Entrenchment: Sins Of A Trailer Empire

If I were making a trailer for the brilliant Sins Of A Solar Empire I would definitely show the best feature in the game: the extraordinary long zoom from space craft out to solar map. It’s the kind of camera wizziness that puts Supreme Commander to shame. It’s the thing that makes the game as impressive as it is. Instead, the new movie for the expansion, Entrenchment, shows off the exploding spacecraft, and their laser combat. That’s all good stuff, but it’s not the crux of the game. Come on trailer-making folks, let’s see genuine game footage. We’re all gamers here.


  1. Mil says:

    I wouldn’t say the zoom is the best feature in the game, basically because if you want to actually play it (as opposed to just staring at the shiny) you spend all the time zoomed out at the solar system or constellation level. Which makes this trailer all the more useless.

  2. Will says:

    I enjoyed vanilla Sins but this looks to add a fair bit more spectacle.

    Is it just me or have Ironclad’s composers been listening to Murray Gold? That music track seems reminiscent of one of his Dr. Who action pieces – e.g. compare the bit when the Titanic is about to crash in the Christmas Special to 0:36, 1:07 etc. in this trailer.

    Still cool :)

  3. KwizatzHaderack says:

    Ohmygod, how weird is this?!? I have JUST been messing around with the demo of SINS, wondering if now is the best time to get myself a copy or if I should wait for a SINS+Exp pack bundle, I come here…

    Get out of my mind, Jim!

  4. skizelo says:

    It’s upsetting to me that the only emotion that trailer provoked was “oh so you can hear ‘KABOOM!’ in a vacuum, can you?”. I wonder if you can get treatment for pedentry.

  5. karthik says:

    Will this expansion pack have a single player campaign, or are we left to set up our own skirmishes as in Sins?

  6. cowthief skank says:

    Skizelo: and there I was thinking “Wow, somebody has made a realistic space video, can’t hear any explosions”. I guess my computer doesn’t like the sound in the video.

    Which is weird, as it plays the effects over the logos fine.

  7. Tei says:

    Man, I miss Homeworld soo much… this looks like a HW mod :-)

  8. Tei says:

    The yellow ship trail is ugly. It looks like the ship is leaking sirop or fanta or yellow paint.
    The spierske ship is not epic enough.

    Ship design:
    EVE > Homeworld > Sins

  9. David McBride says:

    I still think it’s sad that Nexus 2 never came to be.

    See: link to blip.tv

  10. Mil says:

    @skizelo: Perish the thought of renouncing pedantry! We Internet pedants should unite and show the world we’re not ashamed of who we are. Who’s for a Pedant Pride Parade?

  11. Stick says:


    But I find it a bit hard to play in cinematic mode… :)

  12. lanster says:

    I’ve actually been waiting for the expansion for some time. Ironclad keeps pushing the release date back. Apparently there are a lot of feedback from beta players.

  13. Heliocentric says:

    Homeworld 2 battles with massive radiation belts. I wish homeworld 2 resource gathering was little bit more automated like sins. But the sins combat almost feels automated at tines. Almost no stealth and lots of hard counters.

    In company of heroes 4 at guns can lose to 1 tank if the tank ambushes the at guns from out of arc and uses line of site properly. But in sins if i bring a few flaks carriers are useless against me.

  14. theleif says:

    @David McBride
    That tech demo looked fantastic.

    Now you made me install Nexus again, you little…!

  15. vinraith says:

    If they show the zoom it’s an admission that you’ll never REALLY see all the whiz-bang graphics while you’re playing. It’s only one of Sins myriad problems, but it’s indicative of the overall dishonesty of the advertising as a whole. Look kids, it’s an “RTS-4X” game that only really focuses on 1 “X” and has less depth than most RTS’s, let alone 4X games.

  16. StalinsGhost says:

    You’re wrong! Wrong Mr Rossignol! If I wanted to make a trailer advertising an expansion that added lots of new defensive tactics, structures and units, I’d make a flashy trailer showing the highlight – the lovely battlestations – blowing stuff up.


  17. KwizatzHaderack says:

    David McBride “I still think it’s sad that Nexus 2 never came to be. See: link to blip.tv

    Bloody hell, that looked gorgeous. Pity I found Nexus just a touch too slow-burning for my taste. Click a control, watch your ship take a minute to respond…

  18. Gorgeras says:

    Sins matches take so long(mainly due to my inability to choose small maps) that I don’t bother with multiplayer because most people would just surrender after two hours. I’ve only JUST finished a match where the AI decided to surrender rather than fight to the last and the patch that enabled that was released months ago.

    Need to start mastering hit-and-run tactics to make things go quicker.

