“Metropolis Of Super-people”

After the jump is the Gametrailers interview slot with DC Universe creative lead Jens Andersen. It’s interesting to see just how like City Of Heroes the game appears, not least with its origins and character designs. Nevertheless the real proof will be in the pummelling, as DC Universe boasts that it is an “action” MMO, with real skill required. I’ll be genuinely interesting to see whether Sony/Warner Bros can really pull that off, and whether they can make the necessary quantum leap to get ahead of both the existing City Of Heroes, and in-progress semi-sequel Champions Online. There’s loads of in-game footage in what follows, so I’ll be interested to hear what you make of it.


  1. Ian says:

    Not really sure what to make of it to be honest. The talky bits didn’t really help because while the nice chap in the video does detail some of the workings of the game he also drops into the nasty dev-talking-about-his-game habit of getting gushy and wide-eyed about things we were already expecting the game to do.

    The game looks nice enough and I suspect the character creation and customisation will be pretty good but I don’t know how well it’s going to work as an action game which seems to be the idea of it.

  2. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    The character creation does look good, but there are a few things that just seem grating to me at the moment, not least the ‘pick up everything you can see’ mechanic. I mean, I know superheroes have super strength, but picking up a whopping great computer terminal and just dropping it on an enemies head looks quite… crap. The chucking stuff about looks rather good too.

    The main problem I see at the moment is the ‘changing roles’ aspect. It looks like it’s going to lead to an oversimplification of the game, especially what looks like limiting you to four powers at once, although that could just be the PS3 version.

  3. nihohit says:

    OMG! you have items that increase your traits?!
    I’m so sold on this!
    Seriously, if only he talked as if he realises that there have been other MMOs out there, I might have thought they have something exceptional to offer.
    On the other hand, at least they fixed the animations.

  4. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    Oh, and Superman’s a dick.

  5. JKjoker says:

    I dont think this game is going to go anywhere, im sorry about the devs but the fact is that players will want to play as the established characters so everytime you find yourself in a well populated area youll see : 50 supermans, 80 batmans, 30 flashs and a few weirdos with “unique” looks (most likely marvel look alikes)

  6. Yontan says:

    Also…since when can a partial superstrength acrobatics hero (who dies when she turns ON her defences) ever get close to beating down Doomsday!? (from a different preview vid)…no, i will be looking at champions online for my superhero hit of 09.

  7. Tei says:

    @JKjoker: Theres exist already City of Heroes, where that is not a problem. I have several characters, and none of then are a clone of a know superhero. 75% of the fun of CoH is (a “spore-ish” fun), to watch the originality of other people character.

  8. Tei says:

    Tei wonders why the animations feels like rendered at 12 FPS. Tei also have others comments, but he think maybe he sould STFU and wait for release, as he can be wrong.

  9. JKjoker says:

    Tei: City of heroes is not called “Marvel Universe” or “DC Universe” and was not marketed with pictures including superman and other known characters, im not saying its impossible, im saying they are taking the wrong approach, city of champions does the same thing without falling into the “all 4 guys dressed as flash in the big bang theory serie” problem

  10. Stuk says:

    Tei: also, I believe you’re not allowed to have clones of popular superheroes in CoH, since Marvel sued them

  11. Yontan says:

    too many MMOs and just not enough time. *sigh*

  12. Hmm-hmm says:

    But.. but.. what about the gameplay?

    I’ve actually played CoX, through the mac open beta , and I liked that quite a bit. Not enough to sub, but it’s pretty good. And considering CoX is.. how many years old now? And still doing pretty well, that tells you how much people care for graphics+1.

    I doubt this MMO will be able to compete with either CoX or its successor, but we’ll see.

  13. Rei Onryou says:

    Is bleh a suitable adjective? Looks nice, has potential, but I’ll believe it when I see it. In the mean time, when is Champions Online out?

  14. sana says:

    Eh, what’s the point of having both a forum and a comment discussion again?

  15. Ian says:

    @ Sana: Note how the forum has various discussions going on about things not related to front-page articles.

  16. Catastrophe says:

    It looks good, though the flying looks very odd.

  17. shon says:

    Atlas Park looks awesome!

    Seriously, I am surprised by how much I kept comparing it to CoH. Even though they have a comic universe supporting it, it has to be better than CoH or else players are going to hate it.

  18. ikigeg says:

    Is it possible for anyone to be Superman, Batman, etc? I mean he is saying there about creating a realistic universe, but when you have 20 supermans flying about it’s going to get a little silly.

