DoW2 Beta Now Entirely Open

Oh, cheeky. The The Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II multiplayer beta is now open to all, not just those who bought Soulstorm.


  1. bansama says:

    The preorder is also up on Steam. No price reduction though and it’s regionally restricted (and regionally priced). Which makes me wonder why they even bothered putting the beta up worldwide on Steam, if they then aren’t going to sell worldwide =/

  2. Debaser says:

    The link leads to a ttp, rather than an http

  3. Heliocentric says:

    Unlocked? I’m nowhere near a pc that could handle it sadly. I guess i’ll just have to trust any single player demo’s and the words of internet natives. Or i could just trust my relic fan boy gene. Even if dow 2 sucks i need to do my bit to keep them in business for so they can make homeworld 3 and represent the ost front in coh.

  4. Danny says:

    A new protocol! Huray!

  5. Alex says:

    Sold enough copies of Soulstorm? Not a long time ago, a beta was called demo und was downloadable for free. Blimey… And I fell to it.

    Not that I had problem with paying 3,50 for Soulstorm but taking money for a demo is quite strange, though.

  6. The Sombrero Kid says:

    if a beta crashes/is crap you’ve got denyability and the people who play it feel that bit more privileged if a demo crashes/is crap it means the game will be, demo implys handcrafted example experience beta implys it’s not ready yet don’t shoot us interestingly relics beta code and gold code is the same as the game went gold the same day the beta was released and the beta has been patched which means the beta is actually further along than the gold master

  7. Danny says:

    Is there anyone playing the beta with a laptop by any chance? I’m reluctant to download the big client before knowing if I can run the game on low settings. I’m using a 2,4ghz dual core proc, 4gb ram and a mobile ATI 3650 256mb.

    I thank you all for your help, of course.

  8. Dan Harris says:

    I considered buying Soulstorm, but then Eurogamer did their giveaway so I didn’t need to.

    It did seem odd, making access restricted. Surely the more beta players the better, the goal being to find bugs and improve balancing, whereas the goal of a demo is to impress people with how good the game is? Unless they were just being a bit cynical and hoping to squeeze a few quid out of the impatient?

  9. Xocrates says:

    @Alex: Actually, they said long ago that the beta would go public today while Soulstorm owners would get it one week later. A lot of people did get the chance to get soulstorm though.

    @Danny: My laptop has no problems running the beta (one minimum-medium settings, which quite frankly are not very different from the Max ones) and I doubt my laptop is better than that.

  10. Xocrates says:

    Oops, I meant that soulstorm owners get it a week earlier (obviously). Sorry about the double post :P

  11. the wiseass says:

    The game forces you to install the games for windows live client and you need to register an account. So it seems like this game just lost my interest in trying or playing it at all….

    Where are the good ol’ times when you just installed a game without the need of external bloatware networking clients. Just give me some basic tcp/ip support and leave me the f*ck alone!

  12. The Sombrero Kid says:

    why does everyone hate GFWL so much? it’s exactly the same as xbox live and nobody bitches about that

  13. Alex says:

    @Xocrates. I missed that one.

    @The Sombrero Kid. So you really think, that the beta code is released about 3 weeks (?) before going gold? If this really was a beta, the devs wouldn´t have a chance to fix any bugs in 3 weeks of time. Produktion should be on its way since several weeks to asure distribution timelines (just a guess, I´m not into game production)… I dont´t call it betatesting… just clever marketing.

  14. Alex says:

    @the wiseass. Full ack.

  15. Klumhru says:

    @Sombrero Kid
    Getting a game on Steam and then having to install 4th party software to play it seems redundant to me personally.

    For me personally, Steam is my xbox live. I think the reason few people (not “nobody”) bitch about xbox live is the lack of alternative, not the quality of the service.

  16. The Sombrero Kid says:

    @Alex no the ‘beta’ was released the same day it went gold (it was announced) and was patched a day later therefore the beta is more up to date than the gold code, sorry my last post was a bit of a mess.

    i can kinda see what you mean but the whole process is automatic after about 30 seconds of setup time, i don’t mind using steam and GFWL and to Microsofts credit GFWL is a lot more secure than steam patching steam code with exploits like wall hack & such is trivial.

  17. the wiseass says:

    The thing is I already got steam, from which I downloaded the beta/demo. GFWL offers nothing to me except additional obstacles and more account management crazyness. Heck some time ago, GFWL wasn’t even a free service.

    I don’t like the idea of installing one 3rd party client after another just to play a game. In the past you simply installed the game and played, without all these digital walker add-ons and without any harassment.

    I don’t like the gamer points system of GFWL, they don’t offer me a good download service, they don’t offer me any interesting service at all. All they do is force me to install their spyware client, register an account and force me to save my games online…. no thanks!

