AaaaaAAaa…!!! – A Reckless Disregard For Gravity


Or AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity to give it its full title. If you want to be certain RPS will cover your game, you need a name like Robokill, or AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity.

This one, from Dejobaan Games (who brought us the lovely The Wonderful End Of The World), gets further points for me, since it features the primary reason I play many games: jumping off buildings.

Buildings not necessarily bound by laws of physics.

It’s a base jumping simulator, with what they call “some imaginative physics”. The idea is to fall through targets very close to buildings, without slamming into them entirely. Extra points can be scored by offering thumbs up to people as you fall past them, or of course for flipping them off. This is all best demonstrated by the videos, below.

So there’s stunts, parachutes, leaping off buildings, flipping people off… yes please. No release date beyond “Q3 2009” at this point.


  1. cliffski says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Q3 2009 is far too far away. This is an awesome idea for a game.

  2. Eamo says:

    Isn’t this basically just a port of those crappy mobile phone parachute games that came on really early phones? [No, obviously not – Ed]

  3. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Who knew something like Pilotwing’s parachute stages crossed with elder harassment would please John’s virtua-suicidal persona?

  4. Albides says:

    This is great! I can’t wait to play it!

    Oh, and it’s worth sparing a word or two for what else these people have on their website! Like Blurst, they make me remember why I adore the PC so much. Mad and unadulterated brilliance.

  5. qrter says:

    Really liked The Wonderful End Of The World, so I’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

  6. Mr Pink says:

    I think that may be my favourite name for a game ever.

  7. Ian says:

    This looks like a giggle.

    And I need to have a look at “The Wonderful End Of The World” as I don’t remember hearing anything about it.

  8. pepper says:

    We need more games concerning skydiving!

  9. Schtee says:

    Dejobaan Games are such lovely, fun, crazy people. I look forward to giving this a once-twice-three-times-a-lady-over.

  10. Tei says:

    On guy created a map for Quake1 with a building 1310720 stories tall (slighty larget than the real earth).

    Check here:
    link to

  11. mickiscoole says:

    Or pilotwings. But this seems so much cooler.

  12. Schmung says:

    This looks like a great laugh. Lovely.

    I remember that mobile phone parachute game. Wonder if anyones updated it as I now have a an urge to play it – despite the fact that I’m pretty sure it’s crap.

  13. Ben Abraham says:

    Quick! Somebody throw buckets of money at these people to make sure this game is birthed healthy and covered with delicious placenta!

  14. Bassem B. says:

    Dejobaan Games have been a favourite of mine, ever since Inago Rage blew me away with its simplicity and utterloads of fun. I also remember Epidemic Groove (especially the very pretty young lady within.)

    Plus they’re wacky.

  15. Tei says:

    @Five: here is the src map file.
    link to
    The binary version is something like “spcscr_test1.pk3”, but I failed to locate a valid download url.

  16. phuzz says:

    I kinda remember an old Amiga base jumping game, where the first half was a platformer as you climbed up the building (with standard platform game stuff), then at the top you jumped of and had to avoid stuff on the way down, and as a multiplayer game you had to shove each other out the way etc. (great fun against brothers), last person to open their parachute at the end being the winner (assuming you didn’t splat of course), great times, does anyone else remember it?

    Mooning people on the way down is made of win however, and I just imagine this with the graphics from Mirror’s Edge for some reason.

  17. Laco says:

    I’ve gotta say I didn’t think much of TWEOTW – cool name, but it’s just too much of a Katamari clone.

    I’ve loved Dejobaan since their Indie Superstar review show though, and AaaaaAAaa looks brilliant! Seems much more suited to the tone of the show too.

  18. FunkyB says:


    Base Jumpers! That game was pure gold. Leaping off a building wearing a Fez whilst it announces that one of you has underpants packed instead of a parachute.

  19. Markoff Chaney says:

    The whole game looks fun and geared towards optimizers, which could lead for a good community. I like the different stances as they seem to change how you are falling and allow for more control.

    Also, judging from prior outings, we should get a map editor which does wonders for the community as well. Galaxy Rage looks quite enjoyable too. I’ve been looking forward to that one as well… “It’s an open-ended first-person rock opera about the search for cultural identity in a post-Singularity future. It’s about action, music, civil rights, algorithmic worlds, and surrealism. And it’s about your friend Azad, the talking jellyfish.”

  20. Rob says:

    I’m almost sure that the scream in the third video is taken from the Dark Mistress’s sound files in Dungeon Keeper. Not that I’m saying Dungeon Keeper did it before any other source, it’s just the first place I heard it.

  21. Doug F says:

    Rob: Now I have this sudden urge to work the Wilhelm scream into any game I make.

  22. bansama says:

    If this turns up on Steam like TWEotW did, I’m pretty sure Dejobaan will be getting more of money faster than I can scream, “AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! There goes my pay cheque. Again.”

  23. jonfitt says:

    This looks like fun. Moving on from the prototype I’d like to see them adopt a strong art style grounded some way in future reality.
    The floating building pieces don’t say “building” to me despite the textures, I see them as “generic racing obstacle blocks”. Think Mirror’s edge, but probably waaay further in the future so you can have kilometre high buildings. Perhaps a Taiwan/Bladerunner type aesthetic?

  24. AndrewC says:

    I’m not sure what being grounded in a future reality means exactly, but i’d like them to base the art style around jumping off of Knickerbocker Glories. I won’t mind if the desserts are big, or if the person is small, because it will be the future.

  25. James Allen says:

    Q3? Darn previews making me want things I can’t have.

  26. lumpi says:

    That Katamari rip-off of theirs was pretty embarrassing, creatively. It was the first time I heard of that studio, so it left a certain aftertaste.

    This looks promising, though.

  27. James Allen says:

    The Wonderful End of the World was the low point for Dejobaan (low enough that I didn’t even bother requesting a review copy once I played the demo). Their previous two games (Inago Rage and Epidemic Groove) were much better, so I have higher hopes for this one.

  28. Rob says:

    @Doug F

    Heh, indeed. I remember the first time I realised that one of the combat noises in Civilization II was taken from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

  29. Rohit Shenoy (Dejobaan Games) says:

    I opened my mailbox this morning and screamed AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! We were blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response and we are also taking the feedback very seriously, since we are only in alpha. Improving the graphics (Artists…) is #1 but we also have a few more tricks ;-) up our sleeves.

  30. Tei says:

    The level where you was collecting words and letter was good ^H^H^H full of “win”.

  31. MacBeth says:

    Rohit, I take it you’ve seen this video

    Third person view would be cool, especially for various free-flying positions, and post-jump camera recordings that you can edit together much like in the linked video…

  32. Oddtwang of Dork says:

    There’s an explosion from HL which I swear showed up on about 8 different TV adverts in around ’99 or something – kept driving me mad :)

  33. cyrenic says:

    Kotaku’s article on this game stands as a humorously stark contrast to Kieron’s article: link to

  34. abase says:

    You should check the game Vangers. It is old game from russian game dev company kdlab. developers of perimetr afaik. link to

  35. Greyface says:

    Tei, you play WAR?

  36. Rohit Shenoy (Dejobaan Games) says:

    Check out the Dejobaan blog where we will keep you updated as we work on graphics, gameplay, your ideas, and the playable beta! link to

  37. Lilo says:

    This is an awesome idea for a game.