Red Alert 3.5: Red Alertier

As sure as the spinning of the Earth, the ageing of a man and the fury of a Metal Gear Solid 4 fan at finding the game isn’t at the top of someone’s game of the year list, there are expansions for every Command and Conquer game. Red Alert 3 – a game that seemed a little lost in the tidal wave of big Winter releases – is next to get the add-on treatment, with a little number EA are calling Uprising.

It’s specifically focused on the single player/co-op modes, by the sound of it – featuring four new mini-campaigns, one of which they’re describing as something of a dungeon crawler mode. I.e. it’s possibly doing what Dawn of War II is doing. Trends are funny things. Oh, and they’re promising an even larger Hollywood cast, which means Kieron and Leigh will probably get to talk about mammaries again. Below the info-hurdle, a snippet of footage and ENTHUSIASTIC SHOUTING NERDY MAN going into more detail about what EA claim is one of the best C&C expansions they’ve ever made. Given the underwhelming C&C3: Kane’s Wrath, that’s a bold promise.

Looks like business as usual for Red Alert. Any regular RA3 players here, by the way? It’s one of those games we didn’t talk much about once it was released, for some reason.


  1. Jante says:

    I wonder if the innuendo in the expansion pack title is intentional..

  2. Feet says:

    Info-hurdle. Nice.

  3. wcaypahwat says:

    I was hoping I’d be a regular player of the game… unfortunatly I finished the campaigns and its just been sitting on my hard drive ever since. Hopefully (but unlikely) this will be what zero hour was to generals. You know, with the commander challenge mode and all

  4. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    RA3 is still on my ‘to buy’ list, after I get round to finishing FC2.
    Mind you, the glut of games from the end of last year is still taking it’s toll, but in a good way, the longer I don’t get round to playing this, the cheaper it gets. I’m sure there’ll be some cheap bundles when this expansion comes out.

  5. The Hammer says:

    Yah, I got Red Alert 3 for Christmas. It was fun stuff, but I haven’t played too much of it yet. The difficulty of the skirmishes is just at the right level for my crappy RTS ability, and its sheer enthusiasm at providing zany units is pretty infectious. The Russian campaign I’m doing at the minute seems alright, but it doesn’t quite have the hook to keep me playing – even if the FMVs are absolute giddy pleasures to watch!

  6. scorchedMIRTH says:

    “we’ll see you on the battlefield!!!”

    His mother must be so proud…if she has other offspring to be proud of I meant.

  7. LewieP says:

    What an annoying little man.

  8. itsallcrap says:

    I lost the inclination to play any more RA3 disheartening quickly. I got through two-and-a-half of the three campaigns (on medium difficulty) while I was playing, mind.

    Still I’m not sure if I’m bothered about getting more levels…

  9. Heliocentric says:


    Saw the game for £12 and couldn’t bring myself to pick it up. I’ll likely get to it later, by that I mean 2010, on the assumption nothing comes out this year.

    I even enjoyed the demo somewhat, but its just the classic “you will use this combination of units to overcome this challenge”. Where in COH I never feel that is the case.

    Had a similar feeling watching the Star Craft 2 skirmish video. Its never about great placement of an individual unit, but always “wow look how many units he has, he’ll do great, unless that units magical counter shows up, or a powerful unit uses its super ability which acts like kryptonite on all units with feature X.

    Also the way that micro is overtly a resource, such that a more thoughtful player will always be beaten by a faster player.

    Counterstrike has this same issue to me, but when I’m outpaced or outpinged I can rely on a auto-shotgun and close quarters combat. But in battlefield 2 (my preferred poison) I can kill a faster player by out thinking him and patience.

    When did FPS become more thoughtful than RTS?

  10. Ado says:

    Haven’t got round to this one yet. As stated, there was quite a wave of games Autumn/Winter 2008 and I’ve only just moved on from Fallout 3 (I wanted to take my time over it as it was a stunning game), then tried Far Cry 2 but was unimpressed (so over rated it’s insane). C&C:RA3 will be the next Steam purchase.

    I think it’s only a matter of time to Uwe Boll makes a horrible film of the C&C series. Could be as funny as the rest of his, just don’t tell him it’s supposed to be silly and he’ll succeed :o)

  11. Vandelay says:

    I hope that guy talks like that all the time.

