Prices Venting: Steam Sale On

I got a WALL-E robot for Christmas. Which is awesome, but a disappointment as I asked for peace on earth between all men. What did you get, readers?
And a quick one from me too. While we really will be digging into the whole UK/US/EU pricing thing in the new year, that can wait until after Steam’s new year sale. Basically, it’s up to 75% savings off a mass of games. It’s on until January 2nd, so I suspect I’ll go through picking out the best bargains before then, but the first thing which sprang to my eye was Trials 2 – one of our 12 Christmas games – available for a mere two dollars fifty – or a quid fifty in the UK.

Honestly, at that price it becomes worthwhile just for the comic possibilites of engineering bone-breaking collisions with your rider. Go get!

EDIT: And until we do it, Savygamer runs down their fave bargains.


  1. Sagan says:

    Valve Complete Pack costs 81 euro in Germany. That’s an insolence, considering it only costs 40 pounds in Britain. My brother just bought Left 4 Dead, Portal and Team Fortress 2 for just over 40€. He could have gotten the Valve Complete Pack for the same amount in Britain…

    Oh well there is no real reason to complain. Those three games for 40 euro is still a great deal.

  2. RichP says:

    FYI: The Rome Total War Complete pack is once again available for a cool $8.99 (at least in North America)

    Evidently, they ran out of R:TW keys during the first day of the sale :O

    Hopefully the Unreal Deal pack will return shortly.

  3. Blather Blob says:

    Trials 2 is a steal at $2.50, though this is coming from someone who thought XMoto was somewhat entertaining (but I don’t think I can go back to XMoto after playing Trials 2). Another nice thing is that the game’s .exe doesn’t actually require Steam.
    I also got Space Trader MM, which is looking like it will be fairly amusing, in a small sort of way. It also works just fine without Steam, which is always nice. In fact, they don’t mention it anywhere in the game or readme (which I think is just a mistake on their part), but Space Trader is based on the GPLed Quake 3 engine, and they have the GPLed source code of the game (minus the datafiles, of course) on their website.
    I also picked up WOG (I pre-ordered it for my brother earlier this year, but now is the perfect time to get a copy for myself), which is completely charming. The Steam version doesn’t seem to support 1920×1200 properly, at least on my computer, although the patch from their website fixes that and also removes Steam as a happy side-effect.
    And then I played the demo of Gravitron 2, which forced me to immediately buy it, even though it isn’t really on sale. The patch from their website also removes Steam and also adds another whole set of levels.

    As to psychonauts, I played it last year, and I didn’t have trouble with the mouse and keyboard so much as the tendency to have jumping puzzles involving judging distances into the monitor, which doesn’t really work on a 2D display. The meat circus especially was full of those sorts of jumps, non-stop. But it was worth putting up with just to see what the developers had come up with on the next puzzle, cutscene, or level.

  4. RichP says:

    Sure enough: the Unreal Deal is back. $20 will get you every Unreal Game, including UT3.

  5. Paul Emil says:

    Huh. I tried to get L4D and Fallout 3 in the sale, but my brother’s credit card wouldn’t work due to a problem with the address verification (No credit card of my own) >:( . I ended up going to Game, standing in a bloody awful queue, and still couldn’t get FO3. I got L4D though. Happy times!