Score Your Day: World Of Goo Soundtrack Released

Yeah, but can he tapdance?

In good good news news, 2D BOY have released the soundtrack to World of Goo. Anyone who has played the game will know what a fantastic score the game has, and quite how sickeningly talented Kyle Gabler is to have written it all himself. What price would you pay for the lot? Well, it’s free.

There are some tunes in the game that I’d leave running in the background while I got on with other work, letting the short pieces loop for a remarkably long time before I’d want to move on. Now I can leave Best of Times running on an endless loop in Winamp. I’d compare the OST with another all-time favourite soundtrack of mine, the Tosca Tango Orchestra’s Waking Life music. Gabler explains the release.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in asking about a soundtrack! I probably never would have put this together otherwise. I spent this weekend pulling together all the audio, reconstructing some of the older songs, and “remastering” them all like they do to Snow White DVDs. The final soundtrack is about 49 minutes long, and all free.

You can get the full soundtrack from one of the mirrors here, where there’s also a track listing with notes for all 24 tunes. Here you gain insights like learning Jelly was originally written for a virtual reality world in which you play a giant banana in a subway. Best of all, however, is the explanation for the Red Carpet music.

“I wrote this in 2001 as a joke for a music class in undergrad. Only the beginning of this song is used in the game, and for only one level, but it has become one of the most requested pieces of music. So, here’s the “full song”, but it comes with a warning – this song is designed to sound like every cheap 90s dance song ever made. The singer is great though, an astrophysicist named Jessica. I gave a her a chainsaw for her wedding and we never spoke again. The end.”

Oh, and if you feel the need to play the music yourself, the sheet music for eight of the pieces is here.


  1. teo says:

    wut :d
    I was willing to pay for in on CD

  2. Thiefsie says:


    I wonder what they are working on now…

    I had the idea today that this could do well on the DS perhaps, but then remembered the bottom screen is touch sensitive = not too suited to wog building upwards I suppose.

  3. Heliocentric says:

    They could trademark the “hold your ds upside down” style.

    It’d drive the kids wild.

    Now i have a new ringtone whee! ^_^

  4. Ado says:

    Nice, I liked the music in Goo as it never really gets tired, one of those things is so good you don’t notice it most of the time, then you find yourself humming along.

    “I wrote this in 2001 as a joke for a music class” – Kyle Gabler

    Yeah, I’m always writting music for a joke, you painfully talented uber-geek!!!

    Now I await the almost inevitable Rock Band/Guitar Hero version, if it’s free on there too I may even cry a little…

  5. Nitre says:

    I love 2DBoy.

  6. K says:

    Haha. Well, what do you buy an astrophysicist on her wedding day?

  7. Ado says:

    Also, I want the Goo sounds themselves too, they’d make awesome SMS tones and only those people I respect would even get what it is… :o)

  8. Nero says:

    I’ve been known to drag the ogg files into winamp and listening to them over and over, so it’s awesome to get this soundtrack. I would pay for it. These guys are amazing.

  9. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    I love you, 2DBoy!

  10. Downloads_Plz says:

    Waking Life was without question the worst movie I’ve ever seen…

    Though to be fair I don’t really remember the soundtrack at all.

  11. Jante says:

    The soundtrack just reminds me again what a blissful experience playing World of Goo really was. I need to revisit it soon.

  12. Mickiscoole says:

    Damnit TPS, that is what I was going to say.

    Obviously he never saw her again because she is in the pegasus galaxy defending the whole galaxy against the wraith.

    Or finding the cure for Global warming by using a big telescope. Somehow.

    Thats what astrophysicists do right?

  13. Cigol says:

    “Drums were made by banging on chairs and cardboard boxes.”


  14. Switch625 says:

    Time to load up Audiosurf again, methinks :)

  15. cyrenic says:

    Getting full versions of many of these songs has been great. It made my day yesterday when I saw 2DBoy had released this. Well, except for the full version of “Red Carpet Extend-o-matic”, I’ll stick to the short version of it.

  16. Bobsy says:


    In season one of Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary created percussive samples from a range of different pieces of metal, scrap and so forth, including… toasters. I love it when composers do that sort of thing. Animal skins stretched over buckets are so 5000 BC.

  17. James Tao says:

    I’m surprised anyone else has *seen* Waking Life. I thought it was an interesting movie, though being slightly out of it at the time resulted in an almost drug-trip atmosphere when I saw it. Do I actually like it? Never quite figured that part out.

    Also, err… Woo, soundtrack! Sometimes I just wind up so very far off-track.

  18. Tei says:

    @James Tao: I have seen Walking Life. And with see I mean skiping randomnly and watching entiry areas of the movie. One day I sould see it from start to finish in a orderly way. Is a amazing great strange pretty byzarre creeppy strange movie.

  19. Pags says:

    I’m surprised anyone else has *seen* Waking Life.

    Blame retrospective viewings after A Scanner Darkly came out and proved to not be a terrible adaptation of a great book.

