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We all love a blustery day.

Just a quickie – my interview with the lovely chaps at 2D BOY is up on Eurogamer today. We discuss how the game got made, the reasons behind some of the more esoteric decisions, and learn some important facts about the mysterious Allan Blomquist. It’s a fun time.


  1. Heliocentric says:

    In other indie goo news gish is on impulse sale for $4 also kudos 2 $6.

  2. Hypocee says:

    I like the way the 2DBoys express lots of things, but I especially love it when a game developer can convincingly use the idiom of discovery within their own creation. ‘[At first] we didn’t know there were pipes in World of Goo.’ Delicious.

  3. Not Bernard says:

    Thanks for that, Heliocentric :-) Wanted Gish for a while now!

    Any more news on the profanity pack? It still says “when it’s done” on the 2D boy FAQ.

  4. cyrenic says:

    Eurogamer: How have you felt about the critical reaction?

    Ron Carmel: We ran into the streets gloating and acting like asshole rock stars. But nobody knew who we were.

    That was a great line.

  5. Gap Gen says:

    I do like the idea of the experimental games project. One idea I was wondering about was whether there’s an analogue with basic research at universities in games design, a sort of games engineering research department, where people just throw about ideas that games companies can use. Part of the problem with innovation is that it takes time to polish an idea to the same level as the classic FPS or another established idea. Having people whose job is solely to “research” new game ideas and produce gameplay prototypes might help the industry escape stagnation. A similar thing happens with graphics technology as part of existing engineering or computer science departments, after all, and graphics is hardly our problem now. For example, what about modelling human interactions properly, rather than having dull pre-programmed AIs? Oblivion showed how procedural character generation has a long way to go.

  6. Rich_P says:

    World of Goo is currently the best-selling PC game on Amazon.com, besting The Sims 3 and WoW. :O

  7. qrter says:

    I constantly had this image of the Flight of the Conchords guys in my head while reading that interview.

    I think that’s a compliment..

  8. Naurgul says:

    I can’t say I found the interview as interesting as I thought it would be. Nevertheless, I’d like to see what 2DBoy does next. They’ve made a fan out of me.

  9. skizelo says:

    Hypocee, you should hear Bleszinski talk about Gears of War. He was amazed by how many guns there are in that game.

  10. Meat Circus says:

    There are totally guns in Gears of War. Like, TOTALLY.

  11. A-Scale says:

    I eventually bought WoG once it fell to $15. It was a great purchase, and I was very glad that I could:
    1. Play this amazing game (superb story).
    2. Buy the game for the price I stubbornly said I would pay for it (15 rather than 20).
    3. Support this developer, who I have a lot of respect for.

  12. Premium User Badge

    mickiscoole says:

    Gah. You didn’t ask the one question that I wanted to know – Will there be a soundtrack release of the full versions of the songs, not just loops.

  13. Hypocee says:

    Many (all that I can remember) are adapted from previous work by Kyle Gabler. link to kylegabler.com Thanks again to Smee for the original pointer.

  14. Premium User Badge

    mickiscoole says:

    Yes I know, but they’re not the ones I’m looking for. (A version of “Ode to the bridge builder” that is longer than 2 minutes would be excellent).

    And not all of the songs are on that website

  15. Morningoil says:

    One of the many lovely things about Ron and Kyle is that – it’s not normally the kind of thing that I’d do – the two times I’ve been moved spontaneously by the brilliance of their work to send them an email, once ages ago, once yesterday after listening to all the lovely music on the link Hypocee posted, saying that I think they’re brilliant, they’ve written back straight away with a really nice message.

    So not only are they just phenomenally talented, they’re also great guys.

    It’s heartwarming to know that in this stupid, harsh, fucked up world, the good guys can still win sometimes :)

  16. Hypocee says:


  17. Hypocee says:

    Oh man 2DBoy is so, nice! WoGoo soundtrack now available, free. With exciting commentary! link to kylegabler.com Cheers to Tom Francis for the tip.

  18. cyrenic says:


    Screw the historical inauguration, I’m just going to sit here and listen to the full soundtrack. Awesome. Thanks for the link.