    I’m another one with Red Alert 3 on the to buy list. I wasn’t overly impressed with the demo, as it just felt like more of the same, but I will get it eventually. Now that the expansion has been announced, I will probably wait for that and buy the inevitable bundle pack.

  12. wcaypahwat says:

    Uwe did okay with Postal…. then again I’m a sucker for movies so bad they’re brilliant.

    So people have mentioned playing the single player mode… but has anyone gotten into multiplayer with RA3 much?

  13. ImperialCreed says:

    I was given RA3 as a Christmas present. I wanted to like it so much, but the more I watched the truly awfully written cutscenes and tried to enjoy the decidedly average mission set I couldn’t help but think – Christ, wasn’t Red Alert 2 just freakin’ awesome? That’s where the series peaked for me, and it’s been downhill ever since.

  14. Pags says:

    Isn’t it tradition for C&C expansions to be even more batshit than their predecessor? You gotta wonder how they’re gonna up the crazy on this one, because as far as I can tell RA3 was nuttier than a squirrel’s diet-plan.

    Also, woo! More actors for Kieron and Leigh to fail to recognise!

  15. Valentin Galea says:

    “We listened to our fan….s” :P

  16. Zephyrtron says:

    Y’know, when I was a videogames web hack, the most successful story I ever wrote was about mammaries. It took me all of an hour. I used the phase ‘underboob’. Sigh.

  17. Craymen Edge says:

    I love the artwork of this game. I’m tempted to buy RA3 just for the cover art.

  18. qrter says:

    I always buy my RTSes based on how big the Hollywood cast is going to be.

  19. Premium User Badge

    ChaosSmurf says:

    @ Pags – If it’s as much of a crazy (and awesome) upgrade as Zero Hour was, it’ll be a gift from god.

    Anyway, more chances to look at Kelly Hu? Why yes. Yes I will.

  20. Nimic says:

    Red Alert 3 was excellent. But that’s from the perspective of one who rarely (never) plays strategy games online. The co-op campaigns were brilliantly fun while playing with a friend over Skype. I actually loved the videos as well, and the one at the end of the Allies campaign had me laughing the rest of the day. I doubt I’ll ever play it online, but I do plan on trying the campaigns again, and possibly having a small LAN where we play it (among other games).

  21. Chris Evans says:

    Some more details, gathered from my subs copy of the next PC Gamer Uk ish can be found here.

    Here is to hoping this is better than Kane’s Wrath eh?

  22. Dean says:

    The thing that struck me the most about this expansion was this: “Uprising will be available for digital download at first release through the EA Store this March, but please rest assured we are looking in to other distribution models which does include retail.”

    Given the lead times for getting a boxed game out it looks like this will be download only for a good while.

  23. Gap Gen says:

    I watched some of the FMV on YouTube and… it’s just boring. I don’t get how they managed to make the pantomime we saw in the trailers uninteresting to watch. Some of them obviously can’t act, and for the rest there’s insufficient material for them to make interesting. Maybe there are snippets of fun in there that I missed on my cursory glance (mostly the opening FMV, the first few mission cutscenes and the end movie), but I don’t really see why they had to hire Jonathan Pryce to say “Attack the enemy base”. Oh, and the endings are (obviously) insulting to everyone.

  24. AndrewC says:

    Watching most cutscenes, even from games you like, out of context from the game and before you played the game will seem boring or lame or shoddy. I reckon.

  25. Steve says:

    The voice touting the 4870 X2 didnt seem very enthusiastic about the card.

  26. Gap Gen says:

    Actually, by comparison Tiberian Sun’s were quite good, with a lot happening – it’s in context that they begin to show no narrative cohesion.

  27. Radiant says:

    “Delve deeper into the lore
    “Fans of the story”
    I am gripped by the need to run for my life.

  28. Radiant says:

    Although yes I really liked Red Alert 3; the russian APC man cannon was worth the price of the game alone.

  29. Efendi_ says:

    RA3 was like childrens’ toys fighting each other. I definitely prefer games like Company of Heroes or starcraft. Only the cutscenes ( i mean, err… girls ) were interesting.