    Jelly was originally written for a virtual reality world in which you play a giant banana in a subway.

    My initial reaction was ‘I want to play that game’. The video kind of diminished that feeling though and I was left with feelings of confusion.

  20. John Walker says:

    Waking Life is one of my favourite films. I’ve watched it very many times, each time with a notepad and pen. Not liking it makes you wrong and ugly.

  21. Tei says:

    About very random and strange stuff, heres a very strange and hard novel:
    link to
    No related.

  22. Pags says:

    If ever there were a movie specifically designed to appeal to first year philosophy students, Waking Life would be it. Whereas the WoG soundtrack would be more third year philosophy students who are so burnt out on drugs they don’t even realise they’ve set the song to repeat and they’ve been listening to it for 7 consecutive hours.

  23. YouAteMyCheeto says:

    Waking Life is fantastic. I’ve only found a few people who have even heard of it, much less seen it. Every time I watch that movie, I want to pause it after each scene and just think about it for like 10 minutes.

    I showed it to some friends last semester and we spent the rest of the night talking about philosophy and religion. Not many movies can give you that kind of experience.

    Also, if any of you are looking for another fantastic (and almost entirely unknown) movie, I would recommend checking out Before Sunrise (directed by Richard Linklater, the same director as Waking Life). Another one of my favorites.

  24. Pags says:

    Slacker > SubUrbia > Scanner Darkly > Before Sunset > Waking Life > Before Sunrise > Dazed and Confused > School of Rock > Bad News Bears

    This we know to be truth.

  25. rob says:

    Screamer makes me feel so uneasy since it is so similar to that one tune from Doom. Love the soundtrack.

  26. Pace says:

    I’ve always thought that people underestimate how important music is to their experience of movies. Would Star Wars have been as great without the awesome score? I’d never really considered it too much in regard to games, but listening to this again makes me 1)realize just how good this music is, and 2)think it may have been what turned a good game into a great one. (for me at least, not to discount the rest of the game). I think it really does impact your experience with the game.

  27. Rei Onryou says:

    Great soundtrack. It would have been nice to have the full versions as well as the in-game versions, but who can complain at this price (and they can always be extracted). Red Carpet is awesome and even the cheesy bit is better than some music out there. I hate club music, but I’d get up if I heard a DJ put that on (mainly for how geekily cool they’d be). It’s goo-d!!

  28. Smurfy says:

    I didn’t know Kyle made the music too. Fuckin’ hell, he can make an amazing game with an amazing score and have an amazing face, is there anything he can’t do?

  29. Forceflow says:

    Screamer (the second part) is awesome.

  30. Markoff Chaney says:

    Waking Life? Ahh Richard Linklater, how wonderful my favorite of your films is. I mean, Slacker was really good too, actually phenomenal for where it pops up in his catalog and contains a lot of the same themes, but Waking Life? Prior ideas polished bringing us metaphysical commentary at some of it’s finest. I saw it probably 3-4 times in the theater and cherish the DVD. Like all great works, your perception on the work changes as you change, allowing you to glean more insight and wisdom each time around.

    Wold of Goo Soundtrack? I love you 2dBoy! I do, however, have to create another CD-R since I already burned those ogg files. ;) I would have paid you more money for it, but free is appreciated. Maybe you’ll let me pay you fine gentlemen for that mythical Moon pack if?/whenever it comes out.

  31. John Walker says:

    Let me correct you there Pags.

    Waking Life > Before Sunrise > Dazed and Confused > Slacker > Before Sunset > Tape > A Scanner Darkly > School of Rock

    (Not seen Bad News Bears or SubUrbia)

    Seriously, Before Sunset better than Before Sunrise?

  32. subedii says:

    Hmm, I have yet to see A Scanner Darkly. Does it actually attempt to maintain a connection to the story or does it just take a concept from it’s pages and throw the rest out the window like every other film ostensible “based” off of Phillip K. Dick’s books?

  33. YouAteMyCheeto says:

    I’m definitely with John on this one. I think that Before Sunrise is without doubt better than before Sunset. The dreamlike quality that Sunrise captures is stunning. The part that brings it all together for me is near then end of the film when you see all the places Jesse and Celine went during the night. You see them all now in the light of morning, but in the reverse order that they were visited during the night. It is as if the whole dream were unwinding as morning/reality arrives.

    That being said, I still enjoyed Before Sunset a good deal. It is a much more cynical film, but I think that was a purposeful choice meant to show how much has changed in both of their lives since their night in Vienna. I think it’s easy not to like because it’s not really a romantic film (like the first one was) and it’s a good deal more difficult to watch. Still definitely worth watching.

  34. Pags says:

    subedii: It’s pretty faithful, to the point where it’s basically just the book but with images attached. This, however, is not a bad thing.

    John: Yes! I much preferred Before Sunset to Before Sunrise. I’m not a film critic so I can’t really expound eloquently enough why I prefer it, but to put it in simple terms: Sunset played more on the emotional baggage the two had accrued away from each other, as well as the obvious intimacy between the two without resorting to physical love. It’s unfortunate that the ‘ambiguous’ ending hinted way too much that Jesse stayed, because otherwise it’s a pessimist’s movie and I love that.

