League Of Legends In-Game Clobberin’

I’ve been meaning to post about League of Legends for a while now, and this new trailer gave me a suitable nudge. It’s the debut game from Riot Games, who I believe previously made the Warcraft 3 super-mod Defense Of The Ancients: Allstars. It looks like Riot have captured and reworked the cartoonish essence of Warcraft III brilliantly for their own game, and the trailer shows a champion-led RTS game that’s looking like a lot of fun. There’s a beta sign up on the main site right now too, so that might be worth a look, assuming this captures your interest. No dates yet, but I guess there’s a good chance loads of you will be just waiting for Demigod…


  1. Tworak says:

    I cannot wait.

  2. Uglycat says:

    Hm, while I’ll wait till it comes out, I’m not sure mimicking the Dota graphic style is the best way to differentiate it as being a completely seperate product. There’s a huge part of me that thinks this is just another mod.

  3. Butler` says:

    It looks insanely good, and I couldn’t have much more respect for the guys behind DotA… But seriously, does anyone else find that almost too much like WC3 in terms of art, animations and even sound?!

    Like copyright infringement levels of too much?:p

  4. Tei says:

    I am curious what the “Wow gayness” diablo 3 hateboy think about this video. This will be like the nemesis to that guy, I suppose. As this is full of colors and effects, everything cute, the skulls are cute, anything. Pretty cute green dead spells, adorable. No unicorns spoted, trough…

  5. NuZZ says:

    If the game doesn’t support WASD movement and decent camera navigation, then, not to sound newb, but I won’t be interested! DOTA just tore my wrist up. All that damn reliance on the mouse is pathetic when you have another hand that is practically free (besides the odd smash of the hotkey for a skill activation). Although, it WAS a map for an RTS game ;). Never was a big fan of DOTA, much at all. Maybe it is because I have gathered myself a hatred for mouse-centric isometric games. Titan Quest and a few stupid RTS games have angered my upper-hand demons due to their damned control-scheme requiring you to twist and turn your right hand until it burns.

  6. Ceremony says:

    Oh how I wish that a trailer would just show a good 1 minute of consistent gameplay rather than 2-second cuts of shit blowing up. Its nearly impossible to discern anything about the game this way. But then again it is better than the dreaded cinematic trailer.

  7. Dominic White says:

    Loathe as I am to drag out an overused analogy, despite having the original DOTA team on board, this really looks like the Fortress Forever to Demigods Team Fortress 2. They definitely seem to be shooting for the hardcore DOTA purist crowd here.

    Demigod seems tighter, smaller-scale and generally more polished and logical, and designed for easier accessibility to newcomers. Don’t get me wrong here – I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with shooting for a more specific market like LoL is, but they’re going to have to pull out all the stops if they’re going to compete with the more mass-market game here.

  8. Lorc says:

    Hm – the early shots of this looked insultingly WC3-derivative, but that trailer definitely shows off a more distinct style. It reminds me of something that I’ve seen before, but I can’t quite remember what.

  9. Tei says:

    Re: Demigod

    More like “World of Warcraft” vs “Supreme Commander”.

  10. Ceremony says:

    Dominic White: Having a lot of experience with both game series myself, that’s a great analogy.

  11. Okami says:

    League of Legends: Clash of Fates????


  12. Tei says:

    From: Tei
    To: The Internets
    Memo: About laptops and people, eyecandy

    People seems using old or handicapped hardware to play games called “Laptop”. These portable gaming machines are much more powerfull than a DS or a PSP, but not as much as a normal PC. Often use a Intel video card.
    It seems this “Laptops” are powerfull enough to play Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft.
    It seems people will buy games with very low poly counts.

    Lowpoly is not bad now. Lowpoly is now a feature. Aiming to the people with “laptops” or very old computers.

  13. Al3xand3r says:

    Even intel integrated chips have the ability to render normal maps and pixel shaders nowadays, while laptops come equipped with core 2 duos at the very least.

    There’s really no reason for games that try to get the laptop market to look similar to PSP quality titles, so I’m sure there are more reasons than just trying to make a low spec game.

    Having said that, I like the look of this, I’m not sure if I’ll like the gameplay however.

  14. Uglycat says:

    Try playing Dota with a Dvorak kb ;(
    As long as they support an easy way of editing each chars specials I won’t mind, otherwise it’s looking like a G15 :\

  15. Premium User Badge

    ChaosSmurf says:

    Just as a clarification: Riot games is made up of some of the members of the DOTA allstars team, but also contains lots of other developers from other backgrounds.

    The two DOTA Allstars members are Guinsoo (member of the original team and helped with item/hero design iirc) and Pendragon (creator of the DOTA Allstars community). More information can be found here: link to riotgames.com.

    On the note of this vs. Demigod, I’m pretty sure there will be a sizeable gap between the release of DG and LoL. The beta should be running at around the time of release to allow for comparison.

  16. undead dolphin hacker says:

    Being in the Demigod beta, I can safely say that if you’re a fan of DOTA looking for a DOTA clone in its own engine, LoL is the better choice. Like Team Fortress 2, Demigod is enjoyable for as long as it takes you to realize there’s next to no depth whatsoever.

  17. MasterFigi says:


  18. amishmonster says:

    @dolphin hacker

    Is Demigod really lacking in depth, or is it just not AS deep as/more accessible than DotA? Because DotA is a rather obscenely deep game, and TF2 doesn’t seem like a game that only lacks depth in comparison to a nearly impenetrable (but fun once you’re over the learning curve) WC3 mod.

    I really want to hear more about the persistence in these games – they’ve both been fairly silent on that front other than to say that there’ll be stat tracking and some kind of metagame.

