AWOMO Beta, Tomb Raider: Legend

Those folks participating in the AWOMO stress test beta can get hold of Tomb Raider: Legend for nowt. (That’s the game before last?) To get it you need to register with the new digi downloads service and then just get, er, downloading. The game will be free with an AWOMO account for a month from today. AWOMO is all about getting games super fast, and they claim of Legend that “we can demonstrate that players on an 8 Megabit line can be playing the game within 11 minutes.” Woo.


  1. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    I played this a while ago on AWOMO, and it was brilliant then. Also, if you’ve played Underworld, it fills in a lot of the (ridiculous) backstory.

  2. AndrewC says:

    This is a bit of a cheaty claim, as OWOMO know all PC gamers will spend at least an hour in the first room dicking around with the graphics options.

  3. Mman says:

    Can’t you already get Legend free on Gametap? I did recently.

    I guess the super-fast downloads thing is interesting though.

  4. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    “we can demonstrate that players on an 8 Megabit line can be playing the game within 11 minutes”

    So they’ll just show us a picture of gazongas while the download keeps going on quietly? Seems like a good idea, it’s not like anyone will notice.

  5. Dead Fish says:

    No support for Vista 64bit. :( The plug-in wont install. Too bad, I was interested in this.

  6. Hardtarget says:

    Awomo doesn’t support 64bit Vista???


  7. gulag says:

    Hell, give it a year and M$ won’t support 64bit Vista.

  8. Tei says:

    I don’t have Vista64, but I suppose you can install some supported 32 bits browser and try to install awomo there?

  9. Dan Harris says:

    “we can demonstrate that players on an 8 Megabit line can be playing the game within 11 minutes.”

    You can get real porn way quicker than that.

  10. PHeMoX says:

    I wonder when Eidos decides to make an MMO out of TombRaider. ;)

  11. Mr Pink says:

    Am I the only one who thinks they’re trying to fix a problem that doesn’t really exist? I have an 8mb line, and I’m perfectly happy waiting for Steam to download the whole thing before I play.

  12. bansama says:

    Well it certainly sounds like an interesting service, but will it suffer the same problem as most others with either a lackluster library, regional restrictions, over pricing or worse; all three?

  13. M_the_C says:

    It’s not to do with the browser (the standard Firefox is 32bit anyway) it’s to do with the drivers they use for security.

  14. Erlend says:

    No support for Vista 64-bit? Instafail. I’m sending them a mail and suggesting that they actually support customers with high-end machines.

  15. Wedge says:

    I wonder if it downloads the game into some ridiculous virtual drive mounting rubbish that Gametap used. I tried playing the game for free over that, however it would constantly crash at a certain point, and having no access to the source files for the game made it impossible to make any attempt at rectifying it. I guess I can look at this and see how it manages that…

  16. ascagnel says:

    @Mr Pink:
    I’m on a pretty hefty line (academic connection = FAST), but they packet sniff it and cap any suspicious large downloads (fearing piracy, of course) including Steam DL’s at 120kb/s. 120kb/s and the first level of Tomb Raider would come in at about an hour, while it’d take 8+ to get the whole game.

  17. Wedge says:

    I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but I do know it is downloading quite slow, and seems to need to download a few gigs or so before you can actually launch anything. And as far as I can tell you need to keep the browser window open to keep downloading, and I’m not sure exactly where it’s downloading the files to either…

    So eh… not exactly impressed so far.

  18. St4ud3 says:

    meh, they dont even support x64, so pretty much a fail!

  19. Caiman says:

    Also completely useless for those of us who live in areas not blessed with any kind of fast broadband connection. More interesting is the games being offered, their prices, and ease of use of the service.

  20. Ben Abraham says:

    Hmm, so if an 8Mbit line means 11 minutes, that means… carry the one…. divide by zero…. my 512 connection can get me playing in 176 minutes! WOOOO! I have not a moment to lose.

  21. Heliocentric says:

    If you get real files from the service when its out of beta this service sounds fine.

    Expecting to never be able to install a mod ever is too much to ask in return for a prefetching system.

  22. Kitt Basch says:

    The service does seem a bit pointless to me, at the moment at least.

    But I think it does have a little potential for old and casual games. Say, every time I had a weird craving to play X-Com or Peggle, I could have it running straight away on any computer.

    Then again, those sorts of games I could probably just leave installed on the computer.

    Like Mr Pink (and Dragon’s Den) says, it’s solving a problem that doesn’t exist.

  23. James T says:

    Wow, an unexplained ‘installation failed’ message from the client installer!!!!!!!!! This is the wave of the future!

  24. Ofoug says:

    Ok, so this service that solves a problem that doesn’t really exist can’t quite manage to do even that on my puter =) It got the first 700 megs or so rather speedily then presented me with a Launch button. At this stage the game is supposed to launch and download the rest in the background, except it doesn’t actually launch, it just continues downloading. And now it’s at around a quarter of my max speed.

    I do see it firing up a trl.exe and loading it into memory where it stays till I hit Exit game in the webpage plugin, but that never seems to even as much as try to load the game. I’m leaving it to download the rest of its 7GB of data in the background but at this rate it’ll take more than all day. Not quite the speedy delivery promised by the service so far =)

    Any of you guys getting the same or a similar problem?

  25. Ed says:

    Steam has a similar system for games, but as far as I know they’ve only used it on Half-Life. I expect we’ll see it make a come back in the next year or two…

  26. catska says:

    For those that got turned off on tomb raider due to the awful installments from core, try this one. Its a return to form and the 2nd best TR after underworld.

  27. Perdiga says:

    No support for vista 64 bits >.< sucks

  28. Biz says:

    from entering the website to playing the game it took less than 5 minutes for me on very fast internet

    i haven’t found a situation in my life where this is useful since i’m fine with just letting the game DL completely in the background, but it is a nice bit of technology. iirc steam tries something similar (play before it’s 100% done) with nowhere near as good results.

  29. Biz says:

    also, this could turn out interesting. here’s one of their options:

    Subscribe – Pay a monthly flat rate for access to a broad range of games from top publishers

    renting a game for 1/5 the price per hour and then owning it might be a ripoff… but paying a flat rate money and renting an unlimited amount of games is something I can see myself doing. the feature exists for console games which i almost never find worthy of a purchase. however, with a rental plan i have gone through 25 games ps3 games in a span of 2 months for a total of $45.

    gametap has a rental plan, but their library doesn’t have many recent games. if awomo manages to get new games up for flat rate rentals, that would be awesome. i wouldn’t end up renting stuff for consoles and play with retarded controls and low framerates and low resolutions if I had a choice to rent them for the PC instead.

    this ties back into their downloading system too. you don’t need to download 10 gigs if you just want to try out a game and see how it is for the first couple levels. certain places have bandwidth caps, and downloading huge amounts can be problematic and unnecessary. it taxes their servers. it taxes your connection. only DL if needed makes sense especially when the “if needed” is a significant probability.

    i’m not sure if this client breaks ability to mod the game, but for renting that’s not a big issue. thing is if you use your subscription year round, then you might have some games on it you play extensively and could use mods for – maybe they can offer an alternate distribution method for those who choose this.