaysia, and Steam seems to do an IP check, not allowing me to buy using my Irish address/card. Do you guys know is there a way around this?


  16. Heliocentric says:

    Just got hinterland trials 2 and multiwinia. Three different sides of gaming. I also got the unreal pack so i didn’t get indie aids*. I’m eyeing up clear sky but i’m not sure given having not finished the first stalker yet and bad reviews. A few other titles are tempting but i have too much to play anyway but i’m thinking i’ll grab fallout 1&2 over gog. Just to own them disc free and grab the mdk and freespace packs because i never owned those titles.

    *Always use protection.

  17. Jon says:

    There is some kind of bug in the water rendering of Beyond Good and Evil. You are going to have to set the water to ‘low’ unless you have an absolute monster of a video card.

    Also if you want to play it with an 360 controller you can find an xpadder setup here.

  18. Advice Dog says:

    @Paul Moloney
    You could have a trusted friend at home set up a proxy for you to use. Trusted is the key word though if you’re routing credit card and account details via them.

  19. Youatemycheeto says:

    Hey guys, has anyone ever played any of the Silent Hunter games? I’ve been looking at them for a while but I’ve never gotten around to picking them up. Not that they are so cheap (and they don’t have Starforce anymore), I was thinking of buying them.

    Any thoughts?

  20. Cunningbeef says:

    I’m not sure if it’s been written up here, but you (that is to say everyone) should definitely get Alien Shooter : Vengeance if you haven’t already. It’s Russian isometric super-gory craziness, and it’s fantastic and an absolute steal at the given price.

  21. Heliocentric says:

    Serious? Does it even hold a candle to shadowgrounds, specifically the sequel survivor? And even then, sg sits in the shadow of alien swarm. So yes, alienshooter is awesome, but how awesome?

  22. Dinger says:

    Silent Hunter III is a good game. The crew skill/roster system is half-baked and doesn’t really work. The procedural mission/ship generation system means that, once you learn the parameters, you won’t have much in the line of surprises. The ship’s interior is nice, but you can’t walk from station to station, and fully appreciate its claustrophobic nature.

    That said, it’s totally sweet; realism patches have plugged many of the defects, and it’s well worth playing. At least in Europe, it’s not available on steam until mid-January.

  23. Sander Bos says:


    5 minutes and give up guy here. Thanks for your reactions, I will try it again at some point.

    But as I think I hear from a lot of other people, there are so many hardly games I bought on my system that I have hardly played, that indeed the first moments are very important.

    And to clarify a bit my first few moments with BG&E:
    – I mentioned technical issues: I first have to spend 10 minutes (so I spent 15 minutes on the game….) fiddling with the settings to turn off fastflip and triple buffering.
    – And then the main characters eyes are still inches, sometimes, feet away from her eyes about 1/6th of the time (so a lot). If somebody knows what setting I have to change that please let me know. Also, the game’s dialog overlays (like the one telling me what button to click) flicker a lot, I would probably have to also fix that first if I were to play for over an our.
    But it’s like miss eyes nowhere near her face does not realize she has to compete with me finishing World of Goo….
    – Then I do actually want to play this game for a bit, because I have chosen the Dutch language and am actually pleasantly surprised by the voice actors qualities, but….:
    – The gameplay in the first few minutes is friggin Dragon’s Lair (this is from memory):
    – Scene 1: Your avatar appears in some unintroduced scene. There is someone captured who I don’t know, and asks to be freed from some things. Why would I free this person, perhaps the creatures have captured him her for good reason, perhaps he she is a murderer and the creatures are the friendly police. Not to worry, the game instructs to click the mouse button repeatedly. End scene.
    – Scene 2: I am captured in some spiky contraption. Wait, I fell into a trap, I don’t remember that? Some third character (this is not the person I just saved right, where did he she go anyway) asks to help him her. Okay, how do I get out. The game helpfully instructs me again to click and hold the mouse button to build up energy, flickering the dialog to try to induce a seizure. Okay, makes sense I will build up energy and break up the spikes. Instead, when I release the mouse button she jumps and some pokemon energy animation kicks in… End scene. I mean end game.