  19. IvanHoeHo says:

    What’s this I hear about Planetside War!

  20. Heliocentric says:

    nope, doesn’t work.

  21. Barky says:

    The ‘action’ parts of the game just look normal to me, and I hated it when he started laughing when he said “You can smash buses over peoples heads.” Doesn’t impress me, for some reason.

  22. Marcin says:

    Superjump spotted about 1/3 in. That means I will at least have to give it a whirl.

    If they can do what CoH did, but give me new places to fight in, and actual new ways of gaining experience/loot/powers/what have you (I cannot go through another door mission, I just can’t :/), and a character generator that’s half as good as CoH … I’ll probably be picking it up.

    My 700 hours of CoH (until Wrath it was more than my hours of WoW!) guarantee it. In fact, now I want to play CoH again. I hear they quadrupled XP gain, so hitting level 30 is no longer like hitting a brick wall.

  23. sana says:

    I meant having two discussion threads to a single topic – both in the comments and the forum.

  24. Marcin says:

    Did Alec kill the comments?

  25. shon says:

    @Marcin CoH now gives you xp credit for how long you have been offline. In other words, after logging in from a month long absence, the xp cost for my next level was cut in half.

  26. Tei says:

    Imagine the first 3 quest of superman:

    “Go get me 10 rat tails from the sewers”.
    “I have this book, my friend Louis need in Albania”
    “Can you kill the level 1 man-elephant, he is like anoying? I want his bones”

    I west most people will be looking forward for “ultravision” (at level 4). To be able to see the underwear of superfemale behings.

  27. Arathain says:

    Marcin- a few months ago the CoH devs did some data mining on the levels characters tended to stick at (teens and 30s, mostly) and speeded up levelling at those points to smooth it out. Combined with patrol XP levelling has never been easier. If you want to take your time there’s now an option to switch off XP gain for as long as you want.

    Not really impressed with how this looks. The characters seem to mostly strafe glidingly (of course it’s a word, silly) around waving weightless attacks. But, as with all MMOs, I’ll withhold judgement until a few months after release.

  28. Christian Otholm says:

    Superman: Please Generic Superhero in Disguise #853 I need your help!

    Lois Lane suspects You of being Superman. I need your help in systematically ruining her and the lives of her closest family and friends. Will You date her for an extended period of time, and then try to marry, and as she approaches the alter realises I’m actually your Best Man and I’m doing this as an elaborate ruse to fuck with her mind? You are my Hope! Help me!”

  29. Larington says:

    Theres all sorts of possible reasons for a lack of enthusiasm from a developer. Perhaps you’ve heard tell of the developer who has out of sheer desparation for a project that will keep the company going, decides to accept a requirement to make a licensed game (Like, say, the Greys Anatomy one) in the hope that once they’ve proved they can make a game they’ll get opportunities to make something entirely new or exciting.
    …Except that publisher then typecast the developer as a licensed game maker and they forever lose the opportunity to work on a project they could really fall in love with. Sad, sad, state of our industry that it often is.

  30. Larington says:

    @ Alec I think its sorting by time only and is failing to take the day/date into account.

    EDIT: Actually I’m not sure what the hell its doing.

  31. Heliocentric says:

    Umm.. the chronology is screwed. Things seem mixed up

  32. Resin says:

    They should have set this in the ‘Kingdom Come’ Timeline. This game if it at all wants to remain in the DCU chronology will have 0 sandbox elements. That just seems lame IMO. Okay its not what they were going for, but its also why I have no interest.
    The Kingdom Come timeline is not only super cool, but it would allow them far more freedom to incorporate some non-static sandbox storyline elements. Also since metropolis and Gotham and whereever else is going to be countinuely trashed by superjerks who do as they please it would fit much better, as that is what is supposed to be happening in Kingdom Come.
    It would be great if they had some sort of ‘civillian morale/allignment/sentiment stat’ that could regularly change and effect how NPCs react to supers – perhaps they could start rioting, throwing food, use military tactics (launch nukes) if it got too low.

    As it is fanboys will play for a short while and get bored the game will do all right but not have the lasting power of even CoX – my 2cents and predictions

  33. Marcin says:

    @Arathain: yep, the 30s are where most of my secondary alts got stuck. The less combat-oriented ones were especially painful :) So this is good to hear for when I want to resurrect some of my more colorful creations.

    (are comments still screwed up?)