Return of The Battefield Heroes Beta

That’s right, the free-to-play cartoon shooter from Digital Illusions is not dead, and is now taking beta sign ups again. You can sign up here. There’s no word on the start date to this new phase of testing, but it should hopefully have benefited from the intervening months of back end fiddling that the devs have been doing since the last session.

I’ll be genuinely interested to see this game finally claw its way to release, as I’m still mystified as to whether the shiny and approachable carapace really contains something we’ll all want to play. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


  1. JonFitt says:

    I haven’t played any of it yet. Please do report findings.
    A free Battlefield definitely piqued my interest, but early reports of no prone(?) and many many bullet to kill someone made it sound a bit too arcadey for my liking.

  2. Nick says:

    Hey, lets hope they don’t get hacked and give all your details away again, eh?

    Not signing up for it this time.

  3. Heliocentric says:

    Blah… While prone, first personess, massive scale and near instant death were strong sources of the feeling of intensity and personal relivence in battlefield. So too did the boombastic nonsense, jumping out of a burning helicopter and shooting down an enemy helicopter with an antitank rocket while still in the sky falling by your parachute.

    Strapping c4 to a jeep rushing a tank and bailing. Heroes seems to bottle this.

    But its forgotten why this intensity was so effecting, because in so many ways the war was so terrible. It was dark comedy. Now? Its hard to tell, but it might be loony toons. Without the fear that the next hit you take will be your last will the release of comedic bombast be as fun or meaningful.

    I play a reality mod for bf2 its as far from bf2 as heroes is. Even pistols can be instantly deadly at range. This doesn’t stop me making a squad of pilots(the only class with a parachute, also a cool reflective visor helmet, and 2 red smoke grenades) with the others perform a deep strike paradrop and dropping a wall of red smoke near the enemies base and killing people in the confusion and stealing their equipment.

  4. egg says:

    I was wondering if the project was dropped. From all I’ve heard, it was delayed in more than a year. Which was pretty disappointing.

    By now I’m starting to think it just looks more fun than it actually is.

  5. jackflash says:

    I watched some in-game videos and thought it looked pretty horrid, myself. Looks like simplistic garbage for the console tards.

  6. JonFitt says:

    Recharging powers? Bullet resistant soldiers? I’m not sure.

    Which reality mod for BF2 do you play? I was in a BF2 clan for a while and I’ve been thinking back fondly to it. I stopped playing because the vanilla game (+ expansions) just got too predictable.
    If the mod’s well populated, that might be fun.

  7. Nick says:

    Probably Project Reality.

  8. Markoff Chaney says:

    I don’t even know if I’m still under NDA for it, but I helped beta it last time around for a bit. Good thing it went back in the cooker. Let me be first person and kill the too slow floatiness while you’re at it EA.

    It looked a lot better than it was. Even on the lowest ping servers, I was never happy with responsiveness or shooting. Kind of important in a game like that, I’d think. I guess the price is right, at least.

    On another note, aiming your plane into a tank then ejecting to watch it blow up your tank while you sail down to capture a point solo with a freshly spawned Abrams is a beautiful experience. It’s sad that after 1942 and Desert Combat (at least to me) Battlefield has just been misstep after misstep…

  9. Tei says:

    “I play a reality mod for bf2 its as far from bf2 as heroes is. Even pistols can be instantly deadly at range”

    *pedantic on*

    That is strange. Pistols are very inaccurate in real life. I doubt you can kill other guy at more than 7 metters.
    Also, pistols are of small caliber. And the human body is strong, Is hard to kill a human. Some people survive to explosions intact, but his shoes and stuff got destroyed.

  10. Heliocentric says:

    If at 10 meters someone shot you in the face with a millitary pistol would you live?

    Because pistols are only really one hit kill deadly if they hit you in the face in the mod.

    I’ve never been shot in the face in real life mind you. It might just tickle.

    The mod was project reality. Its the most populated bf2 and won silver in last years moddb awards as i remember.

    Its quite different and has different play modes one called insurgency were a western millitary force fights a larger but less well equipped insurgent force, one insurgent class is civilian. If the shoot you your team gets 30 free tickets and they lose tickets. But, if you are arrested (melee attack) you’ll give up the location of weapon a caches your team lose if they fail to defend. Other things, tanks have a gunner and driver. And tank combat is often resolved in one hit, often as much as 1km apart. jets need to land and taxi to rearm.

    Its quite a different game.

  11. JonFitt says:

    That sounds brill. I heard of Project Reality back when it was in its infancy, but never tried it.
    I’ve often thought these modern combat games need civilians either AI controlled or playable.

  12. Heliocentric says:

    The civilians have stones as their primary weapon. A headshot wont kill but its very offputting. You can also stone wounded soldiers to death.

    Also you have a mobile phone which is kinda useless, but the saboteur class has mobile phone activated explosive devices.

    The commander artillary will level a village, oh yeah destructable buildings.

    One last thing, you can use laser goggle things to target for bombers and heli’s heavy munitions.[/pimp]

  13. Heliocentric says:

    When browsing rps on a mobile. Don’t press edit!

  14. Tei says:

    I think I miss Desert Combat, wen Desert Combat graphics where enough. I got spoiled by BF2, but BF2 gameplay is not as good as Desert Combat. For once, vehicles and damage was nerfect and dumbed down on BF2. A “realism mod” could maybe undo that damage, but may also add a different type of problems, like slow gameplay.

