Hey, What Happened To Street Fighter IV PC?

Whilst idly watching Twitter and Facebook continue to fill up with console types nattering excitedly about Street Fighter IV being the best thing since deep-fried cabbage or something, I entirely forgot that I was supposed to be playing it too. There was a PC release due, remember? I became miffed. Like this: grrrrrrr.

A quick spot of searching revealed a) Amazon claiming it’s now due in June. June! and b) a story from October that I’d somehow missed, in which Capcom admitted it’d be released after the console versions. No reason or date was given. Tomorrow I’ll attempt to find out what’s going on, or if we should presume this’ll quietly disappear and never be mentioned again. It would be a shame – I’ve no idea how well it’d work on PC or how big the audience would be, but it’d certainly be fascinating to see how a high-profile fighting game does fit this old box of ours.


  1. M_the_C says:

    I’d forgotten it was meant to be coming out on PC.

    Not that I’m really bothered, but it does seem to have been just swept under the carpet.

  2. Pags says:

    Just when Capcom were getting on our good sides.

    Anyway, chances are I’ll be playing this soon with the self-proclaimed champion of Sanford, Maine. I am not looking forward to having my ass handed to me.

  3. Optimaximal says:

    I was annoyed when I found it had slipped a few days before the console release, but if it means it comes across in a better state than a few of the recent high-profile console ports then all the better.

    If anything, Devil May Cry 4 & Lost Planet got the ‘look really really nice and perform pretty damn well’ parts of the process down pat and SFIV’s playability pretty much hinges on that factor.

  4. Dominic White says:

    Capcom really need to bundle this along with a gamepad (ideally the now near-universally supported 360 one), otherwise they’re going to be flooded by stupid reviews marking down the game for not providing generic mouse/keyboard controls, like Devil May Cry 4 should have!

    It seems that the harder they try, the harder they get shat on lately.

  5. drewski says:

    Fighting games? On MY computer?

    Hope it goes awesome for them. Agree on the gamepad thingy, I can’t imagine 12 move combos with a keyboard but then I loved Tony Hawk on PC so maybe I should rethink SF as well.

  6. Jeremy says:

    I kinda feel like I need a big joystick to play fighting games. No, I am not being figurative.

  7. Wedge says:

    No, they should never bundle this with the 360 controller, as it’s godawful for a fighting game.

    I would have loved for this to come out on PC with cross-console play on the 360 (or hell, PS3), as I already have a SFIIA gamepad for the PS2 and a PS2->USB adapter. However Microsoft would never allow it, even if Capcom cared enough to do it.

    As it stands this game is $100+ investment on 360, between the game and requiring some manner of controller other than the worthless default 360 dpad, which I just can’t spare =/.

    And I’m sure the actual eventual PC release will be rubbish, with tacked on, if any support for online play. Unless it can cross-play with a console, I can’t imagine there being an audience.

  8. Andrew says:

    Not sure why console folk got so excited over this one. Fighting games dont have much depth imo. Still we can always stick an emulator on and play the classic 16bit versions.

  9. pkt-zer0 says:

    The game is going to be released for the PC, but the official word on the release date is that there’s no release date so far. The PC port should be pretty decent, given that the arcade version already runs on not-that-beefy PC hardware and Windows XP SP2.

  10. Rustkill says:

    I was very upset when I realised this wasn’t coming out at the same time as the consoles. Now I have to contemplate buying the Xbox copy and borrowing my mate’s RRoD’d Xbox. I was so looking forward to this on the PC though… With (reportedly) good netcode the vast host of potential adversaries would be fantastic. I will no doubt buy it on PC when it does come out… it’s just a matter of whether I also buy a console copy in the meantime.

  11. Dominic White says:

    Andrew: Fighting games don’t have much depth, eh? Try playing one online. You will be ground into the dirt so fast it’s not even funny. It’ll take you months/years to claw your way up to the level of those players. If there was no depth, then they wouldn’t be beating you so easy.

  12. Archonsod says:

    Last Bronx did ok with the control system. Dynasty Warriors too ported across fine, though I expect the SF combo’s will be a little more complex than pressing buttons in order.

  13. nabeel says:

    I most certainly haven’t forgotten the promised PC release; I’ve been drooling over every little detail of the game pre- and post-launch and I greatly envy those lucky enough to be able to play it now.
    I don’t understand why there hasn’t been any concrete word from Capcom about the PC release. They’ve been coming out with unrelated statements of their support for PC gaming, with their joining the PC Gaming Alliance and releasing games on Steam, I only hope SFIV will be part of this grander plan.
    The game has already proved a sure hit, millions of units sold world-wide already. As far as concerns for piracy go, multiplayer and community features are already an integral aspect of the game, and tying the game to something like Steam or even their own servers is an ideal way to ensure legit players.

  14. NightCat says:

    Dominic, 360 controller is bullshit, I’ve played plenty of third strike with my keyboard it is way better. QCF is a breeze with keys and you never accidently tap jump. All your attack buttons are available in whatever configuration you want.

