Comment Poll: Digi Downloads

We want to know a bit about your digital download habits, like whether you’ve bought a game via digital download in the past year, and how many you’ve bought. If you want to tell us, then hit the polls after the jump and click truthwards.







  1. Jim Rossignol says:

    Those random “n” are some bug in the poll code. Weird, but I can’t fix ’em.

  2. Denton says:

    Just the one, via Steam – SiN Episodes after having been curious for the best part of two and a bit years. It was only going cheap and the had the first game bundled in too.

    Usually I prefer to have a box, though.

  3. Neoviper says:

    Actually bought left 4 dead because of rps, wasn’t sure whether or not to, but the versus article sold me. completely satisfied, still been playing it quite a lot.

  4. nabeel says:

    I got a few games during the Steam sale, otherwise I tend not to buy download games.

  5. mrrobsa says:

    Yes! I am the first person to answer ‘No’, rendering the next two questions moot. Retail boxes for the win!

  6. James G says:

    Hehe, three in the last month! I used to be wary of digital purchases, but now its almost an impulse buy. Spending money is too easy.

    I’ve also got lots of stuff on recommendation from RPS, both from the Hivemind and the proletariat (Ie. the commenters).

  7. Jonas says:

    I have bought more than 4 via Steam and I’ve bought World of Goo directly from 2D Boy. Out of the Steam games I’ve bought, 3 were gifts, and one of them, Defense Grid, was chosen because of a recommendation from Jim here.

    Most recently I have got a Canadian friend (in fact the very same guy I bought Defense Grid) to gift me Mirror’s Edge via Steam and paid him via Paypal to circumvent the frankly stupid European price. €50 for a game that costs $50 USD in North America? You must be kidding. Thank God for my well developed international social network :P

    So: Yay digital distribution! May it live long and prosper.

  8. Simbyotic says:

    Well I started buying games via Steam in their Sales and realized that was much more confortable and easy.

    I tend to buy games with the box but now in 2009 we are going to have games like Natural Selection 2, Overgrouth and the one and only Zeno Clash that will be distributed in Steam and I will definitly buy them because it will be hard (impossible maybe) to buy a retail version in Portugal.

  9. Yargh says:

    can’t say for sure if I bought on recommendation from RPS or not. Last 12 months was mostly Steam purchases, I guess I can blame RPS for reminding me about XCom when I bought Terror from the Deep.

  10. Ubiquitous says:

    I bought King’s Bounty through digital distribution for the sole reason that RPS had ranted about it in such a favourable light. Of course they were very right.

    I buy a fair few of my games via Steam, for the sole reason that living in NZ makes the prices a good $10-$20 cheaper than I would be paying in a local store.

  11. BooleanBob says:

    The Steam sale skews my results wildly. Perhaps separate the ‘how many’ question for games under a fiver/USD/euro equivalent and one for above? I can’t help but feel buying a heavily discounted or significantly dated (‘good old’) game can’t really be read usefully in the same trend as purchasing, say, far cry 2, or the latest champ manager, at full whack.

  12. LewieP says:

    I’m only in the 4+ category because of the Steam Christmas sale, I would have been in 2 otherwise.

    The reality is, 99% of the time, buying retail is cheaper, even for valve games. Left 4 Dead is £26.99 on Steam, it was £19.97 on release from Amazon.

    I love steam, and if games were even the same price on steam as they were at retail, I would probably use it more.

    To me it is ridiculous that if you buy games retail, you are paying the wages of a bunch of middlemen, using more natural resources and energy, and in the case of some games, you even get them on your steam account anyway, but you still pay less.

  13. die happy says:

    i dont have that high intake on games
    i mostly play hl2 mods and other valve games like tf2 , l4d but i bought all of them via steam
    also audio surf after reading about it on rps
    same with world of goo

    cant even remember when i last bought a game retail store
    think that was battlefield 2 so you do the math.

  14. pkt-zer0 says:

    I’ve been making use of Steam Weekend deals and indies, mostly. To be exact: Audiosurf, Overlord, Team Fortress 2, World of Goo, Trials 2, Bionic Commando: Rearmed (great game). Oh, there’s Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business as well, from GOG.

  15. Gurrah says:

    Does digital download also include indies bought using BMT Micro and similar services?

  16. Kieron Gillen says:

    I’ve added a couple more questions to try and get some better maths on this.


  17. GibletHead2000 says:

    I still tend to only buy stuff via Steam or possibly Impulse. I’ll only by a CD if I can’t get it via one of those other channels, or (in the case of Fallout 3) if there’s a collector’s edition that I want.

