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The Sunday Papers

H…ello? Hello. Thank the Lord. Oh Than… let’s do this quickly. Sundays are for crouching in the darkness of an enormous beast’s belly, feeling your legs slowly dissolve in stomach acids, listening to the whimpering of John as he calls for his mother, finally managing to get a little internet reception as the creature that ate us passes some wireless Internet so I can compile and present a list of Interesting reading from across the week and/or send desperate messages for help and/or try and resist linking to some music.

  • Tom Bramwell explains why they never did their critics Top 50 games of the year. In short, too much whining and foot-stomping from the audience. Instead, a selection of splendid individual essays highlighting individual stuff. For example, here’s Tim Stone on Armed Assault II. I admit, when I heard EG wasn’t doing it, I wished RPS had totally ripped it off and did it instead. The writer’s open insulting of each other’s choices would have been a fine way to present this most conflicted of years for PC gaming.
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Happy Holidays (Burp!)

I ate that snowman too.

Oh, hullo! So I guess I should probably post something. Having recently recovered from extensive stomach reconstructing surgery, after Kieron so brutally ripped through my duodenum, I’m finally well enough to have returned and eaten the entire RPS team. Which of course means they’re getting a well-earned rest until my January 4th annual movement. In the meantime, why not take a look through this list of features they’ve produced over the years, or maybe just go on a rampage killing and eating as many innocents as you can. Oh, and take a look at their advent calendar now it’s all finished. I’ll post it above.

Merry Christmas all!

The Games Of Christmas: December 24th

My dwarf is in big trouble!
And so our journey comes to an end. It’s the eve of the day on which we celebrate the infinity of Horace the Endless Bear, and so we must also celebrate the final game of our seasonally festive advent-o-calendar. What could it possibly be? Could it have anything to do with beards? Let us allow the arm of the one true leader of the Autobots to guide us one final time. Take it away, Optimus…
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The 9-to-5 Scale: Every Day The Same Dream

Ironically, I am also only wearing my pants.

Phuzz is disappointed in the RPS Combine. Normally, he sees games here which turn up on Boing Boing later. Except this time, Boing Boing has beat us to the punch. Man! My only excuse is all the Christmas shopping I haven’t been doing. Anyway, Every Day The Same Dream is an art game about the cubical grind. It’s monochrome, moody and magnificent (though I’m mainly saying that due to love of alteration). There is an ending, and it’s certainly worth playing if you’re one of us chin-strokers. To get you in the mood, here’s Dolly Parton.
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