Real-Time Chattery: Three Moves Ahead

I have no idea how horsey moves

While Alec and I are going to try and wave a mike at each other tomorrow, I was thinking you chaps my be interested in another podcast. It’s a strategy-focused one, ran by Troy Goodfellow with a panel of talking heads in the form of Tom Chick, Bruce Geryk and Julian Murdoch. Three Moves Ahead has two episodes so far. The first was something of a technical mess, with poor old Julian’s voice not recording, but has been enlivened with Vic “Armageddon Empires/Solium Infernum” Davis as a guest talking about all thing devil-related. The second gets on an even keel and chats about Empire Total War, Demi-God, Sins of a Solar Empire and some console toy trinket. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys strategy yibber and warn away anyone who whines about our sound quality. You whiners.

Oh – snippet of info from the Vic interview: Armageddon Empires sold over 5000 copies. For thirty dollars a pop, not bad.


  1. ...hmm... says:

    may i quickly ask if you guys have had many responses to the music competition thing? :)

  2. A-Scale says:

    Consider it listened to. As to chess moves, I claimed once in middle school chess club that I could think 8 moves ahead. I now believe that was a lie. Please try to make the discussion more about tactics and less about the current RTS games, because they are terribly uninteresting to me.

  3. A-Scale says:

    Whoops, read that as “we’re going to do the Three Moved Ahead podcast”. My mistake. Anyway, my recommendation stands.

  4. Heliocentric says:

    A strategy game podcast?

    I just screamed* “TERRAIN” on a packed bus in celebration.
    That is a fucking awesome idea. To be honest i wish that more action-games-with-strategy-elements were subject to the same kind of discussion but WMGs alone will more than suffice.


  5. Nuyan says:

    I prefer Turn-Based chattery, it’s so annoying when they’re all talking at the same time.

  6. Pags says:

    Real-Time Chattery is so much more immersive though.

  7. ...hmm... says:

    with turn based chattery you get to think carefully before you speak, removing the need for awkward conversation in a podcast. Actually that would be awesome… your on to something :D

  8. Pags says:

    Turn-Based Chattery just means more awkward silences while everyone thinks about their next move.

  9. Kieron Gillen says:

    This is when I know I’ve got a good pun.


  10. Pags says:

    When I flog it like the dead horse that it is?

  11. ...hmm... says:

    oh… good point :(

  12. Heliocentric says:

    I want ama empires but $30 is too much for me. I spent less on gta 4 last month. Less on civ4 gold last year.
    Too bloody much.

  13. EyeMessiah says:

    Great sound quality.

  14. Ginger Yellow says:

    What Heliocentric said. But why is the first episode id3 tagged as “Polka”?

  15. Troy Goodfellow says:

    What’s wrong with polka?

    It’s just one of the many things wrong with episode 1. It was a catastrophe that I did not want to do over, because Vic said some interesting stuff I didn’t want to lose. Also, I believe in the occasional spectacular failure to keep me honest.

    Still learning as I go, though.

  16. Ginger Yellow says:

    I hope you’re happy that you’ve spoiled the 2,931 song polka-free streak on my iPod.

  17. danielcardigan says:

    I’d pay $30 for AE but not just buying it off a random website. It would have to be on Steam or Impulse. Or really preferably on a CD.

  18. Hypocee says:

    Helio: Good thing AE’s better than both of those games.
    Cardigan: It hasn’t a hint of DRM and it’s 100MB. Carry it around on a pound store USB keychain if you want to be precious.

    The 5000 figure depressed me just because more than 5000 people deserve to play AE, but then I remembered it’s a P-word-C game and that made me happy again. Sort of.

  19. Hypocee says:

    Ah. The comment parser strips out humourous markup-language ‘fanboy’ tags. Please insert as appropriate.