Thank goodness for folks like al|together, who take the time to translate Japanese visual novels, and then repost them in the internet. Thank some even greater positive quality for the winner of the 3 Minute Game Competition, Crimsoness, which those fine translator chaps have posted on their site. It’s three minutes of high school emo rage, or something, and moderately amusing. Get it here. We don’t have a Rose & Camellia for 2009 just yet, but with outings like this we can assume it’s on its way.

It perhaps goes without saying that I found this link over on Insert Credit.


  1. sbs says:

    So what did we learn?
    I learned that even though I can punch a crocodile in the face, I can’t punch art. Yet.

  2. Dominic White says:

    Blind, boundless rage and art don’t work together. Show a little moderation and the way will reveal itself.

  3. sana says:

    I’ll take Baka-Tsuki over your weird indie translators any day!

  4. Tei says:

    You can play “Rose & Camellia” with L4D. It only takes to be the top damage dealer in NM3, and be lucky enough to spawn as a tank. Then you can slap any face. And If you get in fire, and autoshotgunspamkilled, slap your own face.

  5. D says:

    Damn, not a post about Crimsonland 2.

  6. cncplyr says:

    I’m confused :S

  7. Sajmn says:

    Finished it and wow. Although it seems like a pretty pointless game it’s worth the while. Looks like it’s creator just wanted to vent some anger while making an amusing game doing it ^^.
    If anyone is having problems: you can quickly fill the rage gauge by holding it pressed and also, don’t hit the statue too hard (20).
    You have to visit the areas in a certain order to have enough power to get by them.
    And also, hello every one.

  8. dufake says:

    I remembered the first time I played it in japanese.

    The author is Porn.
    His website is Steppers’ Stop.

    You can find more experiment games there.
    However, in jp for sure.

  9. ordteapot says:

    Is the Indie Japanese Female-Avatar Slapping/Punching game a burgeoning genre I’ve somehow missed unto now?

    I need more.

  10. ordteapot says:

    er, until

  11. Dominic White says:

    Sadly, Rose & Camellia is entirely unique, although I agree that we need a whole subgenre here of courtly Punch-out clones. It’s also by the guys that made the absolutely brilliant (and very long, and VERY hard) La-Mulana.

    link to

    On the topic of Visual Novels, they’re a strange animal. I personally consider them more a multimedia extension of comics, rather than games. I’m currently getting my teeth into the recently fan-translated Chaos;Head (previously articled on RPS).

    It’s quite good so far, and while there are elements of interactivity at points, it’s more of a passive multimedia thing than anything. There’s a lot of reading, plenty of spoken (and relatively well-acted, too) dialogue, nice art/illustrations, some animation, music, background audio, etc.

    Not quite a cartoon, not quite an audio-book, not quite a comic, not quite a game. It’s fun, though.

  12. radomaj says:

    The author is Porn.

    So, to find more games from this author I just open my favourite search engine and type “Porn”? And “nothing funny” will come up? :P

  13. haime says:

    well pretty hell of a game

    a gave me trouble at first………………

    well i’ll try punching a statue one time
    (i wonder if i get boosted also)