The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 8


Clutch your armrests, the RPS Electronic Wireless Show returns, exactly on time. Jim, John and a creaky chair, their bellies filled with pizza, huddled around the world’s quietest microphone to discuss the most significant gaming facts of all time. There’s discussion of FEAR 2, Empire: Total War, Dawn of War II, Planetside, Rise of the Argonauts, and Mass Effect 2. There’s also discussion of the Officially Unofficial RPS TF2 server, the potential for an RPS MMO, and responses to words tweeted to us by the wise. Oh, and the first ever RPS Electronic Wireless Show Compo.

Other highlights include the moment at 7.50 when John’s brain completely stops working, and he just produces squeaking noises. Or at around minute 26 where Jim abandons the traditional meanings of words. And at 12:55 there’s one joke. We also tell you exactly what the future of gaming will be like.

You can get the mp3 directly from here. Or you could go to the podcast’s own little home here. Or you can find it on iTunes here.

The exciting competition, detailed inside the podcast, requires BY LAW that we link you to these rules. Obey them, lest prison consume you. Get entries in before Friday 6th March, to this email address here.


  1. Morbus says:

    Where’s your contact form dudes?

    [Click the link for the email address above. Contact forms are so very impersonal. And this doesn’t seem the place for plugging other sites, ta. – Ed]

  2. ThearmyofNone says:

    Finally going to get around to grabbing all of these off of iTunes and listening to them. Here’s hoping your voices are as entertaining as your written words!

  3. Ging says:

    any reason the mp3 is so huage?

  4. Tom says:

    Man alive, talk about slooooow download’n.
    Ahhhh Mass Effect 2… can’t wait…

  5. drakkheim says:

    Sound quality/levels is massively improved this time, Kudos!

  6. John Walker says:

    It should be 45mb, which is about the same as last time. 45 minutes, seems not hideously unreasonable. It’s downloading at 150k/s for me.

  7. Sam says:

    I like longer podcasts, since the length of the journey I listen to them on is about an hour, and that means I don’t have to get the mp3 player out and change the track. Still, I like the RPSEWS- it’s the “light armour” of the podcast world.

  8. Ging says:

    You make a good point Mr Walker, I’ve obviously hit a slow point in brain usage. A meg a minute is pretty reasonable for mp3, so I’m not sure what I was gibbering about!

  9. abigbat says:

    Ahh, downloading as we speak! Always look forward to a spot of RPS banter.

  10. ImperialCreed says:

    Nice to see this becoming a more regular occurrence. Polite request for next time lads, can you make sure the ID tags are sorted for the mp3 direct dl?


  11. Jeremy says:

    I liked that bit on fear in gaming, or humor, or … I’m sure any number of devices could be named here. Even action has to be mixed up a bit to make it fresh throughout a game, the same should be applied towards fear or humor as a device in gaming. It usually is those minimal experiences within the greater context of a game that brings out the best responses. In Fallout 3, the first time I went through a dark building filled with ghouls really got me anxious. In Bioshock, they did a good job of cutting out lights, filling rooms with smoke, etc but then not just scaring you at the easiest moment, building up and then maybe letting you think you were in the clear. Once your guard is down a bit, they throw something at you. I really enjoyed those moments, and that’s why a game like FEAR which is supposed to be ALL about fear, really doesn’t live up to its promise, there’s no way to keep it up.

  12. qrter says:

    I always enjoy hearing Jim Rossignol say his last name, sounds as if it’s being played backwards.

  13. Petethegoat says:

    Can you confirm the competition prizes? I’m still not entirely sure if it is a World of Warcraft bag or a Warhammer Online one.

    In addition, just to clarify, the entries must be under ten seconds in length. Right?
    So no Jeremy Soule-esk epics right through the whole podcast in the background? :p

    Either way, RPS should brace itself for a cappella.

    No, really.

  14. AlexW says:

    I pity anyone that gets podcasts from iTunes, because it means they haven’t uninstalled that piece of bloatware crap yet.

  15. qrter says:

    Whatever happened to the Planetside War, btw? There was one real report and then nothing.

    Edit: I should really listen to the podcast. Doh.

  16. Larington says:

    Welkin 4591 is the similar game.

    “We’ll have to cut the mobile phone off the end” Made me lol.

  17. JohnArr says:

    Jolly good podcast. Any idea when pt. 2 of is BotoR up, btw?

  18. dartt says:

    As mentioned in the podcast, the TF2 is back for another month!

    If you’d like to chip in then head over to
    link to

  19. John Walker says:

    Petethegoat – It’s a Warhammer bag. With a zip! And yes, max length of jingle is ten seconds.

    JohnArrrrrrrrrggggghhhh – BotOR 2 will be up in a month on EG.

  20. Dain says:

    With regards to the TW battle discussion: They’re still pretty much the only mainstream doing large, tactical, spectacular battles. Yes there are some old Take Command games and other niche wargames, but they tend to suffer from odd interface choices and tend to be nowhere near as responsive or interesting to watch. Plus in this case they really have the advantage of era. There are hardly any games dealing with this era and I have been waiting a verrrry long time for a good game set in this time period. I think the last game trying to tackle it was Imperial Glory, which turned out to be a poor man’s Total War.