  15. Senethro says:

    Maybe… maybe they’re going to use GGPO.net netcode for the PC version. Maybe the delay is to implement this, like they did with HD remix. Yeah, I’m sure they have our best interests at heart.

  16. rocketman71 says:

    Again with the piracy stupidity, same reason EndWar PC was delayed. And, guess what?. There are already thousands downloading the SFIV torrent for Xbox360. Why not delay the next big 360 game to avoid it causing less sales for PC since everybody will prefer to pirate it on the 360?.

    Damned idiots. Why the hell did Capcom join the PCGA?. What use is the PCGA when Valve, Blizzard and Stardock are not in it, and they only have pussies like Epic and Capcom, not to mention Microsoft, the root of all evil in PC gaming?. What a joke!

  17. NightCat says:

    Senethro and rocketman71, I don’t think they are taking their time switching to GGPO netcode when they didn’t do it for the console releases. They are almost certainly just delaying and adding DRM. Apparently they didn’t have people like david sirlin consulting for SF IV.

  18. Larington says:

    Side-scrolling/side-on beat ’em ups leave me cold, never got into them and almost certainly never will.

    Whats comical is that it seems almost everyone else on the course and one of the lecturers seem to be a bit obsessed with the emergence of SF-IV. (Shrugs)

  19. NightCat says:

    Larington maybe you aren’t interested because you don’t even know(have never really played) a fighting game. Side-scrolling/side-on beat ’em ups are an entirely different genre of game that died out back in the Snes days.

  20. Larington says:

    Correction nightcat, its essentially the same thing. Sure you’ve got more buttons and combos and all that shit, but it still ALL leaves me cold. Don’t make assumptions about what games I have or haven’t played without asking me first, sheesh.
    And for the record, because the other students on my course are still keen on that general style of fighting game means I have occasionally played them with people – Recently.

    They STILL leave me cold.

  21. Chandrose says:

    We don’t really need to question why this was pushed back for PC do we? Sure it could be technological constraints, but more than likely it’s an unfounded fear of the ‘P’ word I won’t mention here for fear of endless debate.

  22. Mo says:

    QA on PCs takes forever to do. Capcom released SFIV on consoles first because the market is bigger and there are less technical issues to deal with. Or they totally hate PC gaming and PC gamers!

    Yeah, it’s probably the latter one.

  23. M. P. says:

    Tell it how it is, Meer! We’ve been sidelined yet again, probably to avoid the zero-day piracy that’s apparently so endemic to PCs! Or maybe it’s due to the difficulty of converting the arcade version to the oh-so-exotic x86 instruction set, which obviously the original cabinet running on a C2D and a 7900, was never designed to run on!

  24. Rustkill says:

    As far as controllers go, I have an X-Arcade. Getting some sort of arcade stick like that is the best way to go for fighters (especially if you get proper Japanese arcade parts in the thing), but using the keyboard is certainly not a game-stopper. I played many fighters on the PC using the keyboard before I got my X-Arcade.

  25. JKjoker says:

    thats just great, they release the pc version 6 months after the console version, most ppl that were interested on it already played it by then and no longer care, then they whine that sales weren’t that good, followed by a “OH! the humanity, the pirates ate my baby” and finishing with a “the pc must die, consoles rule wuooooh!” statement

  26. Über Nerd says:

    USB PS2/Saturn knock off controller that hardly costs 15$ which survives a lot of abuse + SF IV Pc version with a modicum of tweakability = Superior Version

    Hear and Obey

  27. Dominic White says:

    Just for the record, I know the 360 pad isn’t ideal for fighting games, and a proper fighting pad or stick is FAR preferable, but it’s also the current standard gamepad, and getting it out on the market now would stop stupidity like reviewers marking down other Capcom games because there’s no way they’d work logically on a mouse.

  28. teo says:

    I’m going to play this with the keyboard and mouse like real men do

  29. itsallcrap says:

    After having initially been excited about the prospect of SF4 on PC, I’ve kind of started to realise that it’ll basically just be Street Fighter. I have a SNES emu for that.

    TBH, I’d rather someone ported Soul Calib[re] 4 to PC than this.

  30. Dot says:

    What is this article even doing here? It always was supposed to launch an indeterminate amount of time after the console versions, that’s all there is to it, keep waiting!
    Same goes for RE5.
    Current 3rd party estimates from web stores and European publishers place SF4 at some time June and RE5 in July.

  31. JKjoker says:

    @Über Nerd: sadly they are barely compatible with anything nowadays, most games are 360 controller only seems to be a requirement of the games for windows stupidity

  32. born2expire says:

    I HATE, HATE, HATE console games and consoles. But I bought a 360 just to play SF4, yes the 360 game pad is useless but I just ordered a custom built stick from Finkle and I’ll have to wait 2 months for it, but its all worth it for the best gaming series ever.

  33. catska says:

    Who would want to crowd around a PC to play a fighting game? PCs aren’t the best for everything.

    Since development for the arcade version of this game was done on PCs its obvious the delay was for piracy reasons. Believe what you want but Capcom knows if it was released day and date with the console versions then tens of thousands of possible buyers would just pirate it on the PC to ‘try’ it instead of buying it on the consoles.

