Men of War Demo (Look Beyond Generic Name)

The Men Of War demo is here (250mb). The demo contains the first level of the game, which is a tutorial sequence in which you patch up a tank, invade a village, and then attack a German convoy. It does not show off all the best features of the game, but certainly encompasses some of the most vital, such as using the inventories on your little men, learning to use cover, and showing off the destructible scenery. It’s worth imagining, as you play this demo, what the escalation of the second (unfeatured) level is like; in which you have dozens of men, several tanks, and face hundreds of German soldiers and armoured vehicles. This is a game that is more than the sum of its demo. I’m certain we’ll be talking about Men Of War a lot more in the coming months, because it’s one of my favourites of the year so far. You should definitely play this demo.


  1. Redd says:

    Is this the rerereleased Soldiers: Heroes of WWII?

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    It is the sequel to.

  3. reiver says:

    No it’s the sequel. The third in the series.

  4. Ben Abraham says:

    250mb is a nice change from those 1+Gb travesties. My intertubes likes the small ones, it does.

  5. Senethro says:

    Is the title a parodying all the other WWII X of Y bigade or have they really run out of unique nouns to the point where they have to adopt some as staggeringly generic as “Men of War”?

  6. Dominic White says:

    I’m fairly sure this is just the english title, probably assigned by 1C. It goes by a different name (and a more consistent naming structure for the series) in Russia.

  7. Heliocentric says:

    A small demo shows a developer who actually gives a damn about the demo, rather than pumping one out for appearences.

    As does a demo which is a decent amount of content and shows the best of the game, but eh… 2 out of 3 aint bad.

    So, can you actually order your little mans to sit on the back of a tank? And does it get them killed really fast in a fire fight. (will download demo later) But, i know its monkey work but when you post a demo can you post the system specs neeed to run it? It would make browsing the “play” section much more pleasent to know roughly how beastly a game is.

    System requirements Microsoft Windows

    * Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    * 1.7GHz Processor
    * 512MB RAM
    * nVidia GeForce 3/ATI Radeon 9600 video card or higher
    * DirectX 9.0b
    * compatible sound card
    * 4GB free HDD space
    * DVD drive

    link to

  8. Heliocentric says:

    I meant to comment on the spec…. and i shall! Lovely low requirements! Looks like they read the steam system survey, are those requirements realistic? My weak pc (athlon 3200 xp, with a 7600gs) will utterly ace this on low settings if so.

  9. Ceremony says:

    Oh sweet a WW2 shooter. Haven’t seen one of those in a while. ^_______^

  10. garreth says:

    Just tried the demo, good so far. The ability to save would be appreciated however, since the tank exploded immediately after being repaired the first time and then all of my people were slain by a half-track which had the tactlessness to intrude upon one of the hilariously badly voice acted cut-scenes the second time.

    Nonetheless, I remain undeterred. Otherwise very good.

  11. Jim Rossignol says:

    I don’t think there’s a quicksave, but the full game definitely allows you to save at any point. Is there no save in the pause menu of the demo?

  12. Garreth says:

    It was greyed out whenever I opened the menu.

  13. Caleb says:

    I don’t think any of the Bestway games have a quick save.

    Soldiers: Heroes of WWII had some novelty with the physics, cover system and difficulty. But it was entirely mediocre and forgettable to me (think blitzkrieg series/sudden). The follow up Faces of War amounted to even less. I was glad for the demo’s otherwise I would have bought both games and would not have enjoyed them (same with Theater of War…ugh).

    I hope Men of War changes the trend of not being able to trust the “1C” logo on a retail PC game box! *downloads demo*

  14. Heliocentric says:


    …Its an rts

  15. Gunrun says:

    *Looks at dawn of war 2*
    Oh cool another shooter where you’re a space marine

  16. Lucas says:

    No multiplayer? Lets hope there’s an mp demo coming like Faces had. That really sold my friend and I on the game.

  17. Jim Rossignol says:

    There’s a multiplayer beta going on atm. There’s co-op in the full game too, which is awesome.

  18. C0ntrol says:

    For the multiplayer beta you would’ve needed to sign up few months back to get a CD key. If you want to play it here and now, go get a Fileplant Subscribers account, they have keys.

    I’ve been beta testing the multiplayer beta for… I think 3 months now. You should check attila16’s YouTube Channel if you want to see some HD videos about the multiplayer.

    Link: link to

  19. MetalCircus says:

    I played it. Was great. A lot of my men got chewed up instantly but I think that’s just me adjusting to the game, and to be fair, I marched them into the middle of a road so… yeah. The tanks are great! Shooting a big shell at an armoured car and watching the contents escape before it explodes fills me with manicidal glee.

  20. James Allen says:

    The MP beta is really fun. This looks to be an outstanding title and, along with Dawn of War 2 and Empire: Total War, should make for a great Q1 2009 for strategy gamers.

