Time Unravels: New Singularity Trailer

Mmmm, toasty.

I’ve made one of my official decisions. Singularity is going to be good. If, for whatever reason it turns out to not be good, Raven forfeit the right to make games any more. Times are harsh, my wrath is mighty. So far the teaser output has been of a really entertaining standard. In rather good news, there’s a new trailer out, and it shows in-game footage. It’s below.

I like how the TMD is able to focus on a particular object, and move it through time. Or indeed move its time through now. Clearly this could go either way. If the uncrumpled barrel is the only way to pass that particular section, then it could become quite a gimmicky theme. If that’s an example of someone improvising within the scene, then hoo-ray, that looks a lot of fun.

For geeky fun, the people at inSingularity spotted that during the new trailer, at around one minute in the magic numbers from Lost appear on a crate. Which probably is a sign of something about someone. Keep up with the conspiracies at the official pretend-unofficial site.


  1. Ian says:

    Thank God he has that gizmomajig, otherwise how could a trained soldier possibly hope to overcome that terrifying staircase with several steps broken?

    I jest, the game looks like it could be great fun. Provided it doesn’t fall into the trap you already mentioned where each puzzle/obstacle can only be beaten by one conveniently-placed item.

  2. HidesHisEyes says:

    Looks like it should be fun to play; maybe TMD will be the same refreshing twist as the gravity gun was for HL2.

  3. rob says:

    Raven did amazing things with the Quake 3 engine, here’s hoping they haven’t lost it.

  4. kwyjibo says:

    I’m not sold on this at all, the teaser trailers and all the conspiracy stuff, I love. I thought it’d be some Deus Ex style affair (MIR-12 = Majestic 12, right?)

    But it looks like it’s a gimmick shooter from Raven, welcome to Timeshift.

  5. aldo_14 says:

    I have almost no idea what’s going on, but it’s nice to see big beasties back in games.

  6. dhex says:

    this looks pretty hot, actually. i don’t smell any timeshiftyness. (timeshift is a great fps pastiche, so long as you don’t mind a patchwork made from the most middling parts of games from this decade)

  7. PaulMorel says:

    I thought Bioshock 2 was being developed by 2K Boston?

    I kid, I kid.

    This game looks interesting, but the trailer definitely has a bioshocky feel to it. That could be good or bad.

  8. Arnulf says:

    I think I somehow missed it, but TMD stands for time manipulating device, right?

  9. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Terrificly Magic Dodah?
    Tremendous Monster Destroyer?
    Two Marvelous Dohnuts?

  10. pauleyc says:

    No idea how a singularity and time travel could be related to the big beastie from the end of the trailer but I certainly have faith in Raven. The teasers so far have really been entertaining.

  11. Pags says:

    Mmmmm gimmicky! I’m going to go play some Fracture now.

    Sorry for the cynicism. But I saw monsters, which is a bad sign.

  12. Pags says:

    I do like the other teaser trailers though. And given Raven’s pedigree I’m sure this will be enjoyable enough.

  13. Scotch Mist says:

    This looks to me like a cross between Crysis and Stalker, with a bit of Lost and Bioshock chucked in for good measure. Basically, as if it was thought up by some committee somewhere, of What People Like Nowadays (i.e. in 2007).

    Not that I’m saying I don’t think it could be fun.

  14. -F. says:

    Yes, I feel a sudden urge to re-install Timeshit.

    And I’m looking forward to this. It’s a Raven shooter with a nice gimmick and a bit beastie. What more do you need?

  15. Dominic White says:

    Pags: Because as we all know, shooting the exact same Generic Soldier With Gun Who Dies In One Headshot is the best kind of game design there is! Who needs enemy variety? Boo, monsters!

  16. -F. says:

    Sorry for the double post, but I need to rectify my last typo.

    I feel a need to re-install TimeshiFt.

    It was not a bad pun or something, just a typo. I actually like the game.

  17. Turin Turambar says:

    Meh, Wolfenstein seems more fun, and more innovative.

  18. karthik says:

    @-F : And to think your comment name is minus F.

  19. diebroken says:

    As others have stated, some nod towards TimeShift. A good thing really (wonder if that’s how Portal 2 would turn out like), as TS is a pretty damn good game.

    I mean who doesn’t like freezing time, killing some bad guys, and then unfreezing time to watch them fly backwards?! :P

  20. bhlaab says:

    Wait you’re telling me I can finally pick up a barrel and throw it in a video game

  21. clive dunn says:

    @Karthik…….whoa, spooky!

  22. Mman says:

    “Because as we all know, shooting the exact same Generic Soldier With Gun Who Dies In One Headshot is the best kind of game design there is! Who needs enemy variety? Boo, monsters!”

