Foot-to-ball MMO Proves Enticing

CyberSports have sent words that their foot-to-ball massively-multiplayer virtual world, Football Superstars, has now hit the 250,000 registrations mark. It’s an interesting proposition, not unlike the quite-good-and-similarly-free-to-play Empire Of Sports, with players able to create their own ballists and then partake in games from 3-a-side up to full 11-a-side matches. Foot-to-ballists grow in competence over time allow you to increase “stats” as you “progress”. And it’s a real-time action sporter too, unlike the similar sports-fixated Football Manager Live.

It’s all rather mysterious to us, of course, since we recognise none of the terrain, shotguns, or base-building that we find to be essential to a real game. Perhaps you understand what this foot-to-ball phenomenon is all about?


  1. Thomas Lawrence says:

    I will never tire of this particular running gag.

  2. skillian says:

    Damn PC nerds ;)

  3. Hermit says:

    As I understand it this is a game about shooting a bloke trapped in a net in order to score points.

  4. Heliocentric says:

    That doesn’t sound very sporting.

  5. BobbyBobBob says:

    I think this clip is rather appropriate:

    link to

  6. The_B says:

    I trust you all saw that ludicrous display last night? What was Wegner thinking, bringing in Wallcot like that?

  7. Rei Onryou says:

    @BobbyBobBob: I think this clip is rather appropriate (for our interpretation of foot-to-ball):

    link to

  8. Xantheus says:



  9. Dante says:

    As much as I’d love to bow to the geeky peer pressure and make a ‘foot to ball’ joke I can’t. I really love football.

    “Aston Villa for the CL! Woo!”

    Ahem…. quite.

  10. KindredPhantom says:

    I think it goes back to tradition of playing with the decapitated heads of foes after battle.

  11. Nimic says:

    I’m a geek that loves football. It’s true, we exist!

  12. Dante says:

    Amen Brother!

  13. Jubaal says:

    As a lover of MMos and football (plus the fact it is free) I thought I’d download it and give it a go. The options appear very basic and the character creation is very limited, but what is the game play like…..

    …. I have no idea. Ever since I’ve logged in for the second time the game has a DirectX fatal crash when trying to load the game world. Can’t seem to find anything about it on the forums.

    Nevermind, let’s be honest it would have probably been pretty poor anyway.

  14. Pags says:

    I would much rather a hand-to-egg-confusingly-also-called-foot-to-ball MMO but that’s life.

  15. Lewis says:

    It’s… yeah, I mean it’s not great. It doesn’t seem to quite understand how either football or MMOs are supposed to work. Hmm.

  16. skillian says:


    The thing about Arsenal is they always try and walk it in.

  17. Magic says:

    Hm… football with terrain, shotguns and base-building… Interesting! (Might as well work as a Videogame)