    Shotting down a copter with the AA rocket in Desert Combat was more fun than in BF2. IMHO. The touch and feel of that weapons was solid and fun. While the BF2 ones feel “gamey”.

    I will try to pay a visit to this proyect realism anyway :-/

  15. Rich_P says:

    Desert Combat is 25x better than BF2. I tried to enjoy BF2, but I uninstalled after a week. Blame the exploits, piss-poor performance, and “unrealistic realism.” They failed to capture what made BF42 and DC so much fun.

    DC has AC-130s with spawn points, SCUDs, maps with nothing but air-to-air combat, and guided cruise missiles. Goddamn do I miss the heyday of DC/BF42.

    My wish: EA sells the complete BF1942 collection through Steam and hosts the Desert Combat mod :D

  16. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    This was the first time I signed up for a beta. Don’t ask me why. The EA voodoo, man, it be doing the fuzzy on me brainwaves-uh.

  17. A-Scale says:

    A decent pistol shot can easily hit a 12 inch target at 25 yards (75 feet), and a human sized target at a much further range. Pistol rounds, while small, will kill someone very quickly. A shot to the head, heart, lungs or an artery means very rapid death. Perhaps not instant in all cases, but then again it’s a game we’re talking about.

  18. Eschatos says:

    I played the BF Heroes beta a while ago. It was pretty terrible then, but they might have made it better.

  19. The Sombrero Kid says:

    the last beta left me very cold to this game, they’d have to do a lot to make it interest me

  20. itsallcrap says:

    I didn’t play the Beta, but from the videos of it I got the impression it was a bit skill-free – in so far as all you could really do was amble towards each other firing a lot, rather than the somehow tactical feel you get with other class-based shooters like TF2 or BF2.

  21. AbyssUK says:

    To be honest I hope they went away for the whole time and played codename eagle multi-player non-stop. Inject some of the brilliant fun from that into heroes and it’ll be a winner.

  22. Efendi_ says:

    Copy-paste tf2 and replace weapons…

  23. Heliocentric says:

    In games there are 3 parts of winning:

    Many games eliminate luck, chess for example removes luck and skill.

    But eliminating skill is fine too, as long as strategy remains, otherwise you are left with mariokart wii.

    If heroes is a game of luck and strategy i can live with that. But strategy requires meaningful choices any word on that front?

  24. Jockel says:

    While on the topic of free online shooters, maybe the RPS guys can do some digging and try to find out what’s up with Quake Live? Wasn’t it supposed to be released last year?

  25. Heliocentric says:

    I’m in the beta, not sure what i’m even allowed to say.

    But its a perfectly enjoyable Q3, thats kinda a full description.

  26. Nick says:

    Hey, there is still skill in mariokart wii you meant to say smash brothers melee ¬_¬

  27. Heliocentric says:

    Actualy, both, unless you turn off items, smash brothers without items is much more interesting.

  28. Heliocentric says:

    Anyone interested in getting into Project Reality, not a new release is due out shortly(tomorrow in theory) and at 3.2Gb thats alot of peggles so you wanna be sure to get the right files.

    link to

    If you can be bothered downloading the torrents its available now though.

  29. cliffski says:

    I think its sad this has happened to the battlefield series. if they had just employed decent coders to do the server browser, and fixed all the cheaters, BF2 would have remained an awesome online game.
    I don’t mind paying for decent games. I don’t see the problem with selling downloadable games that people buy. I wish it was possible to keep people making big budget FPS games designed purely for the PC :(

  30. Heliocentric says:

    Remaining a decent online game doesnt get annual sales though. They abandoned BF2 to scrape together BF2142, and added quite a few interesting ideas to it. But people already had that game, 2142 was just a mod and people saw it that way.

    On any system if you intend to milk a franchise as EA inevitably will you need to keep people coming back, supporting BF2 wasnt a breadwinner but heroes could be, because they’ll never need to drop it for BF:heroes 2.

    They get their steady stream of money from adverts and microtransactions and we get our game, but if they dont support it we leave. So they bloody well support it.

    A retail box can never get that kind of support unless the developers are masochists or the game has an insane tail. relic seem plan to work with COH patches by selling expansions, Blizzard seem to have customers building houses with WC3 boxes so WC3 gets patched to perfection.

  31. MA6200 says:


    The Project Reality mod sounds interesting – is there a decent number of people playing it?

  32. nakke says:

    This game really seemed awesome in the pre-beta footage/info, and the team seemed really into developing the game (which isn’t always the case). Too bad at least the beta I played a (long) while ago wasn’t anything special. Still a nifty little game, but quite uninteresting and shallow. Hopefully they can make it work.

  33. Heliocentric says:

    Nowhere near the swarming masses that play bf2, but you can always john a full with decent ping, but they might not speak english.

    To me it adds the colour when i figure out the word my squad leader is shouting is a polish(or something) word for “tank”! And when i get on a ukrainian server i get stalker flashbacks.

  34. pkt-zer0 says:

    I wish it was possible to keep people making big budget FPS games designed purely for the PC :(
    Isn’t that where Valve gets its money from?

  35. blindpsychic says:


    Its pretty much what playing Red Orchestra now is like. Everyone is yelling at you in German or Russian FOR REAL