  19. amishmonster says:

    That Nexus 2 trailer makes me wish that the first one hadn’t been quite so slow-paced and cursed with second-rate controls. Also, accursed escort missions. Fun for a few levels, though.

  20. SanguineLobster says:

    One troubling thing about Sins, that this trailer does a good job of showcasing, is the disconnect between attacks and their effects. I know that it would shoot the requirements through the roof, but I want a ship to respond to being shot with lasers and missiles, not just blow up once it realizes that it’s out of HP.

  21. Subject 706 says:

    This expansion will hopefully put an end to the Benny-Hill like chases you have to do between planets.

    I agree that Sins is not a perfect game, but c’mon, less depth than most RTS’s? Are we playing the same game?

  22. Heliocentric says:

    Sins is deep in so much that it requires lots of knowledge about its systems and rules. I wish preset ships were abolished and you had sizes and types. A tiny and capital, a heavy anti fighter. Capitals can choose a few types, or just specialise. Anything medium or bigger can select from a list of modules. Like sticking a shield on a medium drone carrier.

    But no thats a different game.

  23. Gorgeras says:

    All you need to know is that I rely so heavily on missile frigs that if I don’t begin the game next to an ice plant, I’m farked.

    I used to be way better at RTS.

  24. Tei says:

    Since I am evil, I hate the escort missions on Nexus. I think I reallly want to continue playign that game, with some cheat or something. The story, and just the look of things was really interesting.

  25. Scandalon says:

    OT: That Nexus 2 movie looked fracking good. I say that specifically ’cause it really looke quite BSG-ish. Very impressed the capital ship actually died in a convincing manner, rather than just take hits and then instantaneously ‘splode and disappear. Also, the fighter movements looked quite nice, assuming those were actual AI routines and not just scripted for the trailer…

  26. Gap Gen says:

    Actually, I think it was a shame there was never an Imperium Galactica 3. Nexus was a great game (let down by poor storytelling and writing) – it felt far more tactical than Homeworld 2, and it really felt like an achievement when you picked apart an enemy ship, rather than just bludgeoning it with its rock-paper-stone nemesis.

    However, if you look around the map in Nexus, it’s very, very detailed, and they took the time to model planets that you never visit. I think that they got part-way through a Total War-style game and then just scaled back to a story-driven tactical RTS. It’s still good, but I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to see exactly how good it could be.

  27. KwizatzHaderack says:

    Tei: “Since I am evil, I hate the escort missions on Nexus”

    I hate escort missions in ANYTHING. They seriously aggravate my inner misanthrope. I literally fear the phrase “Protect the Convoy”.

  28. NoNamePls says:

    Imperium Galactica 3 + Sins tech == Super duper SPACE/LAND/SIM RTS.

  29. McCool says:

    Compairing Sin’s zoom to Supreme Commander’s is abit unfair, really. SOASE is all fluff, its zoom is never anywhere near as impressive as SUPCOM’s. Infact compairing the two games at all isn’t very fair.

  30. OJ287 says:

    Why is it all alien civilizations go out of their way to make their ships as crab like as possible?

  31. {HERO SQUAD} itsallcrap says:

    It is very pretty, though.

    I’ve lost a more than a few planets in SINS through watching bombers swoop in on capital ships when I should have been watching the other side of my empire.

    Still no mention of the campaign mode it was said to feature god knows how long ago. Or at least it’s not listed in the list of highlights they posted for the beta testers:

    link to forums.sinsofasolarempire.com

    Yes, I know, it doen’t need a campaign. But I like campaigns, damn it.

  32. jackflash says:

    For those who haven’t played the Entrenchment expansion yet, it’s very good stuff. Early betas were quite unbalanced, but Beta 3 is terrific. I played an epic match with my brother against 3 hard AI last night, and it was a tense 2 and a half hour fight the whole way. The only way we came out on top was by each building a massively powerful starbase in just the right choke-point system, whereupon the enemy could throw himself upon our spears. Quite fantastic stuff, really.

    For those who say the game is too slow, two things : (1) it is slower than typical RTS’s, which is why I (and others) like it, and (2) Entrenchment (and presumably vanilla sins with the most recent patch) comes with a new “quick start” option that starts you out with the most common buildings you need, etc. It’s a small change, but it saves you about 10 to 15 minutes in initial game setup.

    For those who say Sins is strategically shallow, I’m baffled. I’ve been playing deep strategy like Axis and Allies for years, and this is one of the only PC RTS games I’ve found that comes close to approaching that level of strategy. You have to plan far ahead, use your moves wisely, and make large strategic gambles. $40 for the original and $10 for the expansion was one of the best $50 I’ve spent.

  33. 8radson says:

    an awesome looking expansion to an already amazing game. don’t listen to the naysayers – this game got game of the year for a reason :P