WW2: General Commander: Bulging Demo


Battle of the Bulge wargames aren’t exactly novel, but it’s been ages since anyone recreated the last major German offensive of the War without using hexes or turns. Spanish studio Games GI are the people behind – deep breath – World War 2: General Commander: Watch On The Rhine. Going by the surprisingly hefty demo they seem to know what they’re doing. Though the swarmy AI and simplistic logistics won’t impress Airborne Assault aficionados (who, incidentally, are waiting patiently for their own Bulge game) the trim UI and understated 3D visuals possibly will.


Units are battalion sized, each counter or 3D miniature representing approximately 40 tanks or 400 men. I recommend playing the demo scenario from the German perspective first. Playing as the Americans you can end up feeling a bit like King Canute. Controls are fairly intuitive though the double left-click to deselect a unit had me baffled for a while.


  1. Jonas says:

    As part of my newly initiated expedition into the realms of strategy, I purchased Medieval 2: Total War on Steam yesterday, which is significantly closer to a real strategy game than any RTS game I’ve ever played. I think I may be able to slowly work my way towards a game like WW2: General Commander, but I’m not quite there yet, and the gap from Total War is still too great. Perhaps I can get there eventually – it seems like a genre worth properly exploring.

  2. Nervous Little Tit says:

    lool @ 8 jiggabits. is it laden with wavs and bmps?

  3. Zetetic says:

    Fact for the day: most people think Canute was some vain old dude who thought he could turn back the sea, but actually he was making a rather salient political point about the limits of a king’s power.

    Also: Mmmm, grognards.

  4. amishmonster says:

    Is this a classical allusion I don’t know? I thought Canute was just a highly successful Anglo-Saxon king who had the good sense to die before the Normans showed up.

  5. leeder_krenon says:

    that second pic looks horrendously messy for a wargame. good to see someone trying something different though.

  6. Unlucky Irish says:

    Actually, Canute was Norse (or a Viking if you really must) not an Anglo-Saxon. So one of the most successful kings in English history was actually a foreigner, oh the irony.

  7. MetalCircus says:

    When’s a developer gonna merge all these strategy types together? Imagine planning your armies like this, then going up close and personal Company of Heroes style? i know the total war series had kind of tried this, but i want it to be uber clomplex because im a freak.

  8. Funky Badger says:

    MetalCircus: Hostile Waters?

  9. Dave "Arjuna" O'Connor says:


    You will be pleased to know that we finally finished the automated bridge building feature for Battles from the Bulge (BFTB) and put out a new beta build on the weekend. The testers are putting it through its paces as I type.

  10. Vincent Avatar says:

    Man, I kinda wish that Airborne game wasn’t sixty bucks, or at least had a demo. I’m a wargaming man what wants to game wars.

  11. salwon says:

    @ Vincent:

    Just buy CotA. You won’t be disappointed*.

    *Unless you hate fun, of course.

  12. Tim Stone says:

    That’s good to hear. Most devs would have just fudged an issue like that, but not Panther Games!

    There’s was a demo for Red Devils Over Arnhem – the first of the three AA games. The series has moved on a lot since then, but it will still give you a feel for the approach:

    link to gamershell.com

    And as much as I like COTA, Highway To The Reich, its predecessor, is probably a better introduction to the series.
    link to matrixgames.com

  13. Pod says:


    You want a complex wargame without the complexity?

  14. NicK says:

    3 activations, no thanks. One look at their official failure tells me this is a gigantic failure. The patch thread has about 80 hits, one is by me lol.

  15. WWII: GC says:

    Hi Nick,

    I don’t know who you are or why you are writing those comments. WWII:GC is a wargame for wargamers that need to be played for comments.
    1. The reason of the patch was: Our server provider changes the server site (so IP), and following the player (those who play) to change the speed option in the game.
    2. It works, sorry!!

    All the best, Victor.

  16. TC says:

    I bought the game and enjoy it but the American AI is far too agressive…

    Wether I want to or not I end up fighting the Americans on the banks of the Rhine as the AI just swarms forwards regardless of the fact that its suppossed to be defending objectives.

    Victor….are there any plans to address this?

  17. WWII:GC says:

    Hi TC,
    Sorry be so late but we can not track all webs as we have a small marketing/design/sales/and no matter what team (myself), but do not hesitate to post in our forum stragames.com.
    The AI has parameters by scenario based in the victory points, as long as the American are winning the battle (for defensive American battles, they are winning the battles form beginning since the German do not get enough points) the attitude is almost defensive. That change when they are losing and the time of the game is almost over trying to re-capture cities.
    We have built like thinking that what we are playing is a game and the German has to keep troops everywhere to avoid American counter attack… it does not mean some scenarios could be not well balance. In that case, yes it is my fault.
    How I said do not hesitate to post or write to us using the following address:
    I am starving to know your feeling about our game!!

    And thanks for your support.

    All the best, Victor.