  18. The Sombrero Kid says:

    it doesn’t save games online and the trueskill thing dow2 uses is GFWL and GFWL is a third party profile management system meaning game developers don’t have to implement thier own, granted steam can do most of what GFWL does

  19. the wiseass says:

    I was talking about GTA IV :)
    But this is going a bit offtopic, you can load all the bloatware you want on your system, I try to keep it as low as possible. In the end, my desire to play this game isn’t half as high as my aversion for GFWL and I even enjoyed DOW I a lot.

  20. Mike says:

    Not a long time ago, a beta was called demo und was downloadable for free.

    That’s nothing! In my day, we were ‘appy if the game were released at all! We used to go up the games shop and by empty boxes. etc. etc.

  21. The Sombrero Kid says:

    DOW2 is a mile and a half better ;)

  22. Alex says:

    @Mike… I remember ordering Red Baron II in my Games-Shop, waiting about 3 months for it getting shipped from the U.S. to my home town… what a rush when it finally got on my harddrive, just to discover that it was buggy as hell… I didn´t care. ;)

  23. Bobsy says:

    Boxes! Luxury! There were twenty of us crammed into a tiny corner o’ t’local ‘obby shop fighting over floppy disks wrapped on dried-up yellow tissue paper. We ‘ad Public Domain games and we were glad of it!

  24. Ginger Yellow says:

    @Sombrero Kid: Have you read Walker’s post on the Fallout 3 DLC? There’s your answer.

  25. Sp4rkR4t says:

    GFWL is really starting to piss me off, I have now resorted to only playing this game against the AI as the automatching system just plain dies every time I play, why didn’t they just use the steam system?

  26. Doctor_Hellsturm says:

    GFWL is a pain in the arse, but can we please discuss the beta itself a little? I am really disappointed and want to know if i am the only one. To me the game is one step back from COH, in almost every aspect. Graphics as well! The zoomed level is rubbish, units have less flavor and unpredictability, while the commander is ok, the “zeal” system just stinks compared to munitions in COH. You never get to use those abilities. /whine off

  27. ExitJudas says:

    GFWL has meant that relic wont have to spend precious development resources on NAT mapping, user profiles, ranking, matching etc etc etc, which means more time to make a good game. I think we can all agree that we’d rather have these dudes work on xplosions and cool in game features than some generic user matching interface?

  28. The Sombrero Kid says:

    @Ginger Yellow

    i have and it’s flawed in so many ways if john had used his ability to read at all during the process he’d’ve had a much easier time, it took me less than 5 minute to buy and download operation anchorage

  29. ExitJudas says:

    Personally i love the game. It is quicker than CoH and requires more micro, but its also more accessible for people who have problems getting more than 15 minutes of unbroken, undisturbed spare time.

  30. The Sombrero Kid says:

    to change the subject i love dawn of war 2 for the simple reason that it’s the first game to be about about tactics and putting the right units in the right places rather than gathering the most resources to produce the most units, this in turn means anyone with a good plan can win rather than the starcraft 17 clicks a second model (which i love too).

  31. The Sombrero Kid says:

    ohh also as with company of heroes playing in a team takes the shame off the individual a little making it more accessible also

  32. ExitJudas says:


    Spot on. positioning, scouting is important and more so than in any other RTS your actions, even tiny move actions, can have severe consequences, which supports the tactics aspect, and fortunately limits the viability of the 240 CPM style.

  33. Catastrophe says:


    Was that refering to Monty Python by any chance?

  34. Mark-P says:

    It feels like Warcraft 3 crossed with Company of Heroes. Which is just fine with me because those are my 2 favourite multiplayer RTS games.

    Other first thoughts? Blimey – everything’s tiny, from the units in default zoom to the wee GUI buttons. The bloom’s gotta go too. The Orks sound more like gretchin. Yay, Tyranids at last! The AI is terrible, but that’s typical for a Relic game at release.

    I’m looking forward to playing it properly tonight. Hats off to Relic for not rehashing the original with better graphics. Starcraft 2 will cater for the sugar-rush APM twitchers.

  35. Garg says:

    Really enjoying the beta so far, it’s a refreshingly different multiplayer experience to the unit spam of C&C 3 or the base management worries of Warcraft 3.

    With regards to people commenting on the difference to a beta and a (free) demo; well it seems to me that Relic have gone and released the entire multiplayer component of a new game, so to complain that you have to have bought Soulstorm first strikes me as a bit odd. And of course now you don’t need to have bought it at all. A bargain if you ask me.

  36. RealHorrorshow says:

    I don’t like this game at all. Outsource the expansion and make CoH 2: Eastern Front ASAP.

  37. evil vitamin c says:

    “Is there anyone playing the beta with a laptop by any chance? I’m reluctant to download the big client before knowing if I can run the game on low settings. I’m using a 2,4ghz dual core proc, 4gb ram and a mobile ATI 3650 256mb.”
    I’m playing it on a less powerful laptop than yours: 2,1 ghz dual core 2, 3 gb ram and a radeon 3470 256 mb. With everything set to low it runs fairly smoothly most of the time at 1024 x 768.

