Riddick: Assault On Dark April

At last we have a release date for the remake-come-sequel to Starbreeze’s brawn+brains opus, The Chronicles of Riddick. Seems like the thing’s been in development for ages, presumably because at some point in the process it sprouted a whole new storyline in addition to high-definitionifying the original Escape From Butcher Bay Campaign. We’ll get to hear Vin Diesel pretending the last five years of career suicide didn’t happen and stepping back into the gravelly larynx of his most successful character on April 7th.

Well, I say “we”, but I mean “you Americans.” We Europeans have to wait until April 24th. Atari are distributing, and I have this to say to them…


A rip of the US version will inevitably hit torrent sites on launch day. What do you think impatient European players are going to do? Wait three weeks? Jesus uncle-cuddling Christ. How have the lessons of the past not killed off this kind of insipid, pointless, damaging regionalism yet? What possible purpose does that long delay serve?

Anyway. The official website‘s just gone up, and there’re a clutch of new trailers below – including a peek at one of the new multiplayer modes.

Some new singleplayer Riddicking, as he mucks about on the titular Dark Athena spacecraft:

And the multiplayer, which seems to be riffing off a hunted/hunter mode, with one guy as Riddick and the other as security guards:

Hmm. I think I might stick to the singleplayer. Very much looking forward to it though – regardless of the whole film license thingy, Riddick was an excellent exercise in high-meets-low-tech stealth brutality, and it more than deserves this second chance to appear on gamers’ radars.


  1. Theoban says:

    I’m looking forward to this. 1) Attacky Stealth ’em ups are ace and we don’t have many of them on the PC and 2) Despite everything, I’ve got such a soft spot for Vin Diesel and the Riddick series.

  2. Hieremias says:

    I guess this means Europeans can pirate the game with a clear conscience, as clearly it’s what Atari wants them to do.

  3. Butler` says:

    “Jesus uncle-cuddling Christ”

    I lold :D

    I have seriously fond memories of CoR. I just randomly got it one day for cheap, having read nothing about it, and expected little. I barely stopped playing it for about a week.

    That video seems to imply it has that same gritty, visceral semi-realism that the first one had. That’s what sets it apart as an FPS to me.

  4. Senethro says:

    welp guess this is the piracy thread for this month

  5. The Apologist says:

    That delay for Europe is, as you say, idiotic.

    No doubt it will be the ‘death of PC gaming’ that is to blame if sales aren’t as high as they could be, not some utterly baffling publishing exec’s decision.

  6. PHeMoX says:

    Ah come on, Babylon A.D. ain’t that bad. He’s practically playing the Riddick character in that movie also, except without the cool eyes. :P

    The game though is something I am looking forward to.

  7. Vandelay says:

    Why does the gameplay look so poor in the multiplayer but everything we have seen of the singleplayer looks great? When I read hunter/hunted style gameplay I was expecting something along the lines of Chaos Theory Spy/Guards mode, with people going all stealth and then picking off the other team one by one. Instead the Riddick player just seems to dart around slashing hoping to get some kills. The animation looked pretty shocking as well, with the models looking almost as if they are sliding along the ground. I was intrigued until I saw the video. Disappointing.

    Enough with the negative though, I missed out on the original but heard so many great things. I’m probably more interested in the remake than the new game because of all the excellent things I’ve heard. Hopefully, they can pull this off without damaging the qualities that really made the original the great game it was supposed to have been. The videos I’ve seen certainly look like something good is coming.

  8. BooleanBob says:

    First Drugs, then Terror, now this?!

    Wars on abstract concepts – even those so easily defined as calendar months with inadequate lighting – are protracted, expensive, unwinnable affairs, almost always announced with the aim of a short-term PR gain by those in power who want to appear to be doing something, only to find that all they really can do is organise a press conference and embark upon a grandiose tilt at a windmill the world cannot even see. Frankly I expected more from an incoming regime whose touchword was change, change we could believe in, unlike this macabre waste of public…

    What’s that? Computer game? But why? This is a politics and patriotism blog, isn’t it?

  9. Archonsod says:

    Three weeks to put the “o” in colour?

