Prices Venting: Steam Sale On

I got a WALL-E robot for Christmas. Which is awesome, but a disappointment as I asked for peace on earth between all men. What did you get, readers?
And a quick one from me too. While we really will be digging into the whole UK/US/EU pricing thing in the new year, that can wait until after Steam’s new year sale. Basically, it’s up to 75% savings off a mass of games. It’s on until January 2nd, so I suspect I’ll go through picking out the best bargains before then, but the first thing which sprang to my eye was Trials 2 – one of our 12 Christmas games – available for a mere two dollars fifty – or a quid fifty in the UK.

Honestly, at that price it becomes worthwhile just for the comic possibilites of engineering bone-breaking collisions with your rider. Go get!

EDIT: And until we do it, Savygamer runs down their fave bargains.

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