    This is what partially makes Half-Life the worst thing to happen to the genre as well as the best; while it brought so much to the genre, it also made every developer (even Valve themselves seemed to overlook it a little in Half-Life 2, although they still got it much better than other developers) think that the Marines were the only thing they needed, instead of realising that it’s a careful mix of them and other enemy types that works so brilliantly in Half-Life. It doesn’t help that in the process monster-making has become somewhat of a lost art, and therefore many developers get it wrong and therefore create further bias towards the “generic gun-toting enemies and nothing else” gameplay.

    Since it’s a Raven game I’m expecting something good but not amazing, as, with a few exceptions that’s how Raven games generally are.

  23. diebroken says:

    @bhlaab: I think that you might also get to do the same thing to Barrel’s older brother, Crate (just don’t tell him yet, it’s a surprise!) =]

    Don’t worry I didn’t bring a coat…

  24. Larington says:

    Pardon me, but I’ll wait for the reviews on this.
    Mostly because I saw explosive barrels… And my immediate reaction was to sigh.

  25. The Sombrero Kid says:

    saying ‘move its time through now.’ is like saying ‘move it’s space through my location.’ it’s gibberish, but i know what you mean.

  26. Lim-Dul says:

    I can’t quite put my finger on it but who does TimeShift, Fracture and Dark Sector with a little bit of Prey sprinkled on top immediately come to my mind?
    No, this isn’t meant as a compliment…

  27. Ian says:

    More games need more exploding barrels.

  28. I Like Waffles says:

    I had written off this as that-game-that-is-sort-of-like-timeshift-that-I-will-never-play. But seeing the trailers actually got me interested. I’ll wait for RPS to dissect it when it’s released before making the dreadful buy or not buy decision though.

  29. Hermit says:

    Yeah, it’s a shame Valve didn’t fill HL2 with crazy things like Headcrabs, Zombies, Barnacles, Antlions, Striders, Hunters, Advisors and Gunships made out of Space Whales.

  30. bruleks says:


    Every game needs exploding barrels. In fact, the Far Cry 2 editor is game enough in itself for me.

  31. brulleks says:

    How embarrasing. I can’t even spell my own name correctly.

  32. Pags says:

    Pags: Because as we all know, shooting the exact same Generic Soldier With Gun Who Dies In One Headshot is the best kind of game design there is! Who needs enemy variety? Boo, monsters!

    I have trouble thinking of any FPS in recent years that didn’t become unbearable after it introduced monsters. I’m not saying that should be an excuse for lazy design, in fact I’m asking for quite the opposite. I’d just much rather games did one kind of enemy right than two kinds that are very lovely and colourful but ultimately rubbish.

    Of course, I am jumping the gun a little bit as I have no idea how fun it will be to fight these things. I’m just going on past experience.

  33. Mman says:

    “Yeah, it’s a shame Valve didn’t fill HL2 with crazy things like Headcrabs, Zombies, Barnacles, Antlions, Striders and Gunships made out of Space Whales.”

    Removed the ones from the episodes (which improved the variety and are about as good as HL1 in that regard) or that you don’t actually fight.

    HL2 might have had some variety in enemies (although most are melee-only, unlike the interesting array of attacks in HL1), but there are multiple parts where you do nothing but fight wave after wave of Combine with no other kind of enemy to break things up (or what else there is is crowbar fodder and needs no further tactics). As I said though, HL2 is still far better at that than most FPS games.

  34. Kitt Basch says:

    If I can shoot someone in the head, then rewind their corpse to a previous un-holed-faced time, then shoot them in the face again, ad nauseam, I think this game would be a winner.

    Now I’m off to beat up some hookers.

  35. dhex says:

    “I have trouble thinking of any FPS in recent years that didn’t become unbearable after it introduced monsters. ”


    it gets hells of hectic, and to everyone’s annoyance it shifts out of predator mode into run for your life mode. that change is jarring, to be sure, but i thought it wrapped up nicely.

    many of the problems are also rectified in the warhead expansion.

    edit: it’s important to remember that hl2 is a rail shooter.

  36. Schmung says:

    The problem with introducing monsters into an otherwise fine FPS is that it gives the developers an easy way to make the game harder by making them stupidly and pointlessly resistant to all the guns in your armoury. It’s among the things I despise the most in FPS gamery – having to pump an additional clip of ammo into something to kill it just because it’s from teh planet Zog is just so, so wrong and annoying. I think it may just be my overly specific taste TBH

  37. jalf says:

    HL2 might have had some variety in enemies (although most are melee-only, unlike the interesting array of attacks in HL1),

    Are we talking about the same game here? The one with the several types of combine soldiers (ranged), space whale gunships (ranged), striders (both, but ranged was the nasty weapon) and so on? Hardly melee only. How did HL1 have a wider variety of attacks? Apart from the giant floating space baby at the end, most HL1 baddies were pretty conventional too.

