You Need Closure

orb is a funny word

Flash game supremo, Tyler Glaiel, follows up Aether (co-created with Edmund McMillen) with a new, imaginative puzzler, Closure. The all-important unique device: if it isn’t lit up, it doesn’t exist.

It’s an extremely smart idea. Orbs of light can be picked up and carried, or placed in moving devices, such that areas of the level are lit. If it can’t be seen, it isn’t there. So if there’s a wall in front of you, get past it by casting it into the shadows. Darkness is a tool.

This very quickly becomes extremely difficult, offering tough challenges a third of the way through its 30 levels. New orb types appear later on, along with locked doors and keys, and various new tasks. But what makes the game more than a new gimmick is the intelligent application. You’re asked to rethink how you platform with this new device in mind, and in no way handheld. In fact, you’re going to have to embrace its ideas to start the thing at all. Well worth checking out.


  1. Phoenix says:

    Sounds great

  2. James G says:

    Bah. I was thinking of trying to create a game revolving around a similar idea myself. I really should make these things for which I get ideas, rather than just sitting there until someone beats me to it. I may still go ahead with it, as there are probably enough differences that it wont seem like a rip-off.

  3. Ian says:

    Like it. :)

  4. The Sombrero Kid says:

    that mechanic was in mario galaxy

  5. Rudolfo says:

    Seriously, my opera quick-selection tool just showed me the closure pic…and I thought you guys were going away…

    Now, I’ll be a good visitor and read the article :)

  6. Jubaal says:

    Just given it a quick go and I think it is nicely put together. The art direction goes well, controls are simple and the puzzles nicely thought out.

    Good find Sir.

  7. Mathieu says:

    Must be named Seizure, not Closure, for those who don’t have Flash Player 10.

  8. Valentin Galea says:

    Indeed this is nothing really new – Mario Galaxy has a level like this – but the art direction, the sound and the puzzles really make it shine! – pun intended:)

  9. Calabi says:

    Its freaky. I dont like the dark and creepy noises. But the gameplays good.

  10. Pags says:

    Very Platonic.

  11. Dorsch says:

    I’m stuck on 22. Enjoying it so far, I love puzzle games.

  12. Cole Wardell says:

    I can’t stand authors who limit their game to one site. Newgrounds is blocked under “Porn” for some reason, so I’m unable to play.

  13. caesarbear says:

    Very interesting game. The timing parts ruin it for me though, I hate platformers.

  14. Scott says:

    Can anyone run this on Linux? Flash content, including other NG stuff, normally works fine for me, but on this all I get after hitting Begin is a whit screen with black smudges that move a bit and a bonging noise when I hit space.

  15. Sarajlija says:

    @Scott: but that’s the game, innit?


  16. Markoff Chaney says:

    Enjoyable little puzzle/platformer. Thanks for the heads up!

  17. Phil Armstrong says:

    Scott: Works fine for me under Linux. Flashplugin version 1: (Debian unstable) if that’s any help.

  18. Logo says:

    Concept reminds me of Echochrome. I like the whole ‘what you see is what is real’ concept of games.

  19. Scott says:

    @ Sarajilja

    No, there are no images, it’s looks more like Rorshach’s mask than a platformer. I played a few levels on my roommate’s box.

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