The Jumping Is Quite Good: Caster

TIGSource links us to this rather polished indie third person shooter. Caster is the work of one Mike D. Smith, aka Elecorn, and he’s done a superb job of creating an action game where you run, jump and hurl spells into a colourful 3D world. I particularly like the little ripple effect when you super-jump back to Earth, there’s some vague Anime overtones to it. I’ve only had some time with the demo, but I’m reasonably impressed by what I saw in there. The full version is available on both PC and Mac. Trailer after the click.

Caster Trailer 02 from Mike Smith on Vimeo.


  1. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    There should have been more ripples when he’s doing his Flash thing over the water, but the amount of dancing lights when fighting those 6(?) trees(??) with a pond in the middle looks pretty zany.

    Needs more info to compute.

  2. Yargh says:

    for some reason this reminds me of Magic Carpet. I’m liking the amount of firepower the mage has, no mincing around with 2 or 3 magic arrows per day here thank you very much.

  3. Albides says:

    I quite like this. Polished is the right word. And it’s a blast just jumping around and shooting trees. Almost meditative gameplay, that mix of floatiness, smooth visuals and combat that’s intermittently difficult if you just let your guard slip.

    I approve.

  4. hydra9 says:

    I like the landscapes – kinda remind me of Outcast.


  5. Ronnie76er says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing, that this reminded me a lot of Magic Carpet.

  6. jonfitt says:

    Ah Magic Carpet, that was fun.

    Bizarre fact for British/Australian readers:
    On the soap Neighbours for years in the 90s whenever the Kennedys (Libby & Billy) where playing “Computer Games” the sound effects and music were Magic Carpet.

  7. hydra9 says:

    I remember that! And it wasn’t just the sound effects… They actually referenced it by name a couple of times. Didn’t Karl go crazy when he finally got the high score and then Billy broke it the next day?

  8. hydra9 says:

    What a shame… Only seven comments for this, and I wrote two of them. Now I’m writing another:

    This game is a hell of a lot of fun! I never really played Magic Carpet, but I see what everyone means with the terrain deformation, etc. Anyway, jumping around, blasting the crap out of bugs (damn inhuman insects!), running at ridiculous speeds, dropping enemies into lava, making my own mountains… It’s all great.

    So, thanks for introducing me to this, Jim. Thanks to Mike for creating it. I just bought it.

  9. hydra9 says:

    Also, I initially wasn’t sure about the little guy I’m playing as. Didn’t like his face, or his ridiculous hairstyle. But by the end, I felt quite affectionate toward the wee tyke.

  10. Mike says:

    “Didn’t like his face, or his ridiculous hairstyle. But by the end, I felt quite affectionate toward the wee tyke”. You rock hydra9.

  11. Wedge says:

    Oh dear me the comment editing does not seem to work so right so far c.c

    And it appears to have been fixed! Oh wait, I see what’s going on here…

  12. Wedge says:

    So as I said before I tried to edit a comment just for fun, only to find it appears to be a weeee bit broken at the moment…

    Finally gave the demo a play. I love the basic concepts at play here, and may pickup the full game on the potential it shows for awesomeness.

  13. irwim says:

    I can not play my whole game I can play about ten and then do not I merely want to connect the mission!

  14. rgbgood says:

    This game is perfect, very good.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas ~

  15. BytesLand says:

    The game has some small rough spots, but I’m willing to overlook them because Caster is just that much fun. It’s got enough character that I’m willing to endorse it, even if it’s not as pretty and polished as some of its peers.