Showing Slips: Dragon Age, Sims 3, Godfather II

Slipping through our fingers.

Early 2009 seemed awfully soon for Dragon Age. Especially when the console version wasn’t set until the other end of the year. It was nice to have things that way around for once, making us think of Bioware as friendly uncles who hadn’t abandoned us for our younger, more noisy cousins. Well, huff, as now they’re both set to come out together in the fourth quarter, which according to our calendar is “ages away”. Sims 3 was also due for this month, which didn’t seem realistic with the lack of hubbub, and turns out not to be. That’s now set for June. And Godfather II has been bumped until around April. Blimey, February suddenly got less interesting. Shed-load of Godfather II videos below, just for the heck of it.

Interestingly, during one of EA’s infamous financial conference calls last night, bossman John Riccitiello explained that Sims 3’s delay is to allow for more time to build the promotional campaign, Eurogamer reports. Which is a bit odd, as if the game snuck up on them.

Regarding Dragon Age, you try and figure out what this means:

“And Dragon Age, frankly, this is going to sound almost upside down but sometimes too much quality can make you reassess your options. So with Dragon Age, this is truly an epic game both in scale, quality, and innovation. And we felt that we could mount a better campaign consolidating Dragon Age PC with console later in the year. And yes, that will allow them to polish it even more. So each of them had their own story.”

It was just too good to be released!

Godfather II fest follows.


  1. James G says:

    Gah! Major slippage, which is frankly quite surprising as both games have been availible for pre-order both from various stores (GAME even had Sims 3 boxes on the shelves) and the EA Store. I’m especially annoyed with the Dragon Age slippage, as frankly it sounds like EA attempting to reduce their advertising budget.

  2. Tworak says:

    Dragon Age is going to achieve never-seen-before levels of suckassyness. Bioware has not made a good game since BG2.

  3. ScoreWhore says:

    I read that like one of those old footy scores you used to have to put up with while you waited for the good programmes to come on after 5pm on a saturday evening…

    Wilton wanderers 3: queen of the south 2
    and in division 4…
    Sims 3: Godfather 2

    Mercifully I’m not waiting for any of these games but thanks anyway, RPS. :)

  4. Heliocentric says:



    Throne of Bhall was good. :(

  5. dhex says:

    the word epic is usually a bad sign. epicness is like coolness – if it can be named such, it is anything but.

  6. cyrenic says:

    I was anticipating a delay for Dragon Age. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see it pushed to early next year, but holiday season 09 sounds most likely.

    Now, anyone want to speculate when Starcraft 2 is coming out? I’m going to guess this summer or fall.

  7. Tworak says:


    It was, sir. You are right.

  8. Jeremy says:

    Starcraft 2 will come out… when it’s ready. Blizzard stance as always, but let’s hope “ready” will be in the Fall. It won’t come out before September I’d presume. I’m not really too concerned with Sims 3 or Godfather, I wasn’t planning on getting those games anyway, but all of this “too much quality” talk has me concerned. I really don’t want this game to be stupid, it has to be good… for the sake of CRPGs everywhere.

    By the way, condensed nostalgia in the link.

  9. Tei says:

    “Dragon Age PC…. console”

    I suppose the delay will help to add usefull messages like “Please don’t shutdown your machine while the game is saved”.

  10. Ragnar says:

    My guess is that they think that the PC version is going to be pirated to death and that noone will play the console version after that. Or something like that.

  11. Rich_P says:

    I suppose the delay will help to add usefull messages like “Please don’t shutdown your machine while the game is saved”.

    Or large glowing boxes around item pick-ups and QTEs for boss fights.

  12. Bobsy says:

    Ugh, Dragon Age goes bye-bye? That was pretty much all I was looking forward to past Empire: Total War.

  13. Al Ewing says:

    EA’s marketing-speak is unfeasably annoying for anyone who (like me) was actively looking forward to Sims 3 – I’d much rather hear an admission that the game is broken and needs people to bash it with hammers for a few months than this ‘awareness’ gobbledegook. EA seem to expect us to be grateful that they delayed the game, and that sticks in the craw a bit.

  14. Markoff Chaney says:

    One day to crush a couples hopes. Good work EA! The wife was saddened her favorite franchise (I’m eternally grateful that at least she games) is now coming out 4 months after her birthday instead of at least being in the same month. It’s back to waiting to see another nail driven in the coffin of what used to be a stellar development team. I guess I’ll wait another few months to decide between being the ultimate savior or ultimate terror (with no ambiguity at all as to which choice leads where) at the Dawn of the Dragon Age.

