CephalopOddbob’s Progress: SYNSO

Take that, you bast.

Many wonder whether there’s a secret to getting your game posted on RPS. There is. Firstly, if you’ve done something we’ve liked, we’d normally link it. Secondly, if your game features an enormous head of a childrens’ TV presenter, that works too. OddBob has done both, creating a semi-sequel (Spiritual Sequel, if you will) to his 2008 pico-Epic War Twat which also features the head of famous revealing-aller Johnny Ball. It’s called SYNSO or “Squid Yes! Not So Octopus!” for long and is a one-life one-screen blaster where you have to score nine points. It is available from the internet. Here. Press tab to call up the menu and amp up the visual effects though. War Twat veterans will be attracted to the “Are You mental?” option, clearly.


  1. Zeus says:

    ” SYSNO” typo in the title. :)

  2. Larington says:

    Thats no moon, um, deathstar, umm, typo.
    Consider, for a moment, how likely it is that the typo would be done in the URL as well as the article title…

  3. qrter says:

    I’d bet those are URLs created automatically based on what the title of the post is, though.

  4. qrter says:

    I mis-syntaxed that ‘are’. Doh.

  5. Larington says:

    Well, maybe, but I still suspect its an attempt to be punny. Err, funny. err, deathstar.
    I’d better stop in case that maybe possibly becomes a meme… Too many of those around already.

    EDIT: Or I should shutup now its been corrected.

  6. LewieP says:

    I played War Twat for the first time at Eurogamer expo. It’s pretty hard.

  7. Ken McKenzie says:

    Presumably there is a prequel in the works called ‘Bin Men, Thin Men, Lexicographers’.

    This precedent opens up a thrilling new world for potential games titles all based on the grumpy musings of Nigel Blackwell.

  8. Octaeder says:

    @ Ken McKenzie:

    Don’t forget the sequel “Egg sandwiches and coach trips in June”.

    Johnny Ball and a reference to one of my favourite HMHB songs – I’ll be checking this out when I get home.

  9. NullH says:

    That hurt my brain. Really.

  10. oddbob says:

    Ta Kieron :)

    And 10 peggles to anyone who can make “I Hate Nerys Hughes” for me.