  30. AndrewC says:

    @ Gap Gen
    I’ve not seen them, so I will take your word for it. But I do believe youtube flattens out everything put onto it, rendering all clips faintly ridiculous. And let’s face it, computer game cut scenes are, even at their best, very fragile creatures that need all the support they can get.

    And why would you watch a game cut scene outside of the game? Even that Full Throttle ‘movie’ linked to earlier in the week is mostly for those who have played the game already.

    It was for the boobage, wasn’t it. Hmm? Admit it. You only wat…actually that’s fair enough.

  31. Senethro says:


    I think you missed the Real Time in RTS! Either learn to use hotkeys and compromise on your strategy/ability to execute it or apply your smarty super-genius brain to Civilization in future.

    Stephen Hawking isn’t going to think his way into scoring goals for England, so I don’t think you should be surprised that a little physical competency is needed in both FPS and RTS before you get into the real meat of the game – versus players who are both fast and smart, or at least capable of copying smart tactics.

  32. phil says:

    Providing they can actually deliver on the unit description – “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr Freeze meets Super Mario” – I think this series could well earn it’s next belt in crazy.

  33. OldManTick says:

    Zephyrtron – how can you make a reference like that without providing a link?

    underboob mmmmmm
    link to

  34. l1ddl3monkey says:

    I’m expecting the next one to be called Red Alert 4: TITS AT WAR.

  35. AndrewC says:


    That makes the Witcher look classy.

  36. Dreamhacker says:

    Well, this game sure isn’t hugging making any more millionaires.

  37. AndrewC says:



    Edit: Ok, I haven’t got a clue what Dreamhacker’s post means.

  38. Radiant says:

    @andrew c
    Hug making and money obviously.

  39. Radiant says:


  40. Sal says:

    I liked the game over all…ok story, hot chicks, cool units, nice maps. Though, the live action cut sceens should go away…its getting a bit old.

  41. Zephyrtron says:

    It wasn’t Proust, but I have to admit to having fun writing it. It’s not often you get to use the phrase ‘dead heats in zeppellin races’ when writing about videogames. Or, at least, it wasn’t until my previous employer started to go rather mental with the sexy.

  42. Rei Onryou says:

    More drunken Kieron and Leigh please.

    Oh and RA3 is sitting here. Waiting with all the other games for me to play. Patience. You’ll have your turn soon. Just after every other game. Mwhahahaha!!!!

  43. Gap Gen says:

    AndrewC: I already watched the trailers, and to be honest, Red Alert 3 trailers are probably one of the poorest sources of boobage on the internet, comparatively.

    I guess I can’t really comment on how the videos work with the game, not having played them. It seems a bit superfluous, though, to hire famous people just to sit there and say “attack that base”, without much other drama or things going on (that said, I didn’t watch them all).

  44. ShardPhoenix says:

    I’ve been playing RA3 lately. The single player was the most fun I’ve had with a single-player RTS since Warcraft 3, and the multiplayer is pretty fun too (although it’s literally “nothing compared to (what I expect for) Starcraft 2”). I’m not sure if I’ll get this expansion though – it depends on the exact details and price.

  45. Dan says:

    I bought this game yesterday. The origianal RA remains one of my favorite PC games of all times. The opening movie made me yelp in excitement. The game is great.

  46. Bruce. says:


    It’s clearly Red Hard with a Vengence if it’s number 3.

  47. Devan says:

    I bought RA3 as soon as it came out, but mostly it just made me realize how much I love RA2. The gameplay in RA3 is fine, and the AI is much smarter, but the terrible acting and voices just made it hard to play.

  48. Psychopomp says:

    “Dreamhacker says: Well, this game sure isn’t hugging making any more millionaires.”


  49. Chris R says:

    RA3 really shines when you hop into Vent or Skype with a real life buddy and play the Coop story missions. SO. MUCH. FUN. And make sure you play on Hard. Great stuff.

    I’m actually impressed that EA has made the Coop so easy and seamless. My buddy and I have played through the Soviet, Allies, half of the Japanese campaigns and only had 1 spot of trouble. The networking is very solid. Load times are non-existent… 5 seconds per map seems to be average.

    I’d say the experience is much like L4D: Single player is fun, but so much MOAR fun when playing with friends.
    And in the game.