    Steam has got more annoying lately though, with DRM-on-DRM. It would be nice if everyone who released a game on Steam trusted Steam’s own DRM, seeing as I’m having to use it anyway.

  18. Meat Circus says:

    Every PC game I bought in 2008 was a digital download except for WAR, and only then because EA’s download manager is an embarassing pile of watery piss.

    I have bought games from Steam, GamersGate, Good Old Games, Greenhouse, and direct from the publishers (2D Boy, Cryptic Comet, Mousechief, Telltale).

    And my MMO of choice, EVE, is only available digitally at the moment.

    None of the above would ever feature in NPD’s stupid data.

  19. Yargh says:

    you expect me to know how much I spend on games? That is information I am very careful to forget in order to avoid any reactions of panic…

  20. Markoff Chaney says:

    I think I bought a little above 10 games via electromagical delivery of 0s and 1s last year. At least 3 of them (L4D, World of Goo and Crayon Physics Deluxe) were based on coverage these games received in RPS. At least 2 more I discovered via input from your wonderful readership. I got about 5-6 physical boxes last year (2 of those collectors edition types), and I think most of those got covered by y’all as well.

    I truly do love my boxes, but I feel they are becoming increasingly difficult in this global economy that’s connected by something a little more efficient that planes, trains and automobiles now. Back 25 through 5 years ago, the concept of digital delivery was almost unheard of. Now, getting it straight through the tubes is my preferred method to tender the value of money to a group of people for their arrangement of 0s and 1s.

    Physical proximity to storefronts may enter into this equation as well (I’m a good 30 minutes from the closest game store, but only 10 from a Wal-Mart(R)(C)(TM)). However, those distances are made virtually moot due to my ability to order via Amazon (if I really want a box) or my beloved electronic transmission method. I know when I lived in a larger metropolitan area, I did tend to buy more boxed product as there were 3 games stores within a 5 minute driving radius.

  21. Larington says:

    My order for Kings Bounty has just been posted, all thanks to a recommend from Ropapshogun.

  22. AbyssUK says:

    i buy digitally when its cheaper, which for some reason often isn’t the case

  23. Arienette says:

    I much prefer to download games, it’s much less hassle overall and means I don’t develop a massive pile of boxes. However, I’ll normally go with the cheapest option.

  24. Nezz says:

    I was totally expecting the second question to be ‘How many games did you ACQUIRE via digital download?’.

    Would be an interesting comparison.

  25. Meat Circus says:

    How much do you spend on games:

    * A bit too much
    * Far too much
    * I don’t need both kidneys, now do I?

  26. Ian says:

    I think the only one I bought on the interwebs was World of Goo.

    Not counting browser based games I was happy to pay a few quid to get more stuff, what with them not being downloads and all.

  27. ghor says:

    Every game I’ve bought the last two years have been via download. A few years ago I wouldn’t have expected that’d be happening so soon, but it’s just so damn convenient.

  28. Richard Beer says:

    Left 4 Dead was a no-brainer (ahahah, see what I did??) and Space Rangers 2 was the direct result of a recommendation from RPS. EA’s Spore left me shaking my fist and wishing I’d bought it in a store I could take it back to, but apart from that I choose the digital option any time it’s available.

    Sometimes I ‘digitally download’ a game I’m unsure about to check it out and then go buy the real thing to play it properly if I like it (e.g. Sins). I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person. Perhaps you should have an anonymous poll to compare different, er… types of digital download?

  29. Skurmedel says:

    I think I spend £300+ a year, I know it’s crazy since I rarely reach the end game.

  30. egg says:

    Seeing how games tend to take weeks to arrive in Brazilian retail shops, I am now quite fond of buying a game via digital download. Steam, actually. The fact that I’m a Valve fanboy only adds to it.

    I bought some games that either the RPS crew or the folks who comment here recommended. Defense Grid is an awesome game. Audiosurf and Trials 2 are also great fun.

    Oh, and I started playing EVE Online last week. Got mixed up while trying to buy a Gallante Frigate only to find out I somehow got scammed. After finally buying the thing from a different dude (even though I never got my money back from the first (failed) transaction), I found out that one of the rewards from a certain quest I just completed was one of these very same Frigates! Grr..

  31. Thiefsie says:

    The how much I’ve spent on games is kind of scary!

    That being said my digital percentage of sales is skewed by my console purchases. PC only it would be 80% as opposed to 30-40% including other platforms

  32. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    I picked up both Armageddon Empires and World of Goo on the back of RPS warblings, and have been rather satisfied with both of those entertainment products. Cheers, RPS!

