It’s a love story for the ages: two of most important names in PC gaming history have finally admitted their feelings for each other, and after a whirlwind romance they have a beautiful bouncing baby. Yes, Doom and Diablo now have a child to call their own, and of course it’s as gloriously moronic as its parents.

Doom: Fall of Mars is id’s setting, monsters and essential armoury dressed, with surprising finesse, in Diablo’s clicky clothes. It is cheerfully shameless about it, employing the sprites et al of Doom, and the oh-so-familiar fonts and inventory of Blizzard’s kill’n’collect pseudo-RPG. While this is only a proof of concept demo (comprising three levels, a few bosses and a ton of what I believe the younglings call Phat Lewt), it’s safe to say it realises the cartoonishly compulsive elements of both games remarkably well: this is a standalone modlet that we gladly award the official RPS A Right Old Giggle trophy to.

It’s also a mere 3.3Mb, and you can snag it from here. Oh, and the guy behind it calls himself If Software, which is about as apt a studio name as there could be for this wee retro genre-bender.


  1. McTecman says:

    Someone combined Doom and Diablo?

    Oh god the world of gaming has been destroyed as masses will be consumed by this product.


  2. MetalCircus says:

    someone divided by zero

  3. Ian says:

    Pfft, everybody knows Diabloom is the only Diablo/Doom merger worth playing.

  4. unique_identifier says:

    I farmed demios for purples :(

  5. Sunjumper says:

    And of course there is the brilliant DoomRL which combines Doom with NetHack…

  6. Tei says:

    It soo obvious makes you wonder this has not ben done before.

  7. MetalCircus says:

    Having played it, it’s very rough and short, but then again it says it’s far from finished on the website. Still though, the core idea is great

  8. BooleanBob says:

    Mash-ups. Fusion. Retrhomage. If this is the future, why does it feel so much like a crude and lazy redrawing of the past?

    Cultural melting pox, more like.

  9. Pavel says:

    Holy shit thats awesome.

  10. Pod says:

    Brillig :)

  11. yns88 says:

    I played this last year. It’s interesting and fun, aside from the bugs, but it totally overlooks that the real fun in diablo comes from its randomization and replayability (that’s a word, I swear!). Plus you can’t move and shoot simultaneously. What’s the deal with that?

  12. Andrew says:

    Holy crap. I’d pay anything for this.

  13. Nameykins says:

    This is what Hellgate: London should have been!

  14. phil says:

    This makes a whole lot more sense than remaking Planescape Torment with the NWN II engine.

  15. blah says:

    I don’t know about the running while you shoot thing, but the next release is going to have randomly generated levels. Look at the forums.

  16. Adrian says:

    omg i love this game :)

  17. Alex says:

    it… is… disturbingly cool.

  18. malkav11 says:

    Nobody’s remaking Planescape Torment. The Planescape mod project for NWN2 is aiming to create an entirely original campaign that merely happens to use the same campaign setting.

  19. minipixel says:

    lol xD

  20. amishmonster says:

    Hah, fun little diversion. Pretty slow-paced, though.

    I’m not sure that I agree, but I do love the phrase “cultural melting pox.”

  21. ttcfcl says:

    I got to hell and killed the cyber demon, but thats it. You just wander around. I even walked my ass back up to the top (thats like, 20 floors) and it was still the same. The people didn’t even thank me! Assholes.

    Anyway, I found a glitch. Some powerups will say “+ 33% damage” or something. Equip 2 and your damage will skyrocket. Dont equip a third or else it will crash. I was in hell when I discovered this. My damage went from 200 to 700 with 2 +30% damage items. A third made it my damage 10 digits long before the game froze xD.

    but yes. This was the best mashup i have ever experienced. Throw on some and you’re in for a good time. Can’t wait to see what he improves.

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