Planetside War Update: All Keys Accounted For!

Okay, so you guys were really into that idea. We’ve had hundreds of applicants, and the keys are now fully accounted for. The mighty seventy will be notified with an email instruction within the next 48 hours. Thanks for your interest, folks.


  1. fulis says:

    Make sure this is properly documented
    I loved the PCG Planetside AARs

  2. Seniath says:

    Do not forgive! Do not forget!

  3. Redd says:

    Eeep! Fingers crossed. If not, I’ve been playing on a trial this morning anyway, so I can help out for the first few weeks (I’m taking engineer certification). Keep us well posted!

  4. Ben Abraham says:

    I second the demand for detailed field operations reports. Complete with chalk-board diagrams and Patton-esque voice over work.

  5. Pags says:

    Man! I snooze I lose.

  6. Larington says:

    I should resub to PS just on the off chance I get to shoot up one of the RPS folks.

  7. thefanciestofpants says:

    I er, third the demand for extensive war correspondance!

    I wanted to join you guys but I’ve got too busy a month ahead of me to give the war proper attention.

    Fight with honor, you will win! Or dishonor. That could work too.

  8. pepper says:

    Is it me or is the planetside website from sony down? All i get is a black page in FF and IE.

  9. Redd says:

    Pepper: It has a Flash menu, so make sure you have that installed and are not blocking it with addons etc. You can also add /players/ to the URL for a less annoying/more helpful page.

  10. Rei Onryou says:

    The PS site is OLD. About 2 years out of date to be precise. There’s enough to get by, but barely.

    War correspondence and propaganda FTW! Who knows, perhaps this may put the spark back into the game or maybe (just maybe) we’ll have more readers willing to subscribe to help the 70 out than the other sites. Dedicated ’til the end!

  11. Akirasfriend says:

    I’m trying to sign up for a trial, but I can’t get my head around this site at all. Lil’ help? It’d be much appreciated. :)

  12. Hmm.Hmm says:

    Oh, yes. Do keep in touch with the home front about the war, so to speak.

  13. Heliocentric says:

    I can’t justify paying a monthly fee for this game in the same world battlefield 2 exists. I would if i was obscenely rich though.

  14. Noc says:

    I’ll second Akiras’ question. The PlanetSide Universe site mentions a 30 day trial [a href=]here,[/a] but it looks a little old and I can’t find mention of any trial-ly things anywhere else. Especially since the Reserves program isn’t active anymore, which that may have referred to.

    Schmung mentioned a 14 day trial, but I can’t find mention of that anywhere else. It mentions that there’s a Free Trial somewhere on the Planetside site itself, but there’s no mention of Planetside on the Free Trials page of [a href=]Sony’s[/a] site.

    Does anyone know if there [i]is[/i] a trial?

  15. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Good luck lads, do us proud.
    *wipes patriotic tear from eye*

    @ fulis: AAR?

  16. malkav11 says:

    There is a trial. Download Sony’s Station Launcher, and go through there. In fact, it looks like if you then enter billing information you can just pay a first month’s fee thereafter and receive the game software for naught.

  17. Schmung says:

    You get a 14 day trial when you download and install i from here :
    link to

    That’s what I did anyway. Sorry if I’m being dense, but does this mean that the subs had all the keys, or that there were still some left for the people who just sent emails?

  18. Rich_P says:

    AAR = after action report. I guess you could call Tim Stone’s amazing GalCiv2 diares AARs. Lots of TBS game sites have dedicated forums for game AARs.

  19. caesarbear says:

    Give ’em hell boys!

  20. Rei Onryou says:

    @Rich_P: Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it Tom Francis’ Gal Civ 2 diaries?

    Has anyone managed to download PS without activating a PS account (trial or otherwise)?

  21. Marcin says:

    Oooh, fingers crossed.

    Do they still have the thing where you can play free up to level 6? I wouldn’t mind giving it a whirl even if I don’t get a key.

  22. Quine says:

    Good luck chaps, and I also wish too madcap plans fully written up with a suitable amount of spin^H^H^H^Hpatriotic nuance and extra excitingness.