    I also seem to have gathered something like twelve games on Steam (almost all budget priced, thankfully) and three others direct from the devs over the last twelve months. In fact, as far as the PC goes, only two of my purchases last year (Spore and Pathologic) weren’t downloads.

  33. Jonas says:

    I… I think it’s £300+ >_<

    At least it’s definitely been that in 2008. So many great games.

    Also just remembered I’ve bought two games from GOG last year. Freespace 2 did not disappoint – open-source for the win.

  34. Mickiscoole says:

    I’m a box kinda guy.
    You can’t take a Digitally Downloaded version of the Orange Box to bed to cuddle can you?

    Also, I have bought a number of games on reccomendation of RPS, just not digitally.

  35. Mr Chug says:

    Digital delivery is my buying option of choice these days. You owe me many an hour of free time for recommending Trials 2 off Steam.

  36. Fede says:

    I’m curiously both in the 4+ games and <50£ categories thanks to Gog and Impulse weekend deals, without them I would have bought probably half as much games for more or less the same price.

  37. Bobsy says:

    When I can (which at the moment is less than always) I buy online. Obviously if there’s a massive markup I won’t bother, but the advantages in getting a product at zero hour on launch day (how exciting was it when the Orange Box went out?) and at high speeds (Steam most notably) are clear winners for me.

  38. Heliocentric says:


    World of goo, the unreal pack*(6 games), hinterland*, trials 2*, Multiwinia*, Tank universal, Shadowground(free with TA and i already owned it), grid (back in febuary), Oddworld (both games), xcom pack that adds like 10 games, the ship, space rangers 2 complete (already had the base game).

    The only game here over $25 was grid($42=24 quid at the time) if you dont count the unreal pack as one title.

    *steam christmas sale

  39. Azhrarn says:

    MMO subs alone account for €360 for me, not even counting the games I bought (digital or otherwise)

    so voted 300+ pounds a year.

  40. Heliocentric says:

    I forgot about gog, perimeter and sacrifice (buy one get one). But there are a dozen must buys on that service when i get around to finishing my degree.

  41. Rich_P says:

    Heh, I spent $111 during the holiday Steam sale, but prior to that I only spent about $85 on games. I try to limit my videogame purchases to about $200/year.

  42. Heliocentric says:

    at $196 you underspent by $4, i hope you had already gotten trials 2!!!

  43. Zerotime says:

    Because I live in Australia, I can only really download games that are a) cheap, and b) small, so I’ve only bought three via Steam in the last year: World of Goo, The Wonderful End of the World, and Audiosurf.

  44. Klumhru says:

    Me and missus bought AoC boxed (we beheaded, staked and burned them, spreading the ashes over the Atlantic), otherwise all games were digital and all of those but one from Steam.
    Iceland has been bounced around by Steam from $ to € to eh, that poundy sign that seems to have gone from my keyboard, in a couple years, but we ended up with $ again. Therefore, even with the ISK falling like a Very Heavy Thing(tm), games are still somewhat affordable for us. I *think* we’re still #300+ (that poundy thing again) though I can’t be sure.
    There needs to be a 20+ games option though. Those sneaky weekend deals on Steam get me too often. Surprisingly, nothing on GoG has hooked me yet, I seem to own those I want to own..

  45. ShaunCG says:

    I think that my expenditure on digital downloads, at least in terms of games, will only increase. I put 21-40% but I suspect 2009 will see me jump up to the next category.

  46. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Heh, I worked all this out the other day in the other thread, still, it is quite scary to see how much I spend on gaming over a year (~£300).
    Still, I probably spend more on drugs.

  47. Ben Abraham says:

    I don’t know Aussie Dollar => British Pound rate, so I made a guesstimate.

  48. Turin Turambar says:

    My digital purchases from the last months:

    World of Goo
    Space Raners 2 Complete
    Id software Steam Pack

  49. Arnulf says:

    I’ve bought Bioshock via Steam. And some lightweight casual games. My internet connection is not the biggest. But the lion’s share of money for digital goodies is for subscriptions for online games. There were literally years when I’d lived on WoW alone. But that was then…

    I probably would have bought Mirror’s Edge via Steam if I weren’t so damn impatient! So I hopped into the train and bought a boxed retail copy. And boy, am I glad I did! So, where’s your review of it, Dear RPS Dudes? I was so hyped up about ME because of you!

  50. Heliocentric says:

    these questions arnt exactly scientifically rigourous.

    It could have done with for example

    Q”How many games did you buy via digital download?”

    for all questions to properly gather the statistics, and the questions could have all stated “last calander year” to avoid and confusion still, its done now.