Scout Update Day 2: Community Maps

Looks a nice place for a BOINK.

Day 2 of the Scout, and he brings us two new community maps. While not the most exciting announcement for those hungry for Scout-based details, it’s possibly the most exciting announcement possible for Joshua ‘JoshuaC’ Shiflet and Sean ‘Heyo’ Cutino who get their mods made official Valve maps next week.

JoshuaC’s Arena_Watchtower is an arena map, obviously, but Valve say it’s unique. They explain,

“An Arena map that plays unlike any of Valve’s Arena maps, with a heavy focus on vertical space and long, open sight lines. Control of the central building is a key decision that teams must wrestle over. More Sniper friendly than most Arena maps, it’s a perfect complement to the Scout update. Batter up!”

Heyo’s CP_Junction has been a popular map amongst the masses for a while, and Valve say,

“A Gravel-Pit style map that the community has been heckling us to include for months. Junction is a sharp contrast to Watchtower. It’s full of tight spaces and short sight lines, which create combat opportunities dominated by ambushes and explosive weaponry.”

There’s screenshots of the new maps on Wednesday’s page, along with a link for those who want to find out how they can start making TF2 maps.


  1. Nighthood says:

    I was a bit disappointed by this one. I mean honestly, who even plays Arena?

    And I’ve tried the other map, it’s nothing special.

  2. pkt-zer0 says:

    I really like Arena, actually. <3 Lumberyard.

  3. A-Scale says:

    Arena is the best mode around. A 20 man lumberyard server is as close as you can come to a clan game without being in a clan (as it is similar to a PUG). It’s the best gametype to show off your individual skills. Nothing quite like winning a 6 on 1 round.

  4. Doctor Doc says:

    Junction sucks, but I never played Watchtower (maybe have something to do with arena 1. being sucky and 2. the crash bug in arena is back again but no one noticed for months since arena sucks and no one plays it). It looks nice, but it also looks like the gameplay is boring unless the only thing you can do is snipe.

  5. A-Scale says:

    Plenty of people play arena, and those who don’t are stupid. There, I said it.

  6. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    I don’t mind being stupid, honestly. But if Watchtower really is Sniper friendly then I might take some time away from Goldrush for it.

  7. seer says:

    arena be fun. it’s not for truly impatient types who can’t stand not to be playing every second, but i’m all kinds of ADD and i still dig it. i’m rarely alive at the end, but i frequently MVP, cos i mainly medic and in arena mode medics are in high demand, both as aid and as targets. a good mix of classes is essential, but as a-scale says, there’s plenty of opportunity to show off, too. personally, i’ve always liked the “one-life” mode best anyway, from TF2 to Halo to Marathon.

  8. Oak says:

    I’ve never heard of Watchtower, but it looks kind of nifty. I’ll lower myself to playing arena for a while to check it out.

    I’ve always wanted to make maps myself, and decided with TF2 I’d finally give it a real go. Then I opened the Hammer editor and my brain exploded.

  9. grinnock says:

    Speaking as one who has worked in the engine, EVERYTHING Source does makes my brain explode.

  10. PleasingFungus says:

    Arena is quite nice! I’ll often play a game or two when I start up a TF2 session to get myself back into the right mindset, before I play for REAL on a REAL gametype. Like a REAL MAN.

    But seriously, I’ve got no objections to Arena, and Watchtower specifically (which I’ve played a few times before) is very nice. I had one GLORIOUS victory as a Sniper there, which will forever endear me to it. (Long story short: Uberkukri.)

    Junction… I’ve played that, too, and am not that fond of it. But hooray for people who have the dedication and skill to actually make anything with Hammer! I salute them.

  11. Dave says:

    I wanted to like Arena, but, meh.

  12. Kast says:

    Don’t think I’ve played Arena yet, so wouldn’t dare pitch in on this one.

    Also, it appears that permanently disappointed announcer woman has gotten a hold on the blog. Even without reading the ‘author’s’ name I was reading it in Ellen McLain’s voice.

  13. Saul says:

    New free content! I hate new free content, because it’s always designed to be fun for everyone but specifically un-fun for me! What I need is a map where I can play on a team BY MYSELF and not have to spend any time being annoyed by people who enjoy themselves and appreciate new stuff.

  14. Pie21 says:

    Arena rules, although my favoured Internode Arena server is rarely populated enough. It’s fair enough to suggest it’s not what TF2 is supposed to be – hectic rushes with hilarious results – but as a different take, it’s refreshing. It’s like deathmatch mode in CS, in that it’s the opposite of how it normally works.

    Anyway, I had to comment because my TF2Strategy update has basically the same name, and finding that out made me happy. <3 RPS.

  15. bildo says:

    we need more intelligence love….bring come new CFT maps. Or make Rock2, which was sweet. Lets gas those bastards

  16. MultiVaC says:

    Bah, why do all the alpine maps have to be arena? I hate arena mode :( . Hopefully that new Payload map that’s supposed to coming will be alpine themed. In fact, I hope Valve is making nothing but alpine maps for the next couple updates just to be sure that great new look finds its way into every server’s map rotation.

  17. Jeremy says:

    I’ll second the request for CTF maps. Why aren’t there more? I can’t find any servers running ctf except for 2fort. While it’s fun, it gets old running over that bridge for the umptieth time. No ctf? boo

  18. fishmitten says:

    Take the sewers instead then, Jeremy ;)

  19. Evil Vitamin C says:

    I’ve only played arena once, hated it. Because I always die first, just like I do in CS :((

  20. Vandelay says:

    Not a fan of Arena. Played it a few times and it is not bad in itself but just doesn’t compare to the other modes. Having said that, this map looks as though it could be enjoyable.

    I would have much preferred some new payload maps, but having a new CP map would have been my second choice.

  21. fishmitten says:

    Yeah, new PL or CP would have been ace. Any new content is a bonus as far as I’m concerned though. We can hardly fault Valve for their support for TF2 so far!

  22. the affront says:

    Thirding more CTF maps request.
    I really wish there more open-area-boasting CTF maps instead of everyone just playing those cramped clusterfuck spam-your-brains-out maps – it defies description how I loathe payload maps.
    At the moment there are really only 2 that I honestly love – well and granary. 2fort is fine too, but only on servers with a sensible player limit.

  23. Lorc says:

    New update is up.