  23. Larington says:

    @Marcin: Haven’t been in game in some time so its possible they broughtit back, but I know that after the first year the free play up to BR6 thing came to an end, I doubt the devs have been allowed to do it for a second run.

  24. Gap Gen says:

    In order to give RPS the best possible chance, the hundreds should fight to the death until only 70 remain.

  25. Eschatos says:

    So are we still allowed to join you guys if we don’t have a key and just make our own account?

  26. Rei Onryou says:

    The Reserves thing stopped at the beginning of December according to the Wikipedia article. I hope it does return, since its a good seller. Of course, Planetside 2 would be an even bigger seller.

  27. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Hundreds? Crap.

  28. Redd says:

    All I did to play was download the installer, log in to Station with an old dummy account (not one that has any purchases on), wait 4-5 hours for the game itself to install and then it just let me in, so I’m guessing it’s still free up to Rank 6.

    The downside so far, for me, is that the game locks up every few hours; so badly that I cannot get back to the desktop, and have to reboot. I’m temporarily running the thing in a window so that it can’t lock me out when it crashes. That’s going to grate when it comes mid battle though. I hope it’s not a feature of the game for everyone…

    Ping doesn’t seem too horrendous to Gemini (US server) either. I’m getting 100-120 from the UK. Not sure how that affects combat yet as I’m just doing training at the moment.

    I’m really looking forward to this.

  29. Eschatos says:


    The trial actually has no rank limit at all. I’ve managed to get up to rank 9/10 on some trial accounts.

  30. Rei Onryou says:

    @Redd: My old account won’t allow me to log on. It states: “You do not have a subscription for this game”. :(

  31. Marcin says:

    14 day trial is available for new accounts. I might as well grab it and give it a shot while I wait …

  32. zak canard says:

    May the best blog win, and by that I mean you guys as those Offworlders didn’t give me a key.

  33. Wedge says:

    Assuming I wasn’t selected, I do hope there is some way to easily identify you all, so The Outfit can brutally crush you.

  34. diminish3d says:

    I’m so gonna have to grind hard in PS tomorrow…I need 2 more cert points to welcome the new folks with ‘splodey grenade helloes.

  35. malkav11 says:

    The way Sony sets it up, you have to create a trial subscription in order to download the software (or already have a retail one, either way) but the trial time doesn’t start until the first time you log in.

    And that’s what’s happening when it just lets you log in…it’s not a global free-until-a-certain-rank, it’s “you’ve started your 14-day trial.”

  36. Aftershock says:

    If i get in, i promise to write up detailed battle reports.
    (read: I CAN HAZ KEY PLOX?)

    Good luck gents, and may we win. Because we are the best.

  37. Losty says:

    The “reserves” is not around anymore, but there are 14 day trials (unlimited,-no caps) floating about.

  38. ad_hominem says:

    So… has anyone received an email back yet?

  39. James Egan says:

    I missed out on doing this a few months ago, but I heard everyone had a great time. Looking forward to the write up of what happens.

  40. Adam says:

    i did not get a mail but i wanna join in via a trail…or hell i will reactivate my old account for a month! if i can remember the bloody details. Great times in planetside…will you be posting all the planned meetups here?

  41. ad_hominem says:

    I just got an email, so anyone who hasn’t got one don;t dispair just yet.

  42. Bjbrains says:

    And you can still try the game for 14 days if you download the client from PSU (Just create a new station account and hit “14 day trial” when you try to log in to Planetside).

  43. Azeltir says:

    I just got in (still updating the game – five cups of tea, you said?). Thanks for inviting me into this, and I will do my best to serve and own.


  44. Adam says:

    Downloading the free trail…do people have player names yet…is their an outfit going?

  45. Aftershock says:

    I got my email.
    So fucking pumped.

  46. Akirasfriend says:

    Just come online to see Jim’s e-mail waiting for me. Good show, chaps.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a shitload of downloading to do. *Salutes*

  47. mister slim says:

    I hope there will be some sort of embedded journalism. Ideally not someone from Fox News.

  48. StarRaven118 says:

    Come join us in the fight :)