Behold The Pink Mouths Of Hell: Dante’s Inferno

The last few seconds of this new Dante’s Inferno trailer made me snort my strawberry milk with their ludicrousness. We can only hope that some fragment of this kind silliness makes it into the actual game, and isn’t lost to the splendidly smoky cinematic. A few in-game screenshots have turned up too (as above, below) and are looking a bit God of War. Hmm.

And is it coming to PC? We’re not totally sure, possibly not, but as it’s from the Dead Space studio (which did come out on PC) it seems a fair bet. That it’s from the Dead Space chaps probably gives us a sense of the flavour of the thing too. Less literal poetry, more poetry in stomping on the face of a demon, forever. Or something.

Giant beast dude, hello!


  1. Tworak says:

    this game got slammed pretty bad on idlethumbs I think it was. I guess not getting (probably) a pc release would be a blessing

    dead space was fun, though.

  2. TychoCelchuuu says:

    I think it was confirmed for PC, according to ShackNews according to IGN and Eurogamer and other dudes:

    link to

  3. Pags says:

    I’d never have thought the words ‘stompy’ and ‘wispy’ could be used to describe the same thing, but that trailer proved me wrong.

    This game looks stupid but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Painkiller had a very similar premise but made no bones about being a mindless shooter with bossfights. If this does the same, then we can at least hope for a decent distraction.

  4. Tei says:

    I suppose this one will have lots of…
    “Your game is perfoming a Quick Time Event, don’t move or shutdown the machine while the game play-itself”.

  5. Theoban says:

    This looks like it could be fun…but a Dante’s Inferno game really does seem more suited to a Planescape: Torment kind of system.

    Mind you I’m curious who the last boss’ll be. Lucifer? Or just Judas with his twin henchmen, Brutus and Cassius?

  6. Funky Badger says:

    Was that the Prince, out of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time on voice?

    Also, isn’t this a bit of a high-budget Limbo of the Lost – I’m sur I spotted God of War, Ninja Gaiden, Shadow of the Colossus, Devil May Cry et al. in there…

  7. Markoff Chaney says:

    I for one am grateful to see such a faithful and spot on representation of the source material being preserved, even if times have changed.

    On a realistic note it looks like a Gods of War clone. IN HELL!!!1

    Seriously though, a full Planescaped out talk-a-thon with interaction and social commentary would be quite enjoyable. I’m not sure how well that would sell though. Instead, let’s just take a name people know, turn a poet into a guy who came to HELL to do 2 things but just ran out of bubblegum and make 9 levels out of it. Maybe 10 levels if you have a traveling to HELL on your motorcycle that belches fire when you gun the engine while popping a wheelie while playing guitar with your teeth and that functions as some kind of tutorial level.

  8. Haggai Elkayam says:

    I had a course about Dante’s Inferno last year, and I think I should tell on those people to my professor. I don’t think they’re allowed to do that.

    I mean, seriously. They actually used the first verse from the Divine Comedy… in a whiny voice crying about lost love. And then they had Dante holding a glowing cross. I’m not sure doing that to classics is legal!

    On the other hand, a God of War clone for PC doesn’t sound too bad.

  9. Tei says:

    Maybe we are not allowed to say what is Ok as base to make a game, and what is not Ok.

    It would create a really byzarre list!

    Ulises: Ok.
    Nimrod: Not Ok. (except platform games)
    Beowuld: Ok.
    Dante: Not Ok. (except RPG)
    Abraham Lincoln: Ok.
    Jesus: Not Ok. (except FPS)
    Nixon: Ok. (except Dating Sim)
    Pizarro: Not Ok.
    Admiral Neslon: Ok.

  10. the probe says:

    There’s no reason this can’t be fun.
    The responses I’m seeing here have provided me with a convenient chance to say this:
    A lot of PC gamers have become elitist, it seems to me. Sure, occasionally there’s a charming indie game or PC exclusive that reaches exceptional levels artistically and in gameplay. But, “dumb” games for consoles (Gears of War, God of War, etc) are tremendous fun when they’re taken at face value, as summer-blockbuster type outings.

  11. Flint says:

    I was sold on the last moments, with the world full of mouth creatures (the Gluttony level, perhaps?). If the rest of the game is full of that sort of completely screwed up design, hell yeah I’m intrigued in taking a tour there.

  12. Hajimete no Paso Kon says:

    Probe is most assuredly right. This game looks awesome, and as Flint said, if it can pull off that last bit of the video, even anything close to what it showed, I will be forever enamored with this game.

  13. Meat Circus says:


    Why have there been no Jesus-based action games?

    I’m thinking Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, but with more Mithraist miracles.

  14. limboing_leper says:

    I believe the big pink mouthed thing at the end is the lead artist’s interpretation of Cerberus which is interesting to say the least.