  10. Muzman says:

    That release date biz would make an interesting investigative piece (someone may already have done one).
    Well, ok; I’d find it interesting. If it’s anything like the film business the torturous convolutions of title, territory and publishing no doubt feature Wire-like collisions of interest, webs of wheeling and dealing, favours, back scratching/stabbing, bureaucratic bloody mindedness and autocratic pettiness.
    Crying somewhere is a little developer going “I just want to make a game for people to play”

  11. Captain Captain says:

    Wow, the multiplayer looks really horrible, both technically (lags even in the devs presentation, that’s just great), game play wise (might be fun for 5 minutes top) and graphically (de_dust looks more interesting even after 10 years)!

    I also like it (hate it) how when the showed the game from gun man perspective they always killed Riddick and when they showed it from Riddicks perspective everyone was a blind idiot with backs just begging to get shanked.

    I am still getting the game (using any method that is necessary) because I loved the first game even though it had its flaws.

  12. Okami says:

    @Archonsod: But… But.. there are already two “o”s in colour. Why would europeans need more?

  13. matte_k says:

    I’ve realised that this is the third time i’ve entered April Fool’s Day as my birthday into the age check at the start of the video, such is the pointlessness of the exercise.

    However, the game is looking pretty sweet. And you get the first full game, remastered? This is a good idea some other developers could take note from…

  14. Markoff Chaney says:

    It’s a Buy one, get one free special! And the free special is remade awesomsauce! Huzzah! I’m looking forward to this one. Sneaking and Smashing in First Person was done so well with the first Riddick. I can’t wait to see it polished with even more content.

    On another note: Seriously Guys – Learn to release day/date around the world. It will help with 0 cost importing via the tubes. It will, really. I promise.

  15. Kadayi says:

    Never played the original although I heard very good things about it, so I’m looking forward to this given they’re throwing in the previous souped up on top (Valve should of taken a leaf out of there book). Have to agree it seems like utter madness for them to go against the grain of pretty much all AAA game releases since Doom 3 and attempt a split release. It’s definitely going to hurt them and I doubt very much whether the developers themselves are going to be that happy about it when the returns come in.

    Also noticed on the site that if my ears don’t deceive me the game features Michelle Forbes (aka Mossman from Halflife 2 and Admiral cain from BSG), which certainly is no bad thing ;)

  16. hydra9 says:

    Good point about the bad business sense of staggered release dates. Of course, I’ll be a good little fellow and wait for it to arrive on these shores. Also, I’d like to say THANKS to Atari for picking this game up when it was temporarily left stranded without a publisher.

  17. Event says:

    Release the game on Steam or something? For crying out loud, this is 2009….

  18. hydra9 says:

    When it comes to age ‘verification,’ I’ll happily confirm my birth date of January 1st, 1906. World’s oldest FPS fan, and still got the reflexes for it *cough* *wheeze*

  19. DigitalSignalX says:

    I think playing a “evil bastard” Riddick will be *very* easy to do. And very fun!

  20. Skurmedel says:

    @Hieremias: I hope you are aware that the devs are european.

  21. teo says:

    not buying this if it’s not on steam

  22. Rich_P says:

    I’ve yet to hear one bad thing about the original, even from the crusty FPS vets that frequent PC game sites :P Riddick might be the first new game I buy this year.

    Also: staggered release dates = FAIL.

  23. MikeW says:

    There can be various reasons for different release dates between the US and Europe but the descision is up to the publisher, not the developer.

    Also for European console releases you have a slightly different certification process due to multiple languages in one build and a whole separate build for the German version.

    But this is generally speaking, I don’t know what applies to this title.

  24. Heliocentric says:

    Atari, and whome so ever shall bare that name in the future have been, are and forever will be gits.

    The publish lovely games, rush them out and deploy them in a way that hurts the hype machine.

    I’ll be playing this all the same, not for full price as i own the original.

  25. Cabbs says:

    Babylon AD was passable. that goddamn rap music that permeated the ads and first 5 minutes if the film irritated me, mind you.

    I didnt play Escape From Butcher Bay, to my regret. If this really comes with all that + the next installment, then I might just pick this up. Both riddick films entertained me.

    Also staggered release date, aarg rage, so on, so forth.