  21. Poita says:

    Keeps crashing whenever i lanuch the sp level. Get a list of errors.

  22. Fumarole says:

    If this is anything like Soldiers: Heroes of World War II I’m going to be pleased. Co-op in that game was immense fun.

  23. Fat Zombie says:

    I enjoyed the multiplayer for S:HoWWII, as the purchasing individual units thing, combined with the Direct Control mechanic, meant I was able to buy all the stuff for one fully-functioning tank, then play as if it were a top-down WW2 shooter (like Commandos). Fun!

    Otherwise, I didn’t enjoy the original. I never got past any of the first levels, as they were much too difficult. I don’t think I’ll download this, as I don’t think I’ve actually improved any since then.

  24. Fat Zombie says:

    ALSO: The BTRH mod for the original was awesome, as amongst other stuff, it added a flamethrower-soldier. Like a lot of the other weapons, you could nab it off the soldier and switch it into the MG slot on most of the vehicles.

    So. Kubelwagon (or better yet, motorbike+sidecar) + flamethrower + Direct Control + multiplayer = HILARITY. Yes.

  25. Cigol says:

    It is. Finally. Based on the demo, and assuming there are no major surprises, it’s not a gigantic leap from the last title but (silly voices aside) is more polished harking back to the original. I’m positively smitten and can’t wait for the full release.

  26. Radiant says:

    I can’t get this demo to work.
    It’s asking me for a missing dll and suggests a reinstall [of a folder I unzipped!]

  27. unclelou says:

    Hohum. I loved the original Soldiers to bits, but this feels like the same game, with not even half the production values.

  28. MetalCircus says:

    Dear god, are production values that important? It was rough round the edges, sure, but it’s a cracker, even from this demo. Keep in mind that as Jim said this is a particularly scaled down demo compared to the full game.

  29. unclelou says:

    Dear god, are production values that important? It was rough round the edges, sure,

    No, they aren’t. You’re talking to someone who bought Mount & Blade in 2005. :p

    But you took my quote out of context. They are worth mentioning when I’ve played basically the same game (going by the demo) 4 or 5 years earlier, and it looked (and sounded) significantly better.

  30. unclelou says:

    Just read an older preview on RPS – looks like Men of War might have a bigger scale than Soldiers had, which piques my interest. Which makes the decision to publish a demo that feels like an outtake from the pre-pre-decessor somewhat strange.

  31. Biz says:

    i was trying the multiplayer beta… it’s a lot of micromanagement. there are a bunch of hotkeys. even if I memorized them, i wouldn’t be able to press them all. you can configure most of them though. the teams have very similar armies… it’s just a matter of who can control them the best… which is quite a bit of APM i’d imagine.

    the graphics are fine, but i’m playing it on max smoothly.

  32. Tim James says:

    Sounds like the same crap from the Soldiers demo. I might as well go play that game on Gametap (or did I buy it at GOG? no idea) to find out what the “best parts” are.

    P.S. This site is painful to navigate in IE6 on our work machines that I can’t upgrade. I guess I’ll go do work instead.

  33. Gerfervonbob says:

    The game is really fun, however the voice acting is so hilarious every time there is a cut scene I can’t stop laughing. It sounds like most the voice actors didn’t even try.

  34. Svenska says:

    I’m iffy about this one. On the one hand it looks like the game could be fun, and there have been times where I felt like if I could control a unit directly the outcome of the game would have been different….but am I right when I see that there isn’t an AI multiplayer? So it would only be the campaign and online vs. humans mp?

  35. Andrew says:

    Good fun this demo. I failed it first time after the tank got destroyed in the village fight, but I just sat and watched the crew for a bit after they got out of it and was quite impressed by the AI. They sought out cover near the tank, then fought off some German infantrymen nearby, throwing a grenade into a house and mowing down the survivors. Without me lifting a finger.

  36. Vincent Avatar says:

    The voice acting in this game is so awesome I nearly shat myself. It’s like the VAs have never even heard of Russia and were just making a go of trying not to talk with a heavy British accent.

  37. Ginger Yellow says:

    Awesome, awesome fun. I love the destructiveness of the tank and the fact that the units aren’t useless when left on their own.


    As commented above, the voice acting is truly appalling. One of the Russian soldiers even sounded German, which was just weird. No big deal, and it’s quite amusing in small doses, but I do hope you can play it Russian with English subtitles. More seriously, it seems to have gamebreaking bugs. Specifically, once I’d taken over the tank, I advanced on the village to the East. My tank survived, but somehow Victor Smirnov died (probably sitting on the side of the tank – heh). This isn’t apparently a fail trigger, unlike losing the tank, but it wouldn’t let me proceed regardless. The red “go here” arrow just pointed at Smirnov and the fog of war beyond the ford didn’t lift, so I was stuck. Considering that this is the very first mission, in a demo designed to show off the game, it’s not encouraging.