  15. Fede says:

    It reminded me a lot of the LotR movies: the music, the fall, the balrog-like creature, the bridge.

    It has really nothing to do with Dante, but if we forget that it could be interesting.

  16. Sharky says:

    Looks a bit like Spore creatures gone horribly wrong at the end there.

  17. the probe says:

    Those random mouths and eyes stuck to the wall are quite comical, really. I wish I could make a spore creature that looked that ridiculous.

  18. Markoff Chaney says:

    Don’t forget The You Testament! a game where you get to play a heretofore unknown apostle. It’s more of a 3rd person walkaround title though.

    I have no issue with God of War (and quite enjoyed it on my PS2) I just have issue with the source material being so disparate from the realized vision in the specific creation of this game. Maybe I went a little over the top on describing my dream intro level “LEVEL 1 – The Journey to HELL!!!1” but it made me smile.

    Call it “Battle through HELL!” or something, but when you call something Dante’s (and not BigKilla’s) Inferno, it should, at a bare minimum, bear a slight resemblance to the source material.

  19. Fumarole says:

    This is a trainwreck in the making.

  20. Mo says:

    I liked it! :)
    Next-to-none of that was gameplay, which is a shame, but artistically, I’m interested. Looking at more of the screenshots, I’m really reminded of the original Quake. The gothic, hellish, and … squishy environments are exactly what Quake was going for all those years ago.

  21. DBeaver says:

    Weird, I just don’t remember those parts from the book…

  22. Dan Harris says:

    Where’s Virgil? Is Beatrice the pale girl?

    Why isn’t Dante a forty-year-old academic?

    Tell you what, the Divine Comedy would make an awesome RPG. Someone should do that. BioWare please, not Bethesda.

  23. Monchberter says:

    Next week…

    Soon to be a movie by Uwe Boll.

    I can see this coming a mile off.

  24. JonFitt says:

    I also think it looks like one long stream of QuickTimeEvents.

  25. Tei says:

    @Meat Circus: Whas supposed to be a joke. And be read like that “No, you can’t make a videogame with jesus, except if is a FPS”. Mostly because some dude on the internet already did a webcomic with Jesus in a FPS, and can’t remove that idea from my head. Serius version: you can’t make a game with jesus, except something educational.

  26. Dominic White says:

    I’m not sure whether this is educational, hilarious, baffling or just plain weird, but here’s a game about Jesus:

    link to
    The You Testament. Behold the glory that is boggle-eyed customizable polygonal Jesus!

  27. Rei Onryou says:

    Dante Alighieri must be spinning in his grave. Why do they even bother to try to link it to Dante’s Inferno makes little sense.

  28. drewski says:

    Dan Harris – seriously? Bioware? Seriously? They of the two moral choices in every dialogue tree which are polar opposites?

    I’d rather they brought together the best of ex-Troika and the best of Obsidian and let some guys who actually have an idea about telling compelling, morally ambiguous stories with engaging characters and a vibrant world a go.

    Heck, maybe someone should suggest to Chris Avellone that he takes a crack at it after knocking off Alpha Protocol, if that makes any money.

  29. PHeMoX says:

    Wow, this is looking very interesting. Can’t wait for the first actual gameplay footage of this.

  30. Grimp says:

    Great, Dante is now a grim, acrobatic ultrawarrior who nonchalantly dives into hell to save Beatrice?

    Granted, you don’t have to stay completely on-canon to make a great game, but part of what made the actual poem great was that Dante descended with awe into something so much larger than himself. He was merely a man, tiptoeing around demons and the damned, vulnerable but for Virgil’s guidance. This slick, young warrior is a different person altogether. They should have just made a game about Hell that referenced Dante’s Inferno if they wanted that character, instead of taking on the heavy mantle of using the name.

  31. Dain says:

    Why is it that videogame characters always wear their swords on their backs while wearing no shirts? It must be somewhat chilly!

  32. Evan says:

    If it follows Dantes Inferno even a little bit, it will be sweet. The visuals are worth it to me. One of the reasons i liked Warcraft was the CGI sequences.

  33. IvanHoeHo says:

    I still say make it a Berserk game… but that’s never gonna happen.

  34. rargphlam says:

    If the final boss of this isn’t the devil trapped in a block of ice, and you can just walk around him and leave, I’m going to be pissed.

  35. blobulon says:

    Just imagining myself controlling a character skulking through the 9 levels of hell realized makes me shudder with… well, fear, anticipation, and delight, I guess. Also, the thought of walking on/around dead popes makes me giddy.

    This trailer definitely gives some moments of awe (what the hell was that scene on the cliff with the odd three-headed thing in the background?), though the whole implied-forced-love-story (has this been done before? hmm) and “Holy Christian warrior wielding Death’s Scythe” makes me cringe. If the Dead Space studio is going to make this quasi-religious (which would make sense considering the text), go the whole 9 yards and give they poor protagonist (who I will be embodying while I attempt not to brown-stain my undergarments) some realization of the gravity of where’s he’s going.

