The Sunday Papers

Sunday is a day for trying to make my gaming PC start booting again. Or maybe it isn’t. Maybe I can procastinate, making a list of some smart and compulsive games reading I found this week for the RPS-readership’s delectation, and try my damn hardest not to include some pop song or another. Yes, I think I can.



  1. faelnor says:

    yeah, but i’m always right, obviously.

  2. Kieron Gillen says:

    Faelnor: Democratic readers votes for games of the year seem to bypass the most vocal thing you’re talking about. Which is what I’m talking about. EG’s readers game of the year was FO3.

    (Of course, votes for games of the year only include votes *for*. It doesn’t matter if 75% of the people who’ve played a game hated it. If 25% loved it most, it’ll probably be game of the year)

    Dhex: To be fair, I think he said he voted for it – not that he voted for it as No.1. If you’re doing a top 10, including Fallout 3 isn’t exactly the same thing. But I could be wrong and misremember it.


  3. Igor Hardy says:

    Why are all these Lucusarts alumni coming out of the woodwork now?

    It’s mostly just coincidence that so many of them had new titles in 2008 (Well, Telltale has some every year). You think it took them too long to make it on their own? Tim Schafer got around to starting his own company right after he left LucasArts, so he released Psychonauts a few years ago already, but most of the other alumni tried different things before following his path. You can read Bill Tiller’s excuse in this brand, new interview:

    link to

  4. Muzman says:

    EnglishStudent says:
    “No…fake people, like a novel, poem or play.”

    Case in point, I believe

    Yeah that’s exactly it isn’t it. Also, I know these days gaming is more mainstream and huge titles like Halo have brought people into video games who wouldn’t be there otherwise and are a little disturbed by the breadth of things not-Halo/Mario that are called games. But geez, this guy’s supposed to be the editor of a games web site and the sight of a dialogue tree and talking NPCs just about knocks his baseball cap clear off his head. “Dude yur fagging up my shooting with talking n’ shit, WTF?”
    It’s all happening a little to fast for this old fart.

  5. dhex says:

    “When it came time to cast my vote for Game of the Year a few weeks back, I spent a series of antacid-infused days wrestling with whether or not I had the stuff to go against the grain, to stand up to pitchfork- and fire-wielders, and be true to my heart. Mostly I wondered if I’d forsake the little credibility I have in this business by picking something other than Fallout 3.”

    sounds like a straight up game of the year routine.

  6. qrter says:

    It would’ve all been fine if Scott Jones had done one of two things – either stood by his choice and sucked up his own cowardice, or wrote about how he made a mistake but that in the end it was his own mistake.

    Now he makes it sound as if there’s some phantom force to blame, woe him, etc.