    So I still think the battles are very very good. And combined with the campaign map the series is simply excelent, despite it’s army of whining fans.. they’re still doing something which noone else is doing.

  21. Nero says:

    Good to hear that the TF2 RPS server is back. I’ve had some good games there. For that reason I just donated $10.00.

  22. Kadayi says:

    Like the commentary about fear in games, that it works best when it’s meted out in contained doses rather than laid on constantly. Thumbs up on the lab sections in Stalker being amongst the scariest moments in PC gaming. I’d also give an honourable mention to the Ocean hotel level in VTM:B as another fine example of contained terror.

  23. Legionary says:

    You’re dead right that “scary” games tend not to be scary, and “comedy” games tend to be low on comedy. Scary or funny moments in games that aren’t trying to maintain fear or humour work much better.

    Very nice audio quality, these podcasts are getting better by increments.

  24. nabeel says:

    Good podcast and excellent audio quality this week, great job guys.

  25. Nick says:

    Your mum has excellent audio quality.

  26. Andrew says:

    I miss the minute by minute content lists. :(

  27. Radiant says:

    Nice podcast.
    Best bit was John free wheeling to the end of his “Fear 2 could have been a contender” speech with the profound discovery that “Fear 2 could have been great IF..!” Just for Rossignol to dismiss it with a “eh you’re probably right”.

  28. Radiant says:

    John I believe in you man.
    High five.

  29. Muzman says:

    Good yarn (well, I’m in the process of listening now. So hopefully it doesn’t all go horribly wrong with karaoke or something).
    I seem to remember the death of single player gaming being announced almost continously after things like Quakeworld, Team Fortress etc. Devs were falling all over themselves to shoehorn some sort of deathmatch into absolutely everything. In anticipation of the new world order came things like Tribes, UT and Q3A. Single player games were definitely dead when those came on the scene. And then Everquest! Oh it’s so dead now. This time for sure.

    Anyway, ‘nother girl player here. For roughly the same reasons.

  30. The Apologist says:

    I love the non-word ‘compo’.

    So many happy memories reading ‘Amstrad Action’ come flooding back.

  31. Joseph says:

    Good ‘cast (I’ll be damned if I use the word pod to represent an audio recording), cheers… Made me check my phone at the end, though.

  32. Ian says:

    Bags have zips now?

  33. aoanla says:

    Re: Fear in gaming.

    I’m a giant wimp when it comes to being scared by games. I barely made it past the Hotel section in V:TM, and have never managed to get past the second level of Thief (which wasn’t even trying to be scary at that point). And yet, Doom 3, for example, didn’t really phase me.
    The issue isn’t so much “scary games aren’t scary enough” for me, since some games clearly are quite scary enough for me (too scary, in fact – hence my never playing SS2), but that some scary games are very lazy about how to do scaring people (Doom 3, here, being an excellent example) and don’t pace themselves correctly.

  34. aoanla says:

    Re: “the future of gaming” – it’s worth noting that the VR “hats” have been getting lower-profile and more “glasses”like over the past couple of decades. It’s quite possible that there might be something like a decent, “thick-framed NHS glasses” head-mounted-display within the next five years (within the next two, if you believe some of the manufacturers), and this would probably remove some of the embarrassment factor.
    People are apparently now perfectly happy to wear those silly Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones now, afterall, and they looked utterly stupid a couple of years back…

  35. Nallen says:

    The important question here (or rather the episode 7 comments, but whatever) is: Does John listen to the SGU?

  36. AndrewC says:

    Ten years ago everyone was talking about Quake 3.

  37. chris hyde says:

    Love these ‘casts. Thanx a lot for doing them.

  38. Gap Gen says:

    Yeah, the underground bit in STALKER freaked me the fuck out. First the invisible guys who suddenly jumped you, then the mutant that fired fireballs. I ran in fright up the nearest ladder, and found myself in the middle of an army base…

  39. AlexW says:

    Damn, forgot about that section. Sure, something was clearly going to go wrong in a long, well-lit corridor with silence and nothing to look at, but that was one hell of a surprise. I spent a day stewing, then sprinted to the end of the hall and hid up a ladder waiting in ambush.

    And I still haven’t gone to the one in the north-west yet. (In my defence it’s only been two months, and I’ve had a lot to do.)

  40. ...hmm... says:

    I need a new bag. Just throwing that out there… But yeah I’ll get to work on either a rubbish techno jingle or a bar room honky tonk piano crumble, because I need a new bag due to elfen ninja zombies in space stealing my banking paraphernalia and withdrawing the pittance that was quietly festering away in there. Sadface :(

  41. Captain Bland says:

    I wish people would stop bringing out the “If I have to stare at a game character’s butt for 30 hours” comment. John, you already said quite eloquently why you might want to play a female character, so it seems silly to tack that on the end. The people I think you’re trying to reach with the first comment are just going to feel validated by the joke “Oh! It’s okay, I don’t have to try a new perspective, He just wants a good arse to look at like the rest of us”, instead of thinking about why they pick the gender they do, and what that says about them and about the developers. Now I don’t think it’s fundamentally a bad thing for people to pick a character model because he/she is attractive (FPS Developers: Men don’t just look like leering, shaven headed thugs.) but I’ve noticed at few commentators use this joke after making valid points about why we pick a gender in games and it just grates.