    At least in Space Ace mr Ace had his eyes at the right location all the time, of course there the game did not tell you what button to hit….

    But as I said, I will probably pick it up again at some time. But I also still have to finish Prey and really start playing San Andreas…

  24. stenchy says:

    Bought Trials 2, played for four hours straight. Definitely worth it.

  25. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @ Sander Bros: It sounds like, on top of all the other issues you’ve got, the cut-scenes aren’t triggering. BG&E should start off like this, which I’d say provides sufficient context for your actions. Given the amount of problems you’re having it doesn’t sound like it’s worth persevering with the game unless you find a fix, which is a shame. Still, if you found the aesthetics of Jade’s special attack to be irksome then it probably wasn’t the game for you anyway.

  26. Pags says:

    Yeah Sander, it would appear the game has way too many issues to bother dealing with – without cutscenes the game loses a significant chunk of it’s appeal – unless there’s some kind of fix. A shame, really.

  27. Saflo says:

    Forgive my blasphemy, but BG&E also came out for all the last-generation consoles, plays well on them, and should be cheaply available. For the poor souls having performance trouble, I mean.

  28. Saflo says:

    Not that kind of performance trouble. Get your mind out of the gutter.

  29. SuperNashwan says:

    Might pick up Trials 2, but L4D only slightly more expensive than buying a boxed copy at launch? Thanks Valve-chiefs. Thiefs.

  30. aoanla says:

    Yeah, I didn’t get L4D in the sales precisely because the price was awful.

    Ironically, Trials 2 doesn’t work in Wine, and Everyday Shooter seems to have entered some unplayable state (even deleting local content and reinstalling not fixing it) (and people seem to be having horrible issues with BG&E), so I’m actually playing through Doom 3 at the moment, which was rather lower on my list of “games I’ve not played before to get in the sale”…

  31. Dean says:

    Safecracker is only £2.24.
    It’s an adventure/puzzle game in the 7th Guest mould. It’s really short, I finished it in around 4 hours, no way was it worth the £20. The puzzles aren’t particularly original, the plot was nearly non-existent but… For just over £2 there’s some nice puzzles and it’s polished and simple to get to grips with. I actually really enjoyed it.

  32. Kua says:

    Its funny how a drastic price difference can utterly change one’s outlook on a game :) .

  33. qrter says:

    (and people seem to be having horrible issues with BG&E)

    You can first download the demo through Steam, see if it runs on your particular machine. The demo’s the beginning of the game.

  34. Kua says:

    I don’t know if this is the same problem everybody’s having but iirc multi core processors had/have trouble running BG&E smoothly for which there is a fix. I’ll try dig it out if anyone’s interested, but I’m pretty sure it was stickied on the games official forums.

  35. James says:

    Is that the same issue Deus Ex has with multicore? The solution for that was to bind the processor affinity to one core IIRC. Not that I know how to do that in Linux. aoanla: L4D doesn’t really work under Wine (10fps when swamped by zombies) which is why I didn’t buy it, I’ve filed a bug for Trials 2 (apparently it works fine in Cedega using their software shader). Everyday shooter is working fine for me though

  36. SenatorPalpatine says:

    Yay sales! I got World of Goo, Bioshock, Darwinia + Multiwinia, and Trials 2 all for just $30.

  37. Xyzzy says:

    Wheeee, I love this sale. Bought Trackmania United now, going to buy Bioshock, Trials 2, and the two Half-Life 1 expansions next.

