Time Unravels: New Singularity Trailer

Mmmm, toasty.

I’ve made one of my official decisions. Singularity is going to be good. If, for whatever reason it turns out to not be good, Raven forfeit the right to make games any more. Times are harsh, my wrath is mighty. So far the teaser output has been of a really entertaining standard. In rather good news, there’s a new trailer out, and it shows in-game footage. It’s below.

I like how the TMD is able to focus on a particular object, and move it through time. Or indeed move its time through now. Clearly this could go either way. If the uncrumpled barrel is the only way to pass that particular section, then it could become quite a gimmicky theme. If that’s an example of someone improvising within the scene, then hoo-ray, that looks a lot of fun.

For geeky fun, the people at inSingularity spotted that during the new trailer, at around one minute in the magic numbers from Lost appear on a crate. Which probably is a sign of something about someone. Keep up with the conspiracies at the official pretend-unofficial site.


  1. Chaz says:

    Hmmm, now if I had a time manipulation device strapped to my hand, I’d grab a big box of tissues and treat myself to a nice long w………

  2. Sonic Goo says:

    Why do scientific experiments gone wrong always produce monsters? That never happened when I did something wrong in chemistry class.

  3. The Hammer says:

    I’m looking forward to this one, actually. It seems to be setting up a great and interesting narrative, with an interesting spin on the whole Commie theme, and the combat itself looks agreeably meaty.

  4. Chaz says:

    @ Sonic Goo

    That’s because you need a scientific doctorate in “Dabbling with things mankind wasn’t meant to meddle with.” Mere class room science will hardly produce those results.

  5. Meowington T Cat says:

    Wow, I poo’d a little. Glad I’m sitting on a leather couch. I always enjoyed Raven’s games. Star Trek: Elite Force rocked my socks.