  38. Svenska says:

    I can’t get the demo to work. Missing a file.
    Same as above poster.

  39. Stromko says:

    I actually bought and enjoyed Heroes of WWII years ago. Yeah it’s micromanagey as hell, but I liked the little details, the fly by the seat of your pantesdness of it.

    I don’t see any improvements of the gameplay in this demo, and perhaps several cases where it’s gotten worse. I won’t pick on the interface too bad because maybe I’m just not used to it yet, but it seems like it’s harder to manage vehicle crews.

    They don’t have much intellect on their own either. Maybe the ‘easy’ difficulty the demo defaults to is making my own troops stupid, but it seems like a fully crewed and operable tank should give a damn when thirty Germans are charging it from the front. I could’ve sworn in the old games, troops would jump off the sides of the tanks they’re riding on when they’re getting shot, but now they just sit there and take shot after shot until dead.

    It seems like they’ve disabled the ability to fix up and commandeer enemy vehicles, which may be realistic toward military tactics but disappoints me. No more starting out with twelve troops and a repair box and ending out the mission with two Tigers and a Panther.

    Also the third time I tried to struggle through the demo, I stalled out because a bush (as in foliage) was blocking the left tread of my tank. It required repair but my troops refused to do it because of the bush, even though they could walk through it fine. I tried chucking all sorts of grenades into the bushes but they wouldn’t go away, so that was that.

  40. spamtwo says:

    My ears are still bleeding from the voices in the game. They really are awful and I hope they get changed before the full game is released

  41. Skurmedel says:

    I tried it out and found it quite fun. The voice acting was really bad, I don’t mind much…

    My main concern is that it’s a bit unforgiving in a Sudden Strike kind of way, sometimes you don’t really understand why your men die or why they are unable to fire on a enemy standing up in front of them. It makes it hard to improve your tactics when you have no clue why they fail.

    Reading the comments above I seem to be locked in a bit by my Sudden Strike mindset as I had all my troops on “Hold fire” and “hold ground”. Maybe they perform better when they are allowed to use their microscopic brains which was certainly not the case in SS at all times :)

    Looking forward to a review of this game.

  42. Jim Rossignol says:


    but am I right when I see that there isn’t an AI multiplayer?

    You are wrong. There is campaign-mission co-op, with full enemy and allied AI.

    It seems like they’ve disabled the ability to fix up and commandeer enemy vehicles

    I’m fairly sure they haven’t – but iirc there’s no non-wrecked vehicle for you to steal in that demo level.

    My ears are still bleeding from the voices in the game.

    They aren’t great, but after two cutscenes of the full game I didn’t care.

    The tanks are great!

    Yes they are.

  43. Skurmedel says:

    So Mr. Jim, is this a good buy? :)

    If so I will pre-order.

  44. RealHorrorshow says:

    Direct fire with tanks was pretty interesting. Otherwise…god damn, what a dull game…

    Demo mostly served to excite me a little more for CoH Tales of Valor which is jacking the direct fire system for the Tiger Ace campaign.

  45. Deuteronomy says:

    Are we ever going to see another Close Combat game? I’d kill for a modern installment of the only RTS I’ve ever really liked.

  46. Zer0 says:

    @ Deuteronomy

    Ask and ye shall receive……..

    link to

    I actually have the game, and although it has a few bugs (namely vehicle pathing issues) it certainly scratches the modern CC itch I have every once and a while.

  47. Fumarole says:

    After playing the demo I’m sure I’ll be buying this if the price is right. I enjoyed the hell out of the first game after finding it on GoodOldGames a few months ago. This looks to improve on that formula, which is a good thing. Hopefully they keep the co-op aspect of it intact.

  48. Seraphim2150 says:

    put on my preorder list. Absolutly love the demo, though want to see some more british units. Churchills crushing terrain brings back memories of Close Comabt: Bridge too Far

  49. RiptoR says:

    This game is on the number 1 spot in my “to buy” list. If anyone wants to try coop in this (or even soldiers), give me a shout.

  50. Doc MacRae says:

    The demo was alright. It’s too much micro-managing for my tastes (though I might be doing it wrong). Second time around I did well, got to the ambush point and my tank wasn’t out of gas. I had my surviving infantry on one side of the tank (the tank was facing the road straight ahead where the convoy would go). I was doing OK until two things happened. The tank got hit in the treads and I couldn’t repair it (out of repairs? I don’t know…). It was too far to hit them directly on the road. Then an armored car went on top of the hill and shot a 20mm through the 5 guys that were supposed to be safe. :/ Really bloody. After that, the krauts snuck up on my immobile (but still shooting) tank and put it out of commission. I heavy price for the Germans (14 vehicles and 125 men) compared to my losses (10 dudes, 1 tank) but I still lost. :/