Defence Grid Demo On Steam

Previously I articulated some positive feelings towards Defence Grid in this here blog posting. More recently we are to discover, thanks to the eagle eyes of one Sam Jeffreys, that the demo for the game is now available on the Steam digital download service. I think that you should have a play of that demo, if you have not already played the game. In fact I insist.


  1. Lorc says:

    I’ll ‘ave that then.

  2. LewieP says:

    My mum is playing this at the minute, and we’ll be reviewing it together shortly. It’s pretty great.

  3. Dinger says:

    I see no game by that name. Perhaps you’re thinking of something with a title in proper English, like Defense Grid, as opposed to that bastardized fiction known as “British English”. (Sorry continentals, if you want a “received pronunciation”, you’ll have to speak to a wide receiver about that, and I can assure you, he’s not all that articulate).

    But, really, it’s okay. Y’all have some good literature, like “Paridize Lozt”, and “Z Canturburry Talez” (the prequel to the Burberry one, I’m guessin’), and don’t ferget Beowolf. Oh yeah, and that Shakespear dude. He could really wright. Like “King Leer” and “Allz well zat endz well”.

  4. CrowPath says:

    Hey, this is fun!

  5. bowl of snakes says:

    i do like the game, despite the second rate GLADOS, but the last level of the full blasted game is still killing me

  6. Jonas says:

    I gifted this to my man in Canada for christmas (a day before the post-yule sale – D’OH) and he really really loved it. In fact he became a bit addicted to it for a few days, so I’m considering trying it out myself, though I’ve never really been fond of tower defense games in the past.

  7. Blather Blob says:

    I see that it’s on sale at direct2drive for $15 (which is the same as it was at New Year’s on Steam, but there wasn’t any demo then). Anyone tried Direct2Drive before? Alternatively, is there an easy way to get the key number out of D2D, as I see that Steam lists “Defence Grid CD Keys (Direct2Drive only)” as something that can be activated into Steam.

  8. Oddtwang says:

    bowl of snakes: Me too. Got through a couple of the others with only 1 core left due to my own stupidity – trying to adjust the maze near the end is not a good idea, but I can’t avoid losing a load early on on the last level. My eventual maze is good, but it’s too costly to get there. Then wave 20 shows up and just nicks the couple of cores I have left with its irritating flying-ness.

  9. Doc MacRae says:

    If I hadn’t made a bunch of purchases recently I’d probably buy it. Quite enjoyable.

  10. hoohoo says:

    @bowl of snakes
    it’s more of a Dr. Brackman from supreme commander than Glados. even the symbol is almost exactly like the cybran brand. the towers even seem to have a cybran feel to them, and the aliens are very seriphim like. i thought it was a gpg game the first time i played it, but no way can chris taylor make something so balanced and great.

  11. Rufust Firefly says:

    You’re right about the dude sounding like Brackman, only replacing “yes, yes” with talk of raspberries.

    So glad to play the demo–this was enough to get me to purchase and I hope it helps their sales.

  12. Jazmeister says:

    Demos are my favourite thing ever. I played the JK2 Demo longer than the actual game, spawning tons of sith in that big hangar bay. First time I’d seen reflections done well, and they were in the floor… what was this article about again?

  13. AndrewC says:

    It’s a lovely game, but I found that just using the first weapon (the gun) got me through all the way to the second bonus level, making it just about placement and when to upgrade. Stuck on the second bonus level though, probably because my understanding of the other weapons is so low. Booooooo.

  14. paol says:

    Loved it (*). Proof that fun in games comes from execution, not necessarily from innovation. My only complaint is that it feels a bit thin on content. It’s the kind of game that really screams for a level editor.

    (*) Technically still loving it. Can anyone who beat the last level please share their strategies?

  15. Dan Lawrence says:

    In short, make a longish (but not too long) windy path with plenty of points that the aliens have to go past multiple times. Also, funnel boith sets of aliens down the same path so you have no multiple route shenannigans. The start is critical, I also reccommend using just the basic gun turrets and missile towers, seems to be the best cost/damage ratio to get a decent score.

  16. AceCrikey says:

    The combination of temporals, infernos and meteors is a fine tactic so far I’ve found. Although I’ve not tried the last level yet.

