Left 4 Dead DLC 4 Free


The matter’s settled. The DLC for Left 4 Dead will be absomolutely free on PC and 360. Valve have proclaimed the good news about the L4D Survival Pack, which we describe in words here. Quite how Valve have managed to get something out on 360 without forcing the masses to tithe to the Redmond Beasts we don’t know, but that’s not our problem anyway.

The Survival Pack will include the mysterious “Survival” multiplayer mode (I’m going to take a guess – it’s a mode where you see how long you can survive for, without safe rooms?), as well as Versus modes for Death Toll and Dead Air. And of course the PC version will come with the much-awaited SDK gubbins. Carry on.


  1. James Brophy says:

    Yay! When though? Seriously… WHEN?!?!?!

  2. Saul says:

    It amuses me that some people are complaining that Survival mode sounds boring BEFORE THEY EVEN KNOW FOR SURE WHAT IT IS. And seriously– they’re not taking out the other modes. You don’t have to play the new one if it isn’t your thing!

    Always knew Valve would come through with the free-ness. Am impressed that they’ve pulled it on Xbox too.

    And sbs, I’ll keep spelling it M$I$C$R$O$$$O$F$T until the day they go down in flames. Then I shall rejoice.

  3. Bret says:

    This is Valve. Valve, an awesome group of people who make great, well tested games.

    So, when Hell freezes over, probably. Timeliness is not one of their virtues.

  4. MetalCircus says:

    As many have said ALL HAIL KING VALVE!

  5. MetalCircus says:

    Rabbitsoup: That’s because it’s not TRYING to scare you, you ninny! It’s a game about teamplay! Resident Evil 2 might be more your bag if it’s scares your after.

  6. FuzzDad says:

    Seems to me Valve probably discussed ROI on their previous DLC PC-based content w/MS and MS looked at their failures with their e-marketing and GFW and had an epiphany: “So…you give stuff away and your customers stay loyal and buy your next triple A release based on faith?”

  7. Nick says:

    Nope, I don’t feel silly, most of the actual anger kicked off after the Edge post which was extremely misleading and before that it was mostly ‘huh.. its not stating it will be free, why not?’. I’m happy it will be free.

  8. Heliocentric says:


  9. markcocjin says:

    For all those 360 L4D players that long for the patched up version of the game…

    Prepare to die often and easily on expert more than you thought possible. The game is tougher and more challenging. I had a zombie drop from a ledge on me and with only a few slaps to my brand new health, I fell to the ground pewpewing my tiny pistol.

    Prepare to be molested like the first time you played. That is unless they nerfed it for the console. On PC, you won’t survive on your own closet meleeing a horde.

  10. Arathain says:

    Helio, I shall never play L4D in quite the same way.

  11. DBeaver says:

    *Does the Can-Can*

  12. Right2Life says:

    SBS, you get normal spellings of Micro$oft when I can get just one comment thread online talking about Valve without someone proclaiming them as some kind of shiny saints.

    “All Hail King Valve!” (I saw what you did with the Vave, btw. That was funny)


  13. Tei says:

    Is a well know fact, that a FPS engine could be modded to make so the mosters repressent users or programs on a real system.
    link to cs.unm.edu
    So If a monster is killed the users is logout or the task killed.
    So the survivors are BOFH Forum Moderators.

  14. rabbitsoup says:

    @ metalcircus

    thats problay the problem then, i played it with some savy FPS guys and gals form TF2. the team play bit was a piece of piss

  15. Aramis says:

    Not to detract from what Valve are doing, but Criterion have managed to release oodles of free DLC for Burnout Paradise without any noticable problems.

  16. Don says:


    >This is Valve. Valve, an awesome group of people who make great, well tested games.

    If you’ve ever tried ‘Campaign>Play online>Find a game in progress’ you’d know that is not entirely true. The gameplay in L4D is great and has been well tested but the whole connectivity side is a steaming heap. The above gets you connected to a game about 1 time in 5, though about half of those successes will connect you to a Versus game which is not what you asked for. It’s usual result is to try to connect to a server which it then says is full, or loses the connection, or hangs while trying to connect, plus the odd crash to desktop. And when it fails it kicks you back up the menu levels so you have to click like a monkey to try again. Not a great advertisement for Valve’s testing skills.

  17. Ecko says:

    Seriously though guys, I’m confused, why are you Now going to buy Left4Dead? It’s brilliant and you get a lot of playtime for what you’re buying.

    But that assumes you are a social person I concede.

  18. Dave Gates says:

    God bless Valve, the last bastion of the real gamer.