  19. Tei says:

    @amishmonster: I think theres no persistence activated now on Demigod. All you can do is skirmish with bots or bots + people. The netcode used to be horrible bad and broken, and now is just bad, so is hard to get a game withouth desyncs from start to finish. Even hosting a game yourself, and be able to play, is like hard. The latest builds used to be ok-ish (as been described to me like that, I was unable to play because of the awnfull netcode) but the latest one is spam happy. I don’t see how DemiGod can be a game with deep. Is not that type of game. Demigood seems the type of game that will be trivialized with 1 strategy of win. There are some balance problems because some gods are melee and others are ranged, and is hard to balance. Theres also a balance creep/god, that is hard to balance. To me is a confusing game, and I would trade my copy of Demigod for LoL in a blink. But what I know? also, Demigod is just in alpha state… It may become a relly good game, maybe. I agree with what “undead dolphin hacker” has written.

  20. amishmonster says:

    Thanks for the info – I hope Demigod improves, then. I’m looking forward to both of these.

  21. ChaosSmurf says:

    If Demigod’s as fun and long-lasting/deep as TF2 then fuck yes I’m buying that ;)

  22. Rich_P says:

    Like Team Fortress 2, Demigod is enjoyable for as long as it takes you to realize there’s next to no depth whatsoever.

    Well I must be a shallow gamer because I’ve played TF2 extensively ever since it was released. Even if the Sandman has momentarily fucked the game, I think it’s unfair to say that it lacks depth. It’s certainly a lot of fun :D

  23. luke_gg says:

    Unfortunately demigod really isn’t the dota clone your looking for, it has no depth at all. I pre ordered it (regrettably) it’s the game where you play with your rl buddies because they arn’t into the hardcore game that is dota, or can’t comprehend last hitting / denying / teamwork.

    Demigod is the ‘newcomer’ dota except without any real skill curve or depth in the process. Having your hero one shot an entire wave when your level 1 is just not good to promote competitive play..

    It’s not for the dota fans looking for an alternative as I was. I hold high hopes for LoL as they defiantly have more interesting items / concepts / heroes than demigod has while demigod is so much further into development which leaves little time for improvement from demigod while LoL has a lot of time to improve on already solid ideas. They also have a focus on competitive play and demigod has nothing of the sort. It’s a shame I have to wait again for LoL for my alternate dota fix!

  24. Dominic White says:

    I kinda find it amusing that the people grumbling about Demigod are almost repeating word-for-word what the Fortress Forever crowd said about Team Fortress 2. It’s not deep enough, it’s not competitive enough, removing X has ruined it, making it accessible to newcomers is anathema, etc, etc.

    Can’t wait to see how this plays out once both games are released.

  25. Sagan says:

    Demigod being a casual version of DotA is really worrying, because DotA is already very casual. People often play DotA, because they find the regular Warcraft 3 too complex. If Demigod is even simpler, then it probably won’t be a very good game.

    League of Legends looks good, but they really should tone down most of those effects. I know a lot of people who reduced the Warcraft 3 effect-detail-settings, because they thought that all the flashing colours were just too distracting. But Warcraft 3 is nothing compared to this.

  26. Heliocentric says:

    I played dota because i found wc3 balanced for professional play, but too easy to stomp people with similar skill levels because i came with the better gimmick force.

    In dota you were reacting and countering by your skill selection and strategy. Once the ball has rolled in wc3 its over. But you can lose the initial skirmishes in dota and win.

    I actually found red alert 2 to be a better rts for allowing countering “win button” forces than any blizzard rts. This probably means i’ll be denied a tourist visa in korea for the rest of my life.

  27. Logo says:

    “I played dota because i found wc3 balanced for professional play, but too easy to stomp people with similar skill levels because i came with the better gimmick force.”

    Not to start a side debate but while both the first and 2nd parts of your statement are true they aren’t really that related. The ‘Gimmick force’ effect of WC3 has more to do with the game having one of the worst slippery slopes of any game.

  28. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I am curious what the “Wow gayness” diablo 3 hateboy think about this video. This will be like the nemesis to that guy, I suppose. As this is full of colors and effects, everything cute, the skulls are cute, anything. Pretty cute green dead spells, adorable. No unicorns spoted, trough…

    Heh, thing is, though that people expect this sort of colourful and more.. playful art style with a game so reminiscent of Warcraft 3. And like Warcraft 2, which somewhat cartoony in its’ own way.

    Personally, I just think a dark gloomy atmosphere fits the Diablo games more than unicorns and flowers galore, to put it like that. That doesn’t mean I want all my games dark.

    Why am I actally responding? Because, as silly as it may sound, people do have their own opinions on the way a game looks and they have their reasons for (and ways of) voicing them, for better or worse. That doesn’t meab they’re right, but in the case of Diablo III (and looking at the art-style of Starcraft 2) I find such concerns not unreasonable.

    And I still hold that it doesn’t actually matter whether they are ‘right’ or not, (as there’s little way of knowing such anyway before seeing the final product; at which time it’s all too late anyway) there’s simply a time to speak before the release of a game when voices from a community may actualy affect the final game. Taking into account the changes which may occur and such, I think it’s only normal for people to give feedback on a product they’re interested in.


  29. Heliocentric says:

    True enough, call it what you like. But i like when games offer a chance at comeback. But where sc & wc3 fails dota gets a smiley face sticker.

  30. Alonzo says:

    I’ve been loosely following the game for a few months and it looks really good from the material they’ve released (admittedly mostly conceptual stuff but, still). The funny, light-hearted theme they’ve gone for should help to balance out the initial difficulty in learning such a complex game and has also brought a lot of character to an otherwise pretty ‘numbers’ kind of sub-genre. Loving the art style too, I agree it’s very Warcraft but thats certainly not a bad thing.