  38. ILR says:

    I don’t know if this is the same problem everybody’s having but iirc multi core processors had/have trouble running BG&E smoothly for which there is a fix. I’ll try dig it out if anyone’s interested, but I’m pretty sure it was stickied on the games official forums.
    Confirmed. When I was playing Beyond Good&Evil last spring, disabling dualcore fixed 90% of all glitches, including but not limited to: unstable game speed, audio/video sync problems, flickering, etc. The easiest way to do this in WinXP is probably to alt+tab to desktop when you have the game running, click bge.exe with the right mouse button in Task Manager, select Set Affinity, and uncheck everything but one CPU. Next time when you start the game, the single-core affinity should be set automatically.

    So there might be an official/unofficial fix, but most of the problems could be fixable by just a few clicks of the mouse. Some other gamebreaking bugs (such as a certain triangle key missing) might require different patching, though.

    Also, being underwhelmed by BG&E seems about right to me. The internet-buzz is a bit overblown compared to the actual game that has A LOT of charming aspects to it but doesn’t really pull the whole mess together that well. And the beginning is atrocious.

    Getting back on topic for a while, that Gumboy offering on Steam seems particularly enticing.

  39. Joseph says:

    I hate being broke.

    I can’t even afford Trials 2!

    Anyone kind want to gift it to me? :<

    Steam username = emdeehay

    Worth a shot :O (I have AUD$1.67 in my bank account.)

  40. Tei says:

    @Lukasz: I did. I have buy Culpa Innata. Somewhat disapointed because is in english, subtitles only work on videos. So I have no idea what the character say on the game. Playing a click adventure blindi not fun. Also… is not a real 3d game, it has some 3D, and maybe is 3D, but It feels like painted decorations. Also, my suspension of belief is broken here with the story. I have read really crazy sci-fi, but something on this game make me suspicious a religious end. FYI: Theres only two resolutions: low and high. I guest is a old game, or maybe a cheap game, a normal game would have a real 3d engine.
    Also, the character move slow on the screen.

  41. Joseph says:

    Oh I’m guessing you also need an email address for gifting – it’s … can pay back after I get money in my account … might be a while though … but I’ll definitely do it … thanks :)

  42. Joseph says:

    A kind person is helping me out – my wish fulfilled – thank you very much Confidence Interval!

    Merry Xmas and happy new year :)

  43. Stella Q says:

    I bit on the Prince of Persia pack for $50…never played any of them and 4 games is pretty good for that price.

    And I finally bought Psychonauts too…perhaps I shouldn’t have gotten 5 platformers at the same time…

  44. Mathieu says:

    Penguins Arena is available for 6,49€ only! Come on!

  45. Kua says:

    Nice work Joseph. Anyone know whether its possible to change the controls in Trials 2?

  46. aoanla says:

    @James: oh, it’s who who filed that bug? You might notice that I’m the person who confirmed it ;)
    And, yes, I suspected that L4D would be iffy in Wine, being DX9 only. In a couple of months, though, who knows? (Bioshock annoys me more, frankly, given that it’s been out for ages and still barely manages to get past the first level…)

  47. A-Scale says:

    And I finally bought Psychonauts too…perhaps I shouldn’t have gotten 5 platformers at the same time…

    Use a joystick. The game was very entertaining, but nearly unplayable with a mouse/keyboard.

  48. RichP says:

    Ha, Valve pulled UT3, UT2k4, and the Unreal Deal pack from Steam because they ran out of CD keys! They’re working with Epic to get some more before the sale’s over.

  49. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @ ILR: Indeed, like most initially overlooked titles, the cult following does tend to overrate BG&E somewhat. Still, it’s a lovely little game though.

    @ A-Scale: Can’t say I found a joypad necessary really. Been through Psychonauts almost twice without any problems using a keyboard and mouse. Well, apart from the meat circus but that was down to despicable level design rather than control issues.

  50. aoanla says:

    @Man Raised By Puffins: I dunno, I gave up on Psychonauts due to not having a joystick and finding mouse+keys control to be far too clunky.

    (Apropos other things: looks like I’m not buying the Unreal Deal pack then ;) Although, it was low on my list…)