    The ‘obviously targetted at consoles’ control system, with the cursor locked in thecentre of the screen works a lot better than I initially thought in terms of accuracy, but it does get annoying when you want to keep an eye on the entrance while building a tower at the top of the map.

  17. Gurrah says:

    Lovely game, but I won’t be buying it. Steam still hasn’t sorted out the pricing for us EU residents. Even HiddenPath advertise the game for 19.99$, it’s just unfair that I’d have to pay 19.99€.

  18. paol says:

    @Dan Lawrence
    That’s the theory, but on this level it hasn’t been enough. My assumption on large levels like this one is that meteors/cannons are better due to range… I’ll try your suggestion of sticking to guns.

    Yeah, 20€ is a bit too much for the amount of content offered. I got it when it was 15€ on steam.

  19. Tei says:

    I love this one, and I am looking forward for Demigod, that has been described to me to have “denfense”-ish gameplay (maybe not towers..)

  20. Hmm.Hmm says:

    I’m startin’ to feel old. My reluctance to get into Steam exactly because of the exclusive demos like this may be causing that.

    Curse you Steam! Curse you! *waves cane feebly*

  21. Jochen Scheisse says:

    I would, if it wasn’t on Steam.

  22. JC says: is selling Defense Grid for $15US this week only (for the EU people, D2D doesn’t charge in Euro’s but in USD). The D2D game still ends up using Steam for achievements though.

  23. A Delicate Balance says:

    I have completed the full game but it’s still good fun to come back and do the grinder missions and kill some time.

    The last level is insanely hard, but then it feels great to finally crack it!

  24. Torsten says:

    I just tried it out and I liked it (having been addicted to my share of tower defense games), but 19€ is a bit much for it, I think — especially when the US price is $19.

  25. hoohoo says:

    @A Delicate Balance
    the last 3 levels are hard until you figure out the buy sell buy ping pong technique. i won the last map after just 12 waves. i had 1 orb left, and trapped it on the lower level path, where no aliens could get it by buying and selling guns to block and open paths. pretty boring. i’m not really a fan of that type of tower defense strategy, but its basically the only way to win on those types of multi path maps. also the large size of that last map is rather annoying, i kept trying to zoom out more like supreme commander.

  26. Capital-T-Tim says:

    I bought this a few weeks ago, and spent a bit of time with it, but I feel like I’m missing something. What does Defense Grid do differently/better than the scads of Flash tower defense games that came before it do?

    Perhaps I just haven’t played enough to get familiar with its nuances, but it seems like a very straightforward retread of familiar territory. Since it’s gotten a lot of love on RPS, I feel like I’m probably missing something.

  27. c-Row says:

    Played the demo, read some comments and bought the full game on D2D. Good to see that you can just activate the key in Steam for achievements support.

  28. Heliocentric says:

    D2D uk prices are hella stupid, and worryingly similar to steam.

    I went to the us site and was saddened to see they are treated much better than us. :(

    Supreme Commander Gold
    £35.05 i mean…. seriously?

    regardless, £17.50 is too much for gridle: the brunch.

  29. Hypocee says:

    I sort of like this, better than most tower defence games. The central thing that hooks me is that most of the towers are, if you’ll pardon my French, DAKKA instead of Pew Pew as in most tower defencers. It gives good feedback on where and when everything’s shooting. Unfortunately, in being better than any other TD I think it’s finally pinned down my central objections to them. It’s nearly fundamental to the genre that there are enemies with immunities and vulnerabilities to this or that tower. That’s great, but
    A. I’m going to have to deal with a mix anyway, so who cares.
    B. I have to work this out by watching a specific enemy’s health bar while a rapidly-changing set of dozens of guns may or may not be targeting it – and that’s if I can click the thing in the first place; on the last level in this demo, the enemies are mostly walking on tower doors, so NO I DON’T ZARKING WANT TO BUILD THERE is the usual result of trying to click around.
    C. Even before any vulnerability tweaking, the guns’ little graphs are completely incomparable to each other because they’re given in damage per shot rather than damage per second of fire.
    That last one would be an easy fix, but I don’t know how feedback could be done naturally. Maybe happy faces or sad faces above firing towers, or the hated floating numbers – but I think that’s my barrier to entry.