  19. Tei says:

    @Don: I suppose the engine is not designed for this type of stuff, or the matchmaker itself would reserver a slot for you, and handle you with it. I suspect the matchmaker *see* a free slot, but by the time you try to connect, another guy has it, because has connect directly, trough the gamebrowser, or trough a concurrent matchmaker suggestion. This result in humurous error messages, like “there are too much humans”, “the server is full of humans”, “there are 6/4 humans” and other computer human-hate comments. I suppose Valve don’t want to make the matchmaker smarter and I don’t blame then, because …will you make smarter a machine soo full of hatred for humanity?

  20. Fitzmogwai says:

    sings the Flight of the Conchords’ Robots song

  21. clovus says:

    On PC, you won’t survive on your own closet meleeing a horde.

    Oh good, that got patched away? I was stunned the first time I saw someone do that. Everyone was down and they backed into a corner and started meleeing away. For some reason I wanted the guy to die, but the infected bodies just kept piling up. I found this disappointing. OTOH, I did get a rush when I did it myself the first time. Either way, I’ll be glad to find the meleeing nerfed. I’m just waiting for L4D to hit the right price…

    consolefags? Really? RPS!=\b\, I hope. Or should I feel comfortable throwing the word “britfags” around now?

    Is Valve just getting around the DLC must be paid for rule by calling it a “patch”. Patches are free on XBox Live, right?

  22. Heliocentric says:

    Britfags are cigarettes, do try to keep up.

  23. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Yes, don’t take the expression “light up a fag” the wrong way, mmmkay?

  24. Nick says:

    *lights up a flag*


  25. EyeMessiah says:

    “Since people flipped, we get it free.”

    /salute internet

  26. clovus says:

    ::BLUSHES:: Dang it, I really did know that “fags” are cigarettes in England, so you can understand my embarrassment here. I also obviously misunderstood what Smurfy was trying to say! It’s good to know he wasn’t using the word “fag” in an offensive way, just in a nonsensical way. I was also unaware that using “Brit” in a portmanteau requires that the rest of the word to be interpreted in the King’s English. That rule trumps the whole “we are on the internet and I even referred to the meme factory that this suffix comes from.” Me fail english? Unpossible!

  27. Nick says:

    Also just because one idiot says it, doesn’t mean you should too.

  28. Klaus says:

    It seems he meant consolefag as in… well, consolefag. From my interwebs knowledge. I’d assume he meant ‘one who greatly prefers consoles to computers’. Whether he used it in an offensive way is up to the interpreter.

    I’m of the opinion the internet has it’s own lexicon, and on it britfag does not mean cigarette.

  29. Funky Badger says:

    Umm, guys, there’s lots of free DLC on teh Xbox.

  30. Thomas Lawrence says:

    @Arathain: yhou can already play Dead Air on Versus if you want. The best way is to find and download the Versus versions of the maps that have been put together, but you can also achieve a reasonable look at how it will play with console commands:

    start the game on Dead Air or Death Toll in Campaign mode
    bring up the console
    sv_cheats 1
    director_no_human_zombies 0
    sb_all_bot_team 1

    Then hit M and change to the Infected. Congratulations, you;re playing single-player versus on Dead Air/Death Toll. (It will however switch back to Campaign mode when the next map is loaded, which is why getting the custom maps is better).

  31. catska says:

    You guys are hilarious. Ever hear of Battlefield: Bad company, Crackdown, and Burnout Paradise (a game that just came to PCs a year after the consoles)? Yeah. They all got significant free DLC so get off your high horses and realise DLC is a game by game situation (horse armor) and not some set in stone rule that consoles all have paid DLC that the PC gets for free.

  32. Jante says:

    The only reason games like Bad Company got free DLC was because EA told Microsoft that they would release it for free on the Playstation Network. Hence, Microsoft couldn’t charge any bux for it because that would just give Sony an exclusive DLC.

  33. DiscoMonkay says:

    Seeing as i dont have teh xbox or el computer(or atleast a good one) getting a valve game on ps3 would be nice, (orange box was ported by ea)

  34. daada says:

    sucks dis game SUCKS TO THE CORE!!!

  35. inf says:

    wow valve released something for free that should be free

    people bitching about EVIL MICROSOFT is getting old. guess what guys its greedy publishers charging stupid amounts for horse armour, not ms

  36. Tommy says:

    Im new here is a DLC something you have to buy or something you have to update to your xbox 360

  37. joshua says:

    im not looking for this im looking for website that has something that i can download the game