  38. Pags says:

    Oddly enough dhex, I was thinking of Crysis as being a prime example of what I was talking about.

    Meanwhile, Schmung knows exactly what I’m talking about. Rather than introducing you to smarter enemies or enemies that require a change of tactics, it just makes the fights more difficult by making you fight either a) larger numbers b) larger enemies that, due to their size, apparently need more ammo pumped into them c) a combination of both.

  39. Ian says:

    I don’t reckon it was the aliens that killed Crysis. As soon as you were outside of areas full of destructibleness it wasn’t as good. Legging it through the jungle, fighting in caves, the KPA underground bit, none of this was a LOT more fun than the floaty spaceship or frozen wastes bits.

    I do agree though about it getting disappointing where “more advanced” enemies just have more hitpoints. I hated the miniguns guys in Crysis even more than the aliens.

  40. Mman says:

    This is going OT but in terms of attacks:

    Half-Life 1:
    Melee only: Headcrab (+Baby headcrab), Zombie, barnicle (sort of), Snark, ichthysaurs and leeches.

    Mixed or range: Alien Slave, Houndeye, Bull Squid, Grunts, Alien Grunts, Tentacle, Alien Controller, Gargantua, Assassin, Gonarch, Nihilanth, Tanks, Helicopter, Turrets, Osprey.

    Half-Life 2:
    Melee: All Headcrabs, Normal and Fast zombies, Barnicle (again, sort of), Antlion, Antlion Guard, Manhack, Roller mine.

    Mixed or range: Poison zombie, Metrocop, Combine Soldier and Elite, Turret, Helicopter, Gunship, Strider, Dropship, scanners.

    I’ll admit the numbers difference isn’t too big, but note how the mixed/ranged enemies are almost entirely Combine based, while HL has as many mixed/ranged aliens as Humans (and about as much variety in terms of the humans), also, HL2 has many enemies that are basically model swaps with slightly different capabilties (see headcrabs and scanners), while almost every HL1 enemy is unique.

    Again, HL2 still did it far better than 99% of other FPS games in the last ten years.

  41. Dan Harris says:


  42. dhex says:

    “Oddly enough dhex, I was thinking of Crysis as being a prime example of what I was talking about.”

    i figured as much. i never felt it was as much of a break, a la far cry – now there’s a game that stomped on your toes and told you to go to hell.

    also the spaceship level was so pretty and unique that it may have broken my brain. further disclaimer: i liked the vtol “run away” section.

    overall, however, i tend to agree that like works best with like. (i.e. most of fear 1 v. the annoying ghosties at the end of fear 1)

  43. Jack says:

    Ah… is that a generic zombie monster I see there? Near the end?

    Can we please – please – make a top flight FPS without zombies?

    (Feral Ghouls, Headcrab Zombies, Splicers)

    (Or, at least zombie looking things, in the case of the last one.)

  44. Tei says:

    The video.. is not a huge spoiler? theres a damn big moster at the end…

  45. Pundabaya says:

    Dude, everything is better with zombies!

  46. v.dog says:

    A protagonist with the powers of HL2 and TimeShift plunged into the events of STALKER, set on the island of Lost? I am intrigued. I hope they can pull off something this ambitious, and have it play well.

    My one concern is whether the powers will be a gimmick, or will they have an actual effect on gameplay?

  47. DeliriumWartner says:

    Wait, if he stops the singularity, how will he have gained the device to stop the singularity? I smell a paradox!

  48. DMJ says:

    Don’t think about it. Your head will explode. And the paradox will prevent you from un-exploding it.

  49. Andy`` says:

    kwyjibo: MIR-12 and MJ-12 happen to have nothing to do with each other. MJ-12 is an American Roswell-based conspiracy thing, while MIR-12 is related to Russian history. “Mir” has a fair few references but the most important ones, says Wikipedia’s disambg page, are all Russian. The word means “world” or “peace” depending, but there’s a page on a social system (focusing on the “world” meaning), which I’m guessing the game’s organisation is based on.

    And Katorga is about some kind of Russian Siberia-focused penal system, thus Katorga-12 from the game probably originated as a prison island (or, you know, maybe they just liked the name). And since MIR is investigating this island, what better name than MIR-12?

    It also confuses people like you and me into briefly thinking of Majestic-12 and Deus Ex. But I’m sure that’s not intentional.

    Aaaanyway, that trailer looks pretty cool. And is the only trailer in a long time that’s had me totally intrigued and interested after just 5 seconds of player-controlled footage. And the time shift effect was just awesome. Sci-fi, time travel, paradoxes everywhere, yes!

    And then a random giant alien monster thing came along. What? Why?

  50. Wazzle says:

    People are being skeptical about this game. I’m going to be shallow and say that it seems to be shaping up into orgasmic fun. I’m just saying…