  34. Mo says:

    Or maybe it’s due to the difficulty of converting the arcade version to the oh-so-exotic x86 instruction set, which obviously the original cabinet running on a C2D and a 7900, was never designed to run on!

    Or maybe SFIV need to run on computers with a multitude of different specs, which need to be tested?
    Or maybe it’s because Capcom don’t have the added benefit of MS and Sony QA for the PC version?
    Or maybe it’s because Capcom need to tune the control system to be kinda-sorta playable on a keyboard?
    Or maybe it’s because Capcom need to replace all the handy API calls that the Xbox/PS3 SDK provide with Windows-specific calls?
    Or maybe … etc, etc, etc.

    It’s not a big conspiracy. Any developer will tell you PC game development just takes longer. How is this incredibly hard to grasp?

  35. maybenexttime says:

    If I saw a smoky-looking purple guy materialising out of nowhere just to cross his arms and look down on me, I’d have that expression too.

  36. Pidesco says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

    PC gamers who still don’t own a PC gamepad don’t deserve to be considered PC gamers. There are plenty of good and even excellent PC gamepads that are available everywhere for cheap, so go get one.

  37. ascagnel says:

    PS2 gamers who don’t own a PS2-compatible keyboard don’t deserve to be called PS2 gamers. There are plenty of good and even excellent PS2-compatible keyboards that are available everywhere for cheap, so go get one.

    I’m not trying to be a jerk here. The point is that systems come with specific controllers by default. Consoles typically have gamepads, PCs have keyboard+mouse, the Wii has a motion stick, the DS has a touchscreen. A game should work properly with the default controller. The 104-key keyboard layout has been standard since Win95, and the two-button + scroll wheel mouse almost as long, so there’s no reason for a game to not take full advantage of them *cough*Resident Evil 4 for PC *cough*.

  38. Tetracell says:

    I’d like it if the game flat out didn’t work with a keyboard at all. It’s a fighting game. I used to play tons of arcade fighters through MAME with my keyboard, and when I finally got around to getting a gamepad I looked back and saw how retarded I was. Can’t even attempt to do it now. I mean the KB and mouse work for a LOT of things. In GTA4 for instance, I like the controls for driving better with my keyboard better than I did when playing on my 360. But it’s not going to fit everything. One of my favorite things about PC gaming is that I have a peripheral for practically everything. Gamepad, joystick, steering wheel, whatever. If a game calls for them (like this), they’re there.

    As for RE4, I def. got to disagree with you there. A big part of that game is the analog aiming of your gun. People argue for mouse support, but it would make the game ridiculously easy while super frustrating at the same time because of how Leon’s aim isn’t steady. I’ve been playing a lot of that game lately and if I didn’t already have 13 different game pads, i’d have gone and got one.

  39. waffles says:

    Actually the ps2 keyboard analogy works, as it had 2 usb ports, and made FFX a lot easier.

  40. R. says:

    Andrew says:

    Not sure why console folk got so excited over this one. Fighting games dont have much depth imo.

    Hahahahaha, good one. Try telling that to some Virtua Fighter players and see how far you get. Good luck.

  41. jsutcliffe says:

    SF2 came out on the Amiga (and PC) over a year after the console version. Quit yer bellyachin’ over a few months. :)

  42. James O says:

    Strange it should be extra delayed – the arcade system it ran on, the TaitoX2, is more or less standard PC components. Hell, when you boot up the arcade cabinet, you can see it loading Windows XP (obviously, a stripped-down version, but still.)

  43. Blaxploitation Man says:

    PC gaming is d0med.

  44. thefanciestofpants says:


  45. troy says:

    four words

    games for windows live

    I also suspect this virus to be the reason for delaying the dlc for race driver grid also …

    basically if a game has the game for windows logo on i would generally expect everything to be delayed put on hold or not be fully functional.

  46. Mo says:

    @James O: see my explanation above. Just because SFIV can run on one *very specific* PC, doesn’t mean it’ll run on any number of differently spec’d PCs.

  47. Nick says:

    Street Fighter came out on stuff like the Amstrad CPC. So there!

  48. Rustkill says:

    @Nick: My first computer was an Amstrad CPC. Good memories.

  49. moose says:

    The reason should be obvious. Capcom expect those PC gamers who are keen to play it to go and get it for console because the PC release is delayed, and PC gamers know that everything is better on a PC so they’ll buy it for PC later, essentially buying two copies of the game. Yes it works on some people, but I will happily be patient as to me playing street fighter on anything other than a keyboard is alien and not desired in the least. QCF really is easy with keys. Gamepads are lame and most are just keys with arrows or funny words written on them. If you really need that just repaint your keyboard keys and save yourself the money and desk space.

  50. hodge says:

    I pre-ordered a copy of the PC version a couple of weeks ago, and a couple of days ago I got an email telling me that the release date has been pushed back to 08/05/2009… though I’d wager (as others have said) that no official release date has been set and they’re pulling their date out of the air like Amazon.

    And keyboard controls FTW!