    Good game. Although I’m really bad at it, I can actually see myself getting better as opposed to every other RTS I’ve tried online. The lack of base building certainly helps things.

  38. Teth says:

    People are giving this game so much stick on the steam forums, Kotaku forums and here simply for using the games for windows live system.

    I really don’t get it. For years games have been employing online networking middleware. Gamespy and xfire. Anyone noticed those logos not being present in a multiplayer game of the last 5 years? Maintaining a secure, centralised database of user accounts to allow statistics with 100% up time so no one tries to play a game and finds their stats for that night are missing the next morning takes experience, money and smart people’s time. It is therefore expensive. Outsourcing that to a specialist 3rd party therefore makes perfect sense for them and for us. My gamespy ID has served me well through 20+ games now and my XBOXLIVE / GFWL ID (they are the same thing) will no doubt serve me well on PCnow as well as my console.

    DOW 2 is a great advert for the relaunch of the V2 GFWL I was a tad sceptical after the trashing it took for shadowrun. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the experience in DOW2 and I think if you gave it a chance you might be too.

  39. Gorgeras says:

    I’ve been loving DoW2 but Games For Windows LIVE is almost certainly going to prevent me from buying it until it is either dropped or Microsoft seriously fucking improve it. It’s unwieldy, clumsy, slow and ignores basic industry standards for online services. Steam lets me change my name, GameSpy lets me change my name or easily make a new account, Relic Online lets me change my name or make a new account, lets me create a new account in seconds. GFWL absolutely goes out of it’s way to try and stop me doing anything and insists I pay money for the inconvenience.

    I’m glad the shit-head in charge got fired, let’s hope MS gets someone who has actually played games to do the job better.

  40. The Sombrero Kid says:

    you can’t make a new account for steam in game just like GFWL and you can out of the game just like GFWL, and you can change your name just like you can in steam as with most of the gripes with it, this is ill informed

  41. Redd says:

    fuck this shit, it wants a live id.
    waste of bandwidth.

  42. Jeremy says:

    Remember how crappy Steam used to be? Hopefully GFWL will be that good, except Steam is made by Valve who seem to be clued in to what gamers want while GFWL certainly seems concerned with making good on the unholy pact they made with the devil.

  43. Seniath says:

    GfWL – 2009’s piracy equivalent?

  44. Tei says:

    For no reason at all, I will put here a list of MasterServer thingies. Maybe for my amusement.


    Coop or Die is a COOP Mod/MasterServer for Quake2.
    link to

    Once you are registered, you are able to play Quake2 cooperative and persistant games.
    Since your information is saved on map changes and the quit command. Don’t stop your Internet connection before leaving the game, or some of your player information may be lost.

    – – –

    SubSpace Continuum is a 2D space/maze combat game
    link to

    To play Continuum, you have to create a profile on the master server.
    Warning: Continuum is very modable, you can play different rules (gameplay styles, graphics, theme) on different maps

    – – –

    Steam is a MasterServer / Online community thing /Digigal download shop
    link to

    It let you buy games and search for servers, make profiles, have public achievements

    – – –


    Games for Windows is a MasterServer/Online community thing.
    link to

    Originally developped for the consoles has “XBox Live”, has ben adapted slighty to run on PC computers. It let you do community stuff, store achievements, download content you have already buy to microsoft and “protect” your savegames with encriptation.

    – – –

    GameSpy Arcade Network / Master Servers- Multigame
    link to

    Adware published by GameSpy. Based on the original GameSpy, with community features, like forums, irc chat, etc.

    – – –

    GameSpy Network / MasterServers-Multigame
    link to

    Let you search and join servers on multiple games, and store a limited set of data (like unlockables for BF2) per profile.


  45. Catastrophe says:

    @Teth yes but thats what Steam is for.

    GFWL is poorly implemented, overly complicated and faulty.

  46. Mo says:

    Nevermind the GFWL thing, what really makes me mad is that there’s no way this is going to work on my laptop. Why don’t developers realize that there are *tonnes* of people with integrated cards willing to buy their videogames?!

  47. Tei says:

    I feel your pain man. I have a EEPC 701, and I have problems to run Tux Karts.

  48. Fumarole says:

    Last night I was a god among insects as the lowly Rank 1 players were crushed ‘neath my Apothecary’s boots. Of course in another week it’ll be back to business as usual – me as the internet’s whipping boy.

  49. Jeremy says:

    I think that companies realize that there are people with those cards, but the majority of people that use the PC as a games platform don’t use integrated graphics. You have to make games that are going to appeal to a broad range, but if you make a game that can run well on an integrated card then they’d be making a game that is less impressive than their original DoW. I think a lot of people have the misconception that a GPU only affects the graphics in a game, which is kinda true in a way, but all the processing that the vid card is doing frees up RAM and CPU cycles to allow the game to run better, have more going on at once, etc. That’s why you can’t make a game that’s going to run on all low end cards, or integrated cards, not just because it’ll look less visually impressive.