Empire Total War EuroChat At 4pm

Man, I need some more screenshots.

Tom “Tom Bramwell” Bramwell of Eurogamer messages me to ask if I can mention the Creative Assembly Live Interview they’re doing at 4pm GMT today (i.e. 11am EST). I say yes, because I like the money Tom gives me. My loyalty is only bought by cold hard cash. That’s right – you heard. It’s a free for all. Whoever sends the largest wedge gets a 10/10 no question asked.

Anyway, while we wait for my SHIELD-strike-squad-esque retirement fund to arrive, you should consider trundling along to EG to quiz Creative Assembly’s Kieran Brigden on all things Total War. Be mean. It’s for their own good. Or alternatively, ask him about terrain.


  1. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    Is that what the subscriber secret thing is? We all get a piece of Kieron for our money?

  2. Senethro says:

    Kieron Gillen: Pen for hire

    Hows the AI on E:TW anyway?

  3. danielcardigan says:

    Someone ask them why they tied the game to Steamworks. I’m not too happy about all these recent games REQUIRING a third party client running in the background.

  4. rob says:

    daniel, you’d prefer Gamespy?

  5. rupert says:

    at least its steam and not games for windows !!!

  6. Kieron Gillen says:

    At least they didn’t make their own and insist you run that one too.


  7. Heliocentric says:

    After red alert 3 had armoured fighting bears, but empire total war didn’t how exactly can they justify releasing the game? Surely an armoured bears unit is practically required now.

    Also when will the bear be patched in, also when their dance skill is used what effect will it have?

  8. Tworak says:

    Did they implement the 10 minute load times so I’d get off my chair and punch walls to improve my stenght or something else entirely

  9. JoeDuck says:

    We are one day away from launch and the main gripe I have seen about E:TW, even though it’s a valid objection, is the already well known Evil Valve Monopoly of Doom Conspiration Theory (EVMDCT).
    I take this as good news. For me this is mainly a “taste” problem with something “outside” the game.
    I would rather listen to a EVMDCT than discovering there’s AI, balance, design or user interface problems in the game itself.

  10. Po0py says:

    Thanks for the headsup. I have my copy of E:TW sitting right in front of me but for some reason Steam wont authenticate the cd key untill 5pm English time and wont let me install ’till then. So in the mean time I’m eating cupcakes. Just thought you’d all like to know this.

  11. CdrJameson says:

    I particularly like the way if you click on the ‘Play Empire: Total War’ button on the DVD version installer it takes you to a Steam screen where you can buy it again.

    Also, there’s no ‘install’ option in the installer, for added eccentricity.

  12. Darth says:

    Better Steam then (yet) another 3rd party program.

    But better none at all. If Creative Assembly are that serious about Piracy they should have priced it at £30 on steam to match what you can get physical copies for.

  13. Cooper42 says:

    My one gripe about Empire is the lack of slavery. It’s there in the other games, but they’ve left it out this time. Despite vast amounts of that period being all about slavery. Seems a massive cop out to me. For a series which takes its historicism so seriously, this is a bit much, Even if it is a bit ‘uncomfortable’ this kind of revisionism doesn’t help…

    Edit: I am informed that slavery does happen in E:TW. Maybe I should play games before I saddle horses…

  14. cliffski says:

    my copy shows up tomorrow. If its as slow to load and crash-happy as the demo, then I’ll be fucked off. I don’t mind steam so much 9although i want the damned thing to QUIT when I quit the game thanks. I do mind wasting valuable minutes each day staring at loading screens.
    Hopefully 100% of the time between demo and release was spent on bug fixes and performance improvements.

  15. TC says:

    TW forums are in meltdown as those who bought it from Steam cant start downloading until 5pm despite the impression it would preload 48s before tonight.

    I have the download version but have the rest of the week off work so will be happy to let it trickle down tonight.

  16. Pags says:

    @cliffski: as someone else mentioned somewhere else here on RPS, I think the long load times in the demo were down to the game having to decompress every time you loaded a battle. I guess CA had to decide whether people would be more fucked off with an enormous download or long load times. As far as I know, no reviews have mentioned long load times in the game proper but then reviewers do sometimes have a way of glossing over stuff like that.

    As to bugs, I wouldn’t be too optimistic myself, day 0 bugs are pretty much inevitable these days. Hopefully you’ll have more luck than you had with the demo though!

  17. Po0py says:

    I think the Eurogamer review had a little sentence in it referencing problems with load times. There was a little hack you could do with the demo to decompress the files and thus speed it up a good deal. I simply put the texture settings down to medium and it gave me a little boost. I should mention the game comes in two dvd’s. That, surely, is an indication on the size of the thing, so maybe final install will be decompressed enough to speed things up a little.