    Rather than being as it looks now: “Indiana Jones and the Bowels of Hell.”

  36. Malgate says:

    Hmm, this has inspired me to try to make a religious game… like some kind of Jesus FPS where he kills a lot of Romans with a big wooden cross thingie and shoots smiting lighting from his hands. You know, just like in the bible.

    Regarding Dante though, what’s the odds of them having some “bonus levels” of hell? All the way down to the 13th level, where the REAL satan is hiding, who if you defeat will show you the REAL extended bonus ending that will blow you away (it’s just like the normal ending except Beatrice pulls off her face to reveal that she is the real REAL satan). I’m liking this concept more and more.

  37. tonypiz says:

    I do not understand why almost everyone talking about this game refers to The Divine Comedy as an “epic poem”. There’s nothing epic in Dante’s masterpiece, it’s an extremely complex allegorical masterpiece. There’s no battle, no fight, or any kind of “heroic” action in it. The “main character” has even the mostly un-heroic tendency to faint. BTW, despite the fact that their “treatment” of the original material makes me cringe to say the least (but I’m trying to look at it with a bit of irony, not an easy task when you’ve studied Dante’s work at school for years), some of the artworks for the game seem pretty inspired (the Gluttony monster for example).

  38. Ian says:

    “A man who fears no death”.

    I ain’t afraid of no death!

  39. ADamnFox says:

    More trailers should end by telling the viewer to “go to hell”…

  40. N says:


    Looks bitchin’ to me, love the scythe. He clearly isn’t as young as most of you say he is, you guys and your obsession with young strapping boys, what are we to do with you? Look at his face when he uses the cross, 40ish.

  41. Subject 706 says:

    It makes you wonder WHY EA even references Dante’s Inferno. I mean, most people who have actually read the real thing probably don’t even play videogames. Those who do, will probably hate this with a passion for debasing the original work. Why not just make game about Hell, and leave poor ol’ Dante out of it?

  42. MrFake says:

    Not even close! But we all knew that already, I guess. I figured it would be a brash departure from the source material, but to include elements of the narrative in the game, and the most irrelevant ones no less, that’s surprisingly disrespectful.

    And yet, this is exactly why I enjoyed Inferno; not the sissy Dante and his endless conversations with long forgotten Italians and other peoples of history, but Hell itself. And hopefully, oh wonderful God I hope, that we can have some Shadow of the Colossus inspired fights. My heart knows it’s just a tease, that fights like that will never appear in a diluted, whitewashed EA game. It’ll all be God of War-like quick-time takedowns, where you simply hack-n’-slash at a weak point until you get an opening to “Press X to chop off head.” I know it will be like this, because EA’s advancements of form come slowly, over many games, as they stick doggedly to norms. But I know I’ll be suckered in by the tease.

    Curse you EA. *sigh* curse you…

  43. Michael says:


    You realise most criticism stems from the fact that they felt the need to slap the Dante’s Inferno IP onto a generic (but possibly very fun) action-game, right? If this was Hellkiller : Hot Hijinx in Hell, that would have been entirely acceptable.

  44. Michael says:

    Also, regarding the use of ‘epic’ for the poem, that’s just what they’re called. It has no direct relation to the english word, as far as I understand it:
    “An epic (from Greek: έπος or επικό “word,story,poem”[1]) is a lengthy narrative poem”
    “Epic: a long narrative poem in elevated stature presenting characters of high position in adventures forming an organic whole through their relation to a central heroic figure and through their development of episodes important to the history of a nation or race.”

    Although, yeah, ‘heroic’ seems much more applicable to other epic poems than Dante’s Inferno.

  45. clive dunn says:

    How about a Rome:total war mod where the superior roman forces crucify a fellah. Three turns later he appears from a cave to smite his foes with +3 faith armour that is rendered in fancy bloom graphics.

  46. Al3xand3r says:

    Haven’t read much about Dante other than a fictional story title The Third Heaven Conspiracy (great mystery btw). It does reference some of his actual works in it though and uh, what the hell is this game, lol.

    On the other hand, it’s the Dead Space dudes so it might be good as a game, despite the disgrace of the theme. Perhaps EA will do what Konami don’t and provide an actually good, 3D, Castlevania-esque game? Too early to tell.

  47. Kelly says:

    I am reading Dante’s Inferno right now in my english lit class and I am just wondering how they could make this huge battling game and cakk it Dante’s Inferno when all that happened in the real story was that Virgil took Dante on a long tour of Hell. There were no battles or even alot of communication between Dante and the inhabitants of Hell in the story so I’m wondering how that translated into this game. I don’t mean to bash the game or anyone who is excited about it because I’m sure it is going to be really interesting and probably fun too, but I am just confused.