  35. sbs says:

    oh come the fuck on, why is editing so broken.

    Yes. AUDIOOSURF. If this is still borked now I won’t care

  36. John Walker says:

    I really enjoyed Sunset, but it lacked the sense of place that Sunrise was so good at. Sunrise was a three character film. Him, her, and the city. Sunset kept a rather cliche Paris in the background. Plus the ending was disappointing.

    I often wonder where Waking Life’s scene with them in bed together could fit in, but then assume it doesn’t. Despite their referencing conversations they had in Sunrise.

  37. Larington says:

    @sbs: You need to be logged into forums when you make a post in order to go back and edit it. If you’ve gotten logged out forums when/before making a comment, you lose the ability to edit that post, which is a bit of a pain but not a significant problem really, long as you stay logged in at forum.
    Also if you edit a post and get tons of %20 symbols and ampersands (&) you merely need to refresh the page and the problem goes away.

  38. Naurgul says:

    I remember watching Waking Life about 5 or 6 years ago. I also remember liking it a lot. Anyway, I’m downloading the WoG soundtrack now although I got the songs from the game folder the first day I played the game (Ado, you can get your Goo sounds the same way). Let’s see how different the full tracks are. In a rather unimportant note, I hope they’re encoded in mp3 because (it’s really WMP’s problems that they don’t get scrobbled) and my ipod (I hate you) have trouble with ogg.

  39. Hmm-hmm. says:

    Interesting movie talk, given that I rarely watch them. I’ve seen Before Sunrise, though.

    And I’ve been playing ‘Brave Adventurers’ non-stop. It’s a hopeful, curious, courageous piece. It makes me want to play World of Goo, but even if I’m not, I’ll be rooting for ’em, those brave little gooballs.

  40. jolson42 says:

    Maybe not DS, but I think it would be great on iPhone, assuming it doesn’t get too laggy.

  41. Thirith says:

    Waking Life, as far as I’m concerned, looks gorgeous but reminded me way too much of 1am conversations after three bottles of wine with humanities students. It simply isn’t as deep as it seems to think. And its pseudo-philosophical meanderings got on my nerves after 15-20 minutes. Some of the scenes were still effective due to the use of visuals, but I don’t think it holds up well to critical thought.

  42. Larington says:

    Been listening to it today alongside audio elements from Deus Ex, Anachronox and the main theme from lost winds, awesome stuff.

  43. Saul says:

    Coincidently, I’m currently half-way through watching Waking Life, after my new girlfriend lent it to me. It is definitely something of a stoner movie, but there is some real depth in there, if you can keep up with the arguments. And no, I’m not a 1st-year philosophy student– I got my degree years ago! :P

  44. Pags says:

    Sunrise was a three character film. Him, her, and the city. Sunset kept a rather cliche Paris in the background. Plus the ending was disappointing.

    All true, and certainly I could see why you would prefer Sunrise over Sunset because of it. But being a contrary kind of person, I think the fact that Paris was left to the background works in Sunset; whereas in Sunrise it’s two young people looking at the world with excited eyes, in Sunset they’re world weary, bored even. While the camera is showing you something that you know is beautiful, Jesse and Celine are oblivious to it’s charms. In that sense, the city remains a third character but it’s one that’s neglected and it serves as a metaphor for Jesse and Celine’s intimacy. It’s a sad movie about loss and regret and, apart from the disappointing ending (you have my complete agreement on that, at least), it makes no bones of it.

  45. Muzman says:

    Waking Life = What The @$%! Do We Know with fewer “experts” and Lemurian warrior spirits.

  46. Alctel says:

    Oh fuck YES

  47. Alctel says:

    Now I won’t have to keep ‘Blustery Day’ minimised on my PC in the background

  48. mrrobsa says:

    I’m afraid Waking Life fell into the category reserved for only the worst media. We burnt it (with flames and such). Gonna agree with others who’ve said it thinks it’s cleverer than it is. The constant changing of aesthetic styles gives me a headache, and the section where (is this a spoiler? I don’t know…) the monk sets himself on fire because he’s so committed to his convictions or whatever was just laughable. And the floating away metaphor thingy with the geezer hanging onto a car, who just had to release his fears, let go, and be free! Yuck. But it is beloved by a few of my friends, just reviled by others.
    (Other media to the fire includes Cheggers Party Quiz for Wii)
    Love Dazed and Confused though.

  49. GothikX says:

    This may very well be one of the more interesting comment threads in here. On topic, it’s not often that sounds make me all touchy and gooey inside. This is certainly a game that made its mark.
    Seriously though, Before Sunset > A Scanner Darkly?

  50. Paul Wilkins says:

    @rob is dead on. I was reminded of some music from Doom so listened to it again at Doom I & II Music
    The music from E1M8 is still quite striking, even after all these years.