    Expect to see more and more PC releases coincide with, or come out a few weeks or months later, their console brethren. With the ludicrously easily method of altering the firmware on any DVD drive in a 360 to play backups and AAA releases being pirated up to a month in advance for the 360 by pirates (and, because the DRM is hardware based, anyone with a DVD ROM drive can rip an image and throw it up on the Torrents, making for easier distribution from non scene vectors), everyone knows that Piracy is killing PC gaming! Wait. What Now?

  15. Tom says:

    Good God, Godfather 2 seems to be exactly the same game as Godfather 1 was, just with a little polish added to the graphics, not that that helps much…

  16. Colthor says:

    On the bright side, maybe this will give EA time to fall out of love with rubbish online-activation schemes before Dragon Age is released!

    Please EA. Iff you do I’ll buy your game.

  17. Gnarl says:

    Personally I think all games should be on one day a year, the second Thursday in November. Save everyone a lot of trouble, that would.

  18. SanguineLobster says:

    Man, I remember this one time, I was eating a really good sandwich, and I thought to myself “Man, this sandwich has almost too much quality” So I decided to reassess my options and ate some old socks laying on my ps3.

  19. Nick says:

    @Ragnar yeah.. pretty much.


  20. Subject 706 says:

    Since pessimists seldom become disappointed, I tell you all : Prepare for a dumbed down Dragon Age.

  21. Tei says:

    From: Tei
    To: Friends
    Subject: Re: delicious cake

    Do you guys remenber the game I was talking about in the other email? It got delayed.
    The cause seems some financial,marketing crap, and console stuff. Duh.
    Forget this material. I will make a new email If the game is any good. Now that is linked to a console game release, theres a ugly shadown of doubt if that game with worth our time.

    It seems the Internet Man is somewhat dissapointed, but who knows? maybe this will be a good game after all.

  22. MisterBritish says:

    @ Subject 706

    It’s not like they pushed back the release date so they could dedicate a good couple of months to stripping out features and complexities. If it’s lacking in certain areas it will always have lacked in certain areas.

  23. Al Ewing says:

    I’m not eating any food for the next four months in order to build sandwich awareness in the target market, i.e. my stomach.

    There’s a slight risk of starving to death, but it’ll be worth it to make ham and mustard the blockbuster sandwich hit of the summer.

  24. The Sombrero Kid says:

    I can’t belive my comment was removed granted it wasn’t constuctive but it conveyed my disgust at the pc gaming public being slapped down by the worst thing to happen to EA since sports licences, JR, i’d’ve thought that’d be important to this pc dedicated site.

    This is a perfect example of how he totally doesn’t get where he’s going wrong and why gaming would be better without EA & JR.

    [Your comment was deleted because it was deeply unpleasant abuse – Ed]

  25. Koopa says:

    Who or what is JR?

  26. Hoernchen says:

    Ooh, our game is too awesome, let’s delay the release. Yeah, sure.
    That’s how BioWare thanks me for not pirating Mass Effect.

  27. Xercies says:

    Yep, I refuse o buy anything from EA. Shame Bioware is part of EA, but delaying because its to great? What…the…hell?

    No your delaying it because you know the PC will get pirated because you have crappy DRM on all your games, so your making it up by releasing it on the consoles as well. If it was pirated before the consoles you would think you wouldn’t get the money.

    Yes piracy is killing the PC market, but of course its EA who is encouraging them.

  28. Alex says:

    Hey, that’s the same excuse Paramount gave for delaying the new Star Trek movie. Not that I’m comparing Bioware to a JJ Abrams retooling. Yet. :)

  29. Funky Badger says:

    Xercies: are you really saying if there was no DRM on Dragon Age (like there wasn’t on, say, World of Goo) it wouldn’t get pirated?

  30. Rich_P says:

    It’ll get pirated regardless. I think it’ll sell somewhere between 0.75-1.25 million units on the PC. With a few exceptions, PC games have always sold modestly (which is problematic if design budgets are ballooning).

  31. Quine says:

    “What’s that you say? We’ve already hit all our targets for the financial year? Pass me the Bat of Delaying and I’ll smack those hot prospects back into the next holiday season and we’ll *all* be getting some bonus love this time next year…”

    Yes, EA push all my cynicism buttons.

  32. TheSombreroKid says:

    @Rich_P pc sales go up a lot when console sales go down especially last iteration you also get more pc exclusives as the consoles struggle to keep up and get feature cut versions

    no drm on the games wouldn’t rliminste pirscy but it woulf reduce it

  33. Pidesco says:

    Dragon Age was supposed to be Bioware’s one game done with the hardcore PC gamers in mind.