  26. noexes says:

    Atari has games on Steam, and this would be a good fit so I assume it’ll show up as April 7th gets closer.

  27. TheSombreroKid says:

    not to mention the end was bat shit insane! apparently there was a massive falling out with the director (la haine-director & amile-bloke fame) and the studio which caused them to cut it thierselves hence why it’s totally schizo

  28. Kadayi says:

    “There can be various reasons for different release dates between the US and Europe but the descision is up to the publisher, not the developer.”

    I’m pretty sure no ones blaming the developer here, everyones just marvelling at the slow car crash that constitutes Ataris approach to publishing this game. A 3 week staggered release between regions is just an invitation to disaster, especially if the game scores well (and judging by the trailers it’s looking like it probably will). If I was on the dev team I’d be bloody furious with Atari.

  29. Radiant says:

    Babylon AD is scary in how terrible it actually is.
    It’s like they tried to do something god awful and it spiralled out of control like a tornado of shit.

  30. bruno says:

    The multiplayer looks horrible.

  31. IvanHoeHo says:

    Looks interesting, as always. The multilayer, though… the hidden: source is about 10 times better.

  32. MultiVaC says:

    I like how my page is showing a link to the old story “Valve: “Pirates are underserved customers”. Very fitting.

  33. Cynicide says:

    Teo: “not buying this if it’s not on steam”

    You’ve, er, got something in your mouth there, Teo….oh, I’m sorry, Gabe, I didn’t see you there! Uuh…er, carry on, ah, gents.

    I used to own an Atari ST in my youth. Seeing how badly this new Atari does ANYTHING makes me cry real man-tears. Bad release date! BAD!

  34. karthik says:

    “Well, I say “we”, but I mean “you Americans.” We Europeans have to wait until April 24th. Atari are distributing, and I have this to say to them…”

    Oh, stop cribbing. This game will likely reach stores here (in India) by the April 7th- of 2010. If, that is, it does at all. Most people in the world have it rougher than the US or Europe when it comes to games.

  35. Bobsy says:

    What people don’t realise about the European release delay is just how important it is. Vital, in fact. Here’s why:

    When a game is formed (from pixie-juice and elf tears, mixed and flavoured with love) it is left in an unstable, perilous state. With no natural chrysalis form, video games must be protected by a giant mother-bird, which adopts the quivvering, jelly-like mass of proto-game as its own and sees off predators with a particularly vicious squawk. Now while this giant psychotic avians are common in the Americas (thought previously to be an entirely fictional land until accidental missionary George A Romero turned up in the 1980s with a mouthful of zombie-flavoured videos) they do not occur naturally in Europe, and only rarely in the atlantic ocean.

    The upshot of this is that fragile fleshy lumps of videogames have to be transported very carefully across the sea, in special Biohaven Frigates constructed for that very purpose. Sadly, the bioluminescent glow from these megatankers commonly attracts unwanted attention, not only from 18th century pirates but also mutant narwals, which try to scupper the vessels with their radioactive horns.

    When they finally arrive in port at Olde London Towne, the games are transferred into complex incumbator devices. These facilities recieve only intermittent power from the National Grid due to Credits Crunching all over the fragile rooftops of the city. While the trembling proto-games enter their final stage of development mercenary guards are used to defend them against this final threat, in a tense battle to the death, and indeed, beyond death into a shadowy afterworld, where their immortal souls continue to act as guardians of the games’ spirit forms.

    Eventually the new, British-y games are born anew and can go to store shelves. At this point the process is repeated for the rest of the continent.

    And that’s why we have to wait an extra fortnight. The end.

  36. Ian says:

    I might get this. I can’t really remember why I stopped playing the original version.

    That multiplayer looks like fun in theory but I suspect it’ll be guff.

  37. Dreamhacker says:

    The game was MADE in Europe. The game should be RELEASED in Europe.


  38. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Bobsy, you have made my day.

  39. Gabanski83 says:

    Awesome story, Bobsy. :D

  40. catska says:

    Yes, go out of your way and spend tens of thousands more dollars in shipping and retail fees and against your publisher release window to beg the pirates not to pirate your game. Riddickulous.

    Game will probably sell 10x more on the consoles anyway.