  18. CdrJameson says:

    Server’s up kids, dive in!

    (DVD copy, anyway)

  19. RuySan says:

    that option to play with a friend as an opponent where each one controls the other’s enemies in battles is awesome. I really need a friend who plays this

  20. CdrJameson says:

    …and it crashes on launch. Good start.

  21. Bema says:

    The installation process is, predictably, a joke.

    Once again it’s been proven that Steam can’t handle big releases effectivly – which is a shame. The ETW Demo was nearly as problematic.

  22. A-Scale says:

    I’d still like to know why all 4 rows of the enemy toops fire on mine, but only the first row of mine fire back. I’m not going to buy a broken game. Someone? Anyone? Bueller?

  23. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    A-Scale – you’re enemies have researched the proper fire drill (platoon fire, I believe) that allows them to do so. Until you do the same, only your first row will fire.

    Unless you’re talking about the demo, in which case you’re simply wrong. There was maybe one unit in the demo that can platoon fire (without modding; it’s pretty easy to mod it so that all units can platoon fire).

    It’s not broken.

  24. Kieron Gillen says:

    A-Scale: Yeah, developing fancy firing stuff is a major part of the game.


  25. Seraphim2150 says:

    Empire’s looking really good. Hopefully my copy will turn up tomorrow.

    If anyone wanting one of the preorder unit codes, i’m offering one up on my blog as a competition prize. Really easy compettion. Have a look at it on my website

  26. A-Scale says:

    Unless you’re talking about the demo, in which case you’re simply wrong. There was maybe one unit in the demo that can platoon fire (without modding; it’s pretty easy to mod it so that all units can platoon fire).

    I am indeed. Both the Americans and the Spanish had 2+ rows of soldiers firing at once, where as mine did not. Thanks for the answer chaps! I do think I’ll be buying this one.

  27. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    Yeah, I was a little short with my answer to you A-Scale, for which I apologize. It’s possible that there were more units than I remember capable of platoon-firing in the demo. But the line units of both sides are not capable.

  28. aufi says:

    were there any further details regarding the co-op patch? i managed to miss the dev chat.

  29. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    Got a transcript here:

    link to forums.totalwar.org

    Blackguard asks: Can you tell us anything about multiplayer campaign mode which we hear is in the works?

    Kieran Brigden: The multiplayer campaign mode will be a post release feature of Empire Total War. We are going to release it as a beta shortly after the game’s come out. The campaign mode allows two friends (or mortal enemies) to play against one another and the AI through the Grand Campaign mode. Players will be given the option of fighting every battle as the enemy, meaning whoever your friend fights wherever in the world it will always be the two of involved in a deathmatch. It’s an awesome new feature and one we’ve been keen to do for a while. The basic code is there, now we’re getting the rest sorted!

  30. Jeremy says:

    Why is the demo not available in Japan? I really wanted to try this out, and now I’m started to turn green and go into AIM mode. Where is my f*cking game? The game is going on sale from the 5th evidently, but I still can’t play the demo? WTF?

  31. aufi says:

    thank you Doc!

  32. Ginger Yellow says:

    OK, this may be a stupid question.

    My boxed copy arrived today. I’ve just started installing it. When I entered my activation code and OKed the install, it processed that for a while and then said that the Steam servers were busy. But E:TW is now in My Games, and is updating. But at 600k a second for several minutes, it’s still at 0%. Is it supposed to be doing this? My question is, is it trying to download the whole 15GB game, or just a smaller, but big update? Should I delete and try to reinstall from the DVD?

    Also, 15GB!!!!

  33. Ginger Yellow says:

    Never mind. After a few goes at deleting and reinstalling, it seems to be installing from the disc now.

  34. Fumarole says:

    Anyone else wander over to the Steam forums for Empire? It really makes me fear for humanity’s future.

  35. Calistas says:

    Had it for nearly 24 hours. Can’t get past “server busy”. It’s going back to the store on Monday unless I see it work soon.

  36. aaron hall says:

    sorry but u have lost the essence of total war if i wanted a manengment resoures game i would bloody well go out and buy it.
    go back to basics and look at shogun total war thats what your selling
    your game as nothing to do with total war . all u are doing is bloody going from 1 town to a village to a city keepin the populus happy every 2-3 hours u mite if u are lucky have a battle and thats if u havent fallen asleep first waiting for the computer to sift thru all the crap,