    Bioware is really turning into the western Squaresoft. :(

  34. dhex says:

    “Prepare for a dumbed down Dragon Age.”

    well, it’s bioware. you’re not going to get doctoral dissertations: the rpg or anything like that.

    i almost worry more about the interface than the content when it comes to cross platform stuff. not quite, but almost.

  35. Heliocentric says:

    I’d buy mass effect: tactics.

    But really, consoles are going to keep getting all the big developer attention. Because consoles are more profitable. And why not, if i made those expensive titles i’d make them exclusive on the system with the most customers (rather that just players).

    Truth is games sell less copies on pc, and pc first releases drain sales from the total as opposed to still meeting the same sum because of pirates.

    Shame that the system with this problem is my favourite. Still, as long as great games come i’ll buy them. I only hope us fellow buyers are enough attraction for the publishers.

  36. Haggis says:

    TheSombreroKid says:

    @Rich_P pc sales go up a lot when console sales go down especially last iteration you also get more pc exclusives as the consoles struggle to keep up and get feature cut versions

    TheSombreroKid um no that doesn’t happen, pc exclusives are fewer and fewer and the technological gap cannot be exploited as that is what dug PC gaming into a hole in the first place with you know ballooning budgets and sales that don’t support those kinds of games hence the refocus of the graphic whore studios like iD, Epic, Crytek etc on games consoles.

    The idea that a technology edge will save PC gaming is false it will only do it more harm.

  37. Heliocentric says:

    You didn’t understand. He as refering to the end of a console generation. When games run really well on pc’s and get extra features.

  38. TheSombreroKid says:

    by that logic you’d make your game a ps3 exclusive because piracy on the 360 is worse than the PC

    bear in mind this is conjecture but:
    PC exclusives are fewer now because the technology is so similar (they ca have thier cake and eat it so why not) as the PC advances and leaves the consoles behind developers will be forced onto the PC to keep up and to turn a profit in the gap between the console generations.

    bearing in mind that once cracked (ie at the end of thier life) piracy is easier on consoles and relative sales shrink due to this and the expectation of a new console.

    the cost to develop on a console is always a lot more expensive and making a PC exclusive has always been a good way to make a budget cut especialy if it frees you to produce graphics card selling games that NVidia and ATI can bid over giving jucy exclusivity funding and card bundles for garunteed sales.

    bear in mind theres a lot of money in cutting edge PC technology for certain companies for them to see the reason for thier market disapear.


  39. TheSombreroKid says:

    oh and i all but garuntee id tech 6 will not run on a ps3 and will be out before the ps4.

  40. TheSombreroKid says:

    oh and i take back my @Heliocentric because the differance is the ps3 and xbox is an either or thing and the pc is an aswell as usually, thus giving you the choice of console r pc but not between the consoles

  41. Nick says:

    “Dragon Age was supposed to be Bioware’s one game done with the hardcore PC gamers in mind.”

    This. I am pretty upset mainly due to them stating this repeatedly.

  42. Larington says:

    Development should have turned their back on 100 man development teams the moment they really thought about it. All the art in the world won’t save a bad game.

  43. silencer says:

    If it’s already too good to be released, why does it need more polish? HMMMM…

  44. Heliocentric says:

    I’ll be honest, you have me confused.
    But, despite the differences in the systems porting stuff is still cheaper than a new game more often than not. Especially if its made to be portable from the off.

    Imagine a sandwich too good to eat, shoe polish would fix that. “Shit eating console gamers”* and all that eh?

    *I’m talking in parody, i used to “eat shit”/”play consoles”** too, so dont be offended that i associated your perfered passtime with the other obviously lesser social group.

    **I still play my ds. when i can find it, its lost in the mess of my bedroom atm. ADVANCE WARS FO’ LIFE

  45. Subject 706 says:

    Well, seems like most analysts seem to believe this is because EA wants their fiscal year to look better, considering that their last one was shit. Must be pretty depressing to be chained like that by wall street monkeys…

  46. Heliocentric says:

    Chained? Nay, they are in a system which offers money and great opertunities. But it has side effects, everyone in there is free to go indie if they wanted.

  47. kadayi says:

    I’m a bit gutted about the Sims 3 delay. It’s cutting it a bit close to the wire with barely a couple of weeks to go. Clearly something wasn’t